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12 March 2007 @ 11:12 pm
Music videos!  
So as a result of talking about Alec and rewatching season 2, I decided to post links to some Alec videos that I like - which people have probably seen before but that's okay. And some Ben ones because, well, Ben! *nods* And there's Max/Alec too because those videos? Are all over the place, lol. But before the music videos, I'll start with a clip. Enjoy all the pretty. *g*

Ah, Alec. *laughs*

The Way I Feel - Alec

Sandman - Alec

Creep - Ben

Ben & Alec: Prelude

Ben & Alec: Summer Shudder

Tainted Love - Max/Alec

I Hate Everything About You - Max/Alec

In the End - Alec

Ghost of You - Alec/Rachel

I Love You, I Hate You - Max/Alec

Awakening - Alec

Reluctant Man - Alec

Somebody Help Me - Alec

Wake Up - Max/Alec

Pretty Girl - Max/Alec

He was a soldier...a hunter...a killer...Ben (Dialogue is kind of low on this one.)

Just The Girl - Max/Alec

Did Not Understand - Ben & Max (Just a random note but damn, this song is so fitting.)

On The Outside - Ben & Max

And okay, this one isn't even Dark Angel but I can't get the song out of my head ever since strippedpink mentioned it. So, now you can all listen to it too. LOL.

Kiss From a Rose
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