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16 February 2005 @ 12:19 pm
Next chapter of Deadly Games!  

Alright, score for me! I finally updated Deadly Games on the internet and so now I'm posting the next chapter of it here...even if I did cave and post one chapter before I updated. Oh well! Clearly, I'm out of my bitchy mood. Instead I'm feeling pretty good about the test I took today. Now I have a test on Friday as well that I'll have to study for too. But I don't think that it'll be too hard.

We're doing a pledging ceremony tonight so I have to buy a rose for her today what with me being in charge of setting up the ceremony and all that. That's okay though. I doubt I'm going to go to the frat house with the other girls. I'm not making them cookies because they stole our stuff. That's like rewarding them for it or something. Hello? What's the point in that? Sheesh. I don't think so. And if I'm not making cookies for them, you can bet your ass I'm not going to sing to them. Besides, pledging ceremony doesn't take long, so I'll probably be back in time to watch Lost and then I'll watch Alias. That sounds way better than singing something like "I'm A Little Teapot." *shudders*

No way. No way in hell.

Anyway, I'm also happy because not only did I update Deadly Games, I'm just about done with my newest chapter for Father of the Brat, I updated Switching Sides (twice!), wrote a couple of one shots...no more writer's block for me! *crosses fingers* I hope.

Alright, so here's the next chapter of Deadly Games.


Brian MacAllister looked like a man on a mission. He strode purposefully into the room, his gaze sweeping across it. Eyes the color of whiskey stopped and focused on one man sitting in the corner. He pushed tawny hair back from an aristocratic looking face that was kept from looking too angelic by the scar that cut through his left eyebrow. He flashed a rakish grin as he folded his tall frame into the booth of the small diner.

"You're late." Will said. His eyes swept up and down Brian and he raised an eyebrow. "And you're wearing a suit."

Brian returned the raised eyebrow with one of his own. "I always wear a suit to business meetings. It's what most professionals do."

Will looked insulted. "This isn't a business meeting. Is that what you call meeting an old friend for lunch? Really, Brian, I think you need to brush up on your social skills."

"I had a business meeting earlier and my social skills are just fine, thank you." Brian leaned back. "Just ask any of the ladies."

"No thanks. Why don't we move on to a more pleasant subject? How long have you been in town?" Will asked.

"A while. I had some things to see to." Brian smiled charmingly at the waitress as she set a cup of coffee in front of him causing her to get a bit flustered. He looked back at Will. "Now tell me how this latest job of yours is going. Has the building collapsed in on itself yet?"

Will gave him a small grin. "Why don't you come see for yourself?"


Brian looked around as he walked into the Anderson house. A small smile crossed his face and he nodded. Will and Randy were doing a damn fine job of building this place. He began to follow the sound of the voices coming from one of the rooms towards the back of the house.

Standing in the room were Will, Randy, and three women that Brian had never seen before. Randy seemed to have cornered the brunette, which was apparently annoying Will who was talking to the two blondes. His gaze passed the blonde whose hair was cut short and went to the other blonde whose hair had been pulled back in a ponytail. He studied her openly though he noticed that Will kept shooting small glares in Randy's direction. He grinned. Hell, if Randy talking to the brunette sent a bee up Will's butt then it might just be worth it. And having known Will since they were kids made him practically honor bound to tease and annoy him.

With that thought, Brian wandered over in Randy's direction and caught the last of what he was saying.

"Seriously, Lila. Your friend, the redhead. Do you think she'd like me?" Randy was asking. Brian smirked a bit.

"Well, she might. After all, we like you even though you're ugly and smell kind of funny," he said as he walked up. Randy turned and a wide smile broke out on his face.

"You have to. I mean come on, after you look in the mirror you can't help but realize that I'm the better looking one. And the smell is your fancy schmancy cologne, you prissy boy."

Brian laughed. "Damn but it's good to see you." he told Randy, pulling him into what he thought of as a very manly, one-armed hug. Randy turned to the woman who was watching them with amusement clear on her face.

