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24 June 2006 @ 09:09 pm
What do you know? I'm alive!  
Yeah, and tomorrow my paid account time runs out so I'll be back down to six icons until August when I get my financial aid check. :( And then forget it, I'm just going to pay for six months, maybe more. It'll be easier. (Unless I cave and order another two months.)

Anyway, I finished one of the series for stagesoflove, so big yay there. I'm working on the other two and then I'll be working on Haunted for the What If Challenge. After all, that's due in a week or something, I think. Thankfully, the change really comes at the end so I don't have to completely rework it, except for a few details.

Speaking of stagesoflove, I have to get those posted. So I'm off to do that.
Feeling: busybusy