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19 October 2006 @ 12:32 pm
Animaniacs, Pinky & the Brain, MI, Avenue Q: SPN Style!  
Can't. Stop. Laughing. Hee, I miss Animaniacs and Pinky & the Brain.

If You Were Gay - where Dean tells Sam that it's okay if he's gay, even if Dean isn't. *snorts and falls over laughing*

Animaniacs - Supernatural to the Animaniacs theme song.

Pinky & the Brain - Dean is Pinky and Sam is the Brain. Enough said. Heeeee!

Mission: Impossible - sooo rather be watching them instead of Tom Cruise. Yes, yes I would. *nods*

AGH! I can't believe I almost forgot Sesame Street!

Sesame Street - Hee! SPN version of Sesame Street! *g*

Old Time Rock & Roll - I think the song pretty much says it all about Dean and his music. "Today's music ain't got the same soul, I like that old time rock and roll." and "The kind of music that just soothes the soul." Granted, most people wouldn't hear that and think Metallica, but thanks to Dean, some do!

Yeah, okay, so I thought this might make a lot of people laugh, even if they don't watch the show. Either way. And...yeah, just because these were too funny to pass up! *goes back to watching and laughing*
Feeling: gigglylaughing hysterically