"Lila, this butt face standing next to me is Brian MacAllister. Brian, the beautiful woman standing in front of us is Lila Santos, the interior designer working on the house." Randy said.

"Butt face? Your wit gets sharper every time I see you. Really." Brian gave Lila a charming smile and took the hand that she offered, bending down to touch his lips to the back of her hand. "It's a pleasure." Brian said, a smile crossing his face. Lila grinned.

"All mine, I'm sure." She tilted her head to the side a bit. "So, does that move cause most girls to fall at your feet?" she asked. Brian's smile turned to a grin.


Lila nodded slowly. "Nice."

"Well, hello." Natalie smiled as she, Will, and Amanda walked up. "I'm Natalie Anderson and this..." she trailed off and gestured to the walls. "Work in progress is my house." Brian smiled as he shook her hand.

"Hi. Sorry to just walk in. I'm Brian MacAllister. I'm friends with Will and Randy."

"Oh, well then, feel free to come over whenever you'd like. I love having people over." Natalie smiled warmly at him and he returned the gesture, liking her immediately. The woman seemed to be a very open and carefree person.

"I'll do that. Thanks." His eyes flicked in Amanda's direction and Will took the hint.

"Oh, right. Brian MacAllister, this is Amanda Lewis. Amanda, this Brian. Don't worry about him, he's fairly harmless. Randy and I just let him tag along with us because we thought it'd be cool to have a pet monkey." Will told her with a small smirk in Brian's direction.

"Well, every caveman needs one." Brian responded smoothly, reaching out for Amanda's offered hand and holding it just a moment than normal politeness called for while staring down into her eyes. Lila laughed as Amanda pulled her hand away with a polite smile that hid what she was thinking.

"I think I like you." she said. Brian turned back to her and his lips curved up in a smile.

"That works out then because I think I like you, too."


Later, he watched as she left the house with Amanda, gesturing with her hand as she said something. He wished he could go find out what she was saying. Maybe...

No. He shook his head and scowled at himself. It wasn't time. Not yet. What was he thinking? If he told her who he was now, everything could be ruined. It was too soon. She wouldn't want to be rushed into this. If there was one thing he knew, it was that she'd take her time with something like this. The relationship between them would have to grow before he told her who he was. When she was ready, then he'd tell her.

He smiled as he thought of the small gift he'd left her. She'd smile when she saw it because she'd know. She'd know that it was from. Which was why he hadn't left a card this time. So while he waited for the right time to tell her about his love, he'd show her.


Lila flipped her hair over her shoulder in frustration. First thing she was going to do was put this up in a clip she decided as she climbed out of her car and headed for the door, digging for her keys as she went. She came to a stop and looked up to see a red rose taped to the door. There was no card. She shrugged, thinking it was probably from Sophia as a thanks for the other night, and brought it to her nose, smiling a bit at the scent, before slipping the key into the lock and going into the house.

Immediately she headed into the bedroom where she dropped her bag on the floor, kicked off her shoes and threw her purse on the bed. She pulled out an old T-shirt and worn pair of jeans and put them on, sighing as she put her hair up. She could feel herself begin to relax. There was just one last thing that she had to do.

Barefoot, Lila walked into the kitchen, holding the rose. The first thing she did was dig under the sink for a slim vase that she filled with water before snipping the stem of the rose and setting it into the water. The next thing she did was pour herself a glass of wine. As she walked into the living room, she set the vase on one of the side tables before opening the drapes and then settling herself on the couch with a book and her wine. She smiled as she took the first sip and opened to the first page. Now she was relaxed.


He smiled from his spot, pleased beyond belief when he saw her. She did know that it was from him, even if she didn't know exactly who he was just yet. It was why she had put it where he could see it and in such a nice vase. She wanted him to know that she had gotten the gift and liked it. She'd like what else he was doing for her too. He just knew she would. He watched her for a few more minutes before turning and walking away.

He'd wanted to be sure that she had gotten it and see the look on her face when she did. Now that he had, he could go. It was too risky to stay while there was still a bit of daylight. She might see him.

He'd come back later.


