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02 December 2006 @ 07:11 am
Supernatural Fic Recs  
So, herowlness asked for some good gen fic recs for Supernatural as part of her wish list. And I decided to help out with that request. :) I'll list the characters and then try to give a small summary for each. Hope you enjoy the fics, hon!

Five Times Dean Realized That Normal World Wasn't For Him Anymore by random_serious
Characters: Dean, mentions of Sam and John
Summary: Well...pretty much what the title says, lol.

The Days Keep On Reminding Me by knowledgequeen
Characters: Dean and Sam
Summary: Takes place after "Crossroad Blues". Things are tense between the boys.

Majestic Domestic by kellifer_fic
Characters: Dean and Sam
Summary: Basically a glimpse into the boys' lives, including doing laundry and buying groceries. There's also Hello Kitty band-aids. *g* Some nice brother moments.

Hold On To Nothing, or Four Memories Dean Will Never Tell Sam About by transposition73
Characters: Dean, Mary, John, Sam
Summary: "Oh, Dean." sums this up pretty well. Wee!Dean is just so cute (first time he sees Sam, hee!) and then there's older Dean and...I just want to hug him. And not entirely because he's pretty. *shrugs* I suck at summaries at the moment.

I Swear On My Mother's Grave by pink_bagels
Characters: Dean, mentions of Mary, John, and Sam
Summary: Dean visits Mary's grave as a result of what John told him at the end of "In My Time of Dying".

Interplanet Janet Does Not Approve by ignipes
Characters: Dean and Sam
Summary: Dean is not happy about Pluto not being a planet anymore and Sam figures he knows why. Pure fun! LOL.

First Time Mary Met John by shallowz
Characters: Mary, John, and Mike
Summary: Exactly what the title says. And I just love Mary's voice in this. Her thoughts on John...hee! Also? We now know who Dean gets the Impala love from and it's not just John. There's also the companion piece from John's POV (and I've got love for John's voice as well...those two go so well together), First Time John Met Mary.

First Time John Met Dean by shallowz
Characters: John, Mary, and baby!Dean (oh and the Impala)
Summary: Again, title says it all. But we get a glimpse of when Dean lays claim to the Impala. *g* And "First Time Dean Met Sam" is in the works as well.

Five Things Sam Did During His Stanford Years Dean Would Be Surprised About by random_serious
Characters: Sam, mentions Dean, John, and Jess
Summary: Don't you love titles that say it all? LOL.

She Knows Now by braveinnewworld
Characters: Jess, Sam, Dean
Summary: Sam only talks about his brother sometimes and then something happens to make Jess see Dean in a completely different light. I've got to tell you, this one stayed with me for a bit, it made me feel for poor Sam. (And realizing how that sounds...there's no cheating, lol.) It's been described as creepy but it's very well done.

And Cupcakes To Learn by morgaine22
Characters: Dean and Sam
Summary: To counteract that last one, here's pure fun. Grocery shopping with the boys (as teenagers!) and Sam wants candy and Dean doesn't want to buy it.

The Past is a Present by embroiderama
Characters: Dean and Sam
Summary: Dean tells Sam about the only Christmas where all four of the Winchesters were together. *sigh* Lovely with memories, but at the same time, this one hurts a bit.

What Have You Got? by i_speak_tongue
Characters: Dean, mentions Sam and John
Summary: Basically? Dean rebels.

Foundations by digitalwave
Characters: Dean and Sam
Summary: Dean teaches little Sammy how to read. This one is just so adorable. I just love wee!Winchesters. (I'm pretty sure that's my big soft spot in this fandom...wee!Dean looking after wee!Sam.)

Held by eloise_bright
Characters: Wee!Dean, Baby!Sammy, John, and an appearance by Mary
Summary: It's three different times wee!Dean held baby!Sammy. And Dean? Is just the cutest big brother ever.

Running With Scissors by mikhale
Characters: Sam, Dean, and Evan
Summary: Sam's waiting for Dean to come get him after school and makes a new friend. Very cute with some fun moments and touching ones. (Like Evan wanting to know if Dean is Sam's new mommy and oh man, can I just hug Sam when he asks what it's like to have a mommy? Gah.) But even with that "gah" moment, Dean's laughing and Sam's smiling and...aww!