Max gave Lila a look as he walked passed her and into the house. Lila gave him an innocent smile and followed him.

"What's the look for?" she asked, eyes dancing. Max spun around and looked at her as if it was completely obvious.

"What's the look for? What do you think the look's for? I can't believe you set me up, Lila!" he exclaimed. Lila raised an eyebrow.

"So...are you objecting to the fact that I set you up or are you objecting that I set you up with Amanda?"

Max frowned. "Unfair question. You know I don't object to Amanda as a person. She's great. But you do know that I hate being set up."

Lila shook her head. "And your point is....what?" She looked at him expectantly.

"The point is....the point is I hate being set up! And you set me up!"

"With Amanda. Which apparently is bothering you."

"It is not. That's not what I said. Damn it, Lila! Quit it!"

"Quit what?" Lila asked.

"Quit doing that thing you do where you confuse me and make me forget what it was that I was saying and make me lose the point of my whole-"

"Tirade? Rant? Speech? All of the above?" Lila interrupted. Max glowered at her.

"Shut up. I don't care that I spent the night with Amanda. I care that you set me up." Lila's jaw dropped and her eyes widened.

"You guys already spent the night together? Amanda didn't tell me that! That hussy!" she exclaimed. Max paused and then his own eyes widened as he realized what she meant.

"What? No! That's not what I meant and you're doing it again! You know what I meant! We spent the night together until we both went home. Separately. To different houses." he said. Lila shook her head.

"There's no fun in that."

"You've been hanging out with Morgan too much." he sighed. "She's starting to rub off on you." Lila grinned.

"Yeah. And speaking of Morgan, a bunch of us are meeting at the pub tomorrow night. Do you want to go?"

"Who do you mean when you say a bunch of us?" Max asked.

"The architect, his friends, one of who has a thing for Morgan, and Amanda. Obviously Morgan will be there. Of course, they don't know that they're going yet since the idea just came to me earlier and the only person that I've talked to about it is Morgan."

Max nodded slowly. "Ah, I see. So everyone is meeting at the pub tomorrow but none of them know about it except for Morgan and that's only because one of the architect's friends is lusting for her. And is this the same architect who you were insistent on not working with?"

Lila thought about it for about a second before nodding. "Yeah, pretty much." Max just looked at her and she raised an eyebrow. "What?" She didn't see the big deal. Just because she thought the man was gorgeous and was using this as an excuse to see him away from work, like the park, meant nothing. Or almost nothing. Possibly.

"The architect?" he asked.

"He's not so bad once you talk to him a bit." she said in her own defense.

"So you haven't actually had to work with him then, huh? I have a feeling that if you guys had already had to argue, then you might not be so willing to invite him."

"I'll have you know that we already debated over a few things. And neither one of us lost any limbs."

"Well that's always good..." he trailed off. "Oh what the hell. If nothing else it should be interesting. Yeah, I'll go." Lila smiled.

"Good." Now she just had to get the others to go.


"She owns a pub?" Randy asked. When Lila nodded, a pirate like grin crossed his face and he turned to look at Will. "I think I'm in love." he declared.

"Well that was fast." Will said blandly. Randy just rolled his eyes and turned back to Lila.

"We'll be there." he told her. Will looked up quickly. When had that been decided? Oh, no, he was not going. He frowned.

"Excuse me? Who said I'm going?" he demanded, shooting a look at Randy. He was trying to forget about these...feelings for Lila and spending an evening with her in pub really wasn't going to help with that. Randy gave him one of his own looks and then completely ignored what he was trying to say.

"I did. And you're going. No arguments." Randy crossed his arms and grinned again as if he was almost daring him to argue. Will stared back at him and crossed his own arms.

"Why am I going?"

"Moral support?" After he said this, Randy ticked his eyes quickly in Lila's direction indicating that she was the reason that Will was going to go with them.

"And because Brian's already agreed to go." Lila added. Will turned to her.

"You already asked Brian to go?" he asked, an edge that she couldn't describe in his voice. Lila shrugged.

"Well, yeah. He was the first one I saw today. We ran into each other at that little coffee stand that's on the corner of Wilson and Torrence." she explained. Will relaxed a bit.