All Sparks by lila82
Characters: Dean and Sam
Summary: I like the author's summary of "Sam falls and Dean catches him." And I flailed because Dean holds Sam while he sleeps like he did when they were kids and...*flails a tiny bit* Aw, Sam!

All Over Again by sams1ra
Characters: Dean, John, Sam
Summary: John shares memories of Mary with the boys when Dean realizes that he can't remember her.

Last Class of the Day by pheebs1
Characters: Dean, Sam
Summary: Takes place in Dean's sophomore year. Dean corrects his teacher. This one is the last ficlet out of three in the post. Since you don't care for Wincest, you'll probably want to skip the 2nd one. But I think you'll like the first one. *g* Messes with the timelines quite a bit to work but basically? While Dean is teasing Sam about a construction worker in a small town on the East Coast that looked just like Sam (*cough*Dean*cough*), the boys meet Alec. Yup, SPN/DA crossover. Hee.

Dance Off at the John Q. Adams Middle School by embroiderama
Characters: Dean, Sam, John
Summary: Sam bets his friend, Tommy, that his big brother is way better than Tommy's big brother. Dean caves and agrees to the terms. Takes place when Dean is in 6th grade, so I'm guessing Sam's in...2nd? Hee.

Adventures on the High Seas by maharetr
Characters: John, Mary, wee!Dean
Summary: Mary folds laundry on a Sunday morning while Dean wakes John up and gets a story about pirates. I love this glimpse of what John was like before he lost Mary and became a hunter and little Dean wanting to play and you just know he was begging Mary to let him go get John up. Adorable.

Red Bells by obeetaybee
Characters: Dean, Sam, John
Summary: Remember the flashbacks in "Something Wicked"? Yeah, after those, Sam gets sick and Dean blames himself while John worries and feels guilty.

Thankful by eloise_bright
Characters: Teen!Dean and Sam, mentions John
Summary: Dean is injured when Thanksgiving rolls around and Sam decides to surprise him. Hee, I love these two.

I Will Bring You Where No Shadow Stays by xaara
Characters: Dean and Sam
Summary: Post-series. After they kill the demon, Dean disappears for a couple months. He catches up with Sam at an IHOP and then they continue hunting from there. Can I just say poor Dean? And poor Sam? Because Dean seems so lost and Sam is doing whatever he can to help and then Dean's sorry but Sam's not going anywhere without him and he's staying and...yeah. Stopping now.

Two Letters, Three Words by albeitslowly
Characters: Dean and Sam, appearances by Mary and John
Summary: Various points in the boys' life. Mary teaches Dean to write, Dean teaches Sam to write, the boys as teens, and then later as Sam waits for Dean to wake up at the hospital. Also? Ouija board usage at the hospital and there's a theme of butterfly kisses when they're toddlers.

Ghost Stories by ninhursag
Characters: Sam, Jess
Summary: It's how Sam and Jess met (and started towards getting together) from Jess' POV. I absolutely love this because Jess' voice is just awesome and the way she finally lets Sam know she's interested is so very unique that you can totally see why Sam fell for her. *sigh* This fic made me miss Jess. LOL.

Just Him by sams1ra
Characters: John, mentions of Dean, Sam, and Mary
Summary: Well, I don't want to give it away. Just know it's a futurefic and there's John angst and he's thinking about the boys.

A Winchester Christmas by sgt_psycho
Characters: John, Sam, doctor, and mentions Dean
Summary: A funny Christmas with the Winchesters. Let's just say that Dean and the tree got in a fight and Dean? Lost. And it makes John and Sam laugh.

Okay, well, that's all the recs for now (I mean, hey, these are just some of the ones from November! LOL). But I know how much you like Dean/Impala and I remember seeing some stories with that so I'll hunt those down for you too. But I think this is a good start on getting into Supernatural fic. *g* Hope you like!
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Dean's douched up Impala: SPN (Winchesters)herowlness on December 2nd, 2006 04:51 pm (UTC)
Wow, thanks for these. I'm totally bookmarking it, so I can come back to it later. I think I know what I will be reading over Winter Break .... :)
Nicole: Brothers Grim? Yeah. Pretty.blue_icy_rose on December 2nd, 2006 11:52 pm (UTC)
LOL, no problem! I was glad to help and provide fic. ^_^