"Oh." He paused. If he didn't go then Brian would probably flirt with Lila again. He'd flirt with her anyway but at least if he went, Will reasoned, he'd get to give him menacing looks. Which would give him some sort of satisfaction at least. He sighed. He didn't know why the thought of one of his best friends flirting with Lila bothered him but it did. The man could get a different girl, damn it. "Alright, I'll go."

Lila smiled. "Great. Then that's everyone." She glanced over at Will and a slow smile crossed her face. "I'll see you later on tonight then."

Randy smiled in triumph.


"So, which one are you interested in again?" Brian asked Randy as they sat with Will at the table in O'Riley's waiting for the everyone else to get there.

"The redhead." he replied in a slightly distracted voice.

"The redhead has a name, boys. And it's Morgan." a voice with a bit of an Irish lilt said from the side in an amused voice. Randy froze and shut his eyes, hoping that it wasn't who he thought he was. Opening his eyes, he turned to find Morgan standing there with Lila, Amanda, and some guy. She smiled and looked at Randy. "Drink?" she asked. Randy nodded.

"Yeah. Definitely," he breathed. As Morgan walked away to get drinks, Randy slumped down in his chair. "Oh, kill me now," he muttered. Amanda laughed.

"That wouldn't be any fun then, would it?" she asked as she sat down. "Oh. By the way, guys this is Max Bradford. Max, this is Randy Holder, Will Ashton, and Brian MacAllister." she said, pointing at each of them as she said their name. Randy gave a weak smile.

"Nice to meet you." he said. Max grinned.

"Don't worry. I've embarassed myself even worse than that." he assured him. Randy brightened.

"Yeah?" He grinned.

"Yeah. But I'm not going to tell that story. Not the first impression that I want to make." Max added quickly.

"Don't worry, he'll probably embarass himself anyway before the night is over." Morgan declared as she set seven glasses and two pitchers on the table. Max glared at Morgan.

"Shut up, Morgan." Morgan gave him a sarcastic smile.

"Why, darling, does that mean you don't want me to tell them the story about the shoe and that big black dog?"


"In that case..." Morgan gave Randy a smile as she pulled out the chair next to him and sat. "See the whole thing started because of this pink shoe and then a big black dog came and apparently thought that Max over here was a tree-"

"Shut up, Morgan!" Max interrupted quickly. He filled her glass and pushed it towards her. "And take a drink." Morgan grinned.

"That might make my tongue looser." she told him. She leaned over to Randy and lowered her voice to a whisper. "And then I could tell you some real good stories that start all the way back in college." Max snatched her glass as Randy relaxed and grinned.

"Nevermind. Shouldn't you be working or something?" he demanded. Morgan raised an eyebrow and crossed her legs.

"I own the pub which means I make my own hours. And tonight is not my night to work the bar. So, you'll just have to deal with me." Max groaned which caused everyone to laugh.


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jaded_angltears on February 16th, 2005 12:32 pm (UTC)
Very nice, as always. *sighs* I know that we have our sociology test but come on!! I don't want to study. At all. *shakes head* And I'm really not liking this jerk-off I'm talking to...

Make him go away Nicole.
Nicoleblue_icy_rose on February 17th, 2005 12:38 am (UTC)
You know I would if I could. I can throw stuff at him if it'll help. But since it's hours after your conversation with him, I'm guessing that won't help.
legend_divinitylegend_divinity on February 16th, 2005 10:42 pm (UTC)
I haven't read the beginning of this story but that chapter alone, works girl. You got some serious talent and now that I've read part of yours I'm sure Angelcakes will want me to read hers.

Damn. LOL
Nicoleblue_icy_rose on February 17th, 2005 12:54 am (UTC)
Why thank you...and hey, I think you'll like her stories. And you know, if I didn't think Mar would kick my ass from here to Sunday, I'd lay one on you. ^_~ LOL, just teasing you. Because, you know, it's fun and I can and it's what we do.

You know what I mean.

But seriously, check them out. :)