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26 April 2006 @ 11:23 pm
Heidi, Krisitina, and Raven, oh my!  
Okay, so I know there's other people on my f-list that like HP. But these are the three that are more hardcore about it than the others, as far as I know. So, I found this site, courtesy of frk_werewolf and couldn't resist doing it for you guys. And, you know, for me.

Now, if I remember correctly, you said on quizzes and the like you always ended up in Gryffindor, right? And once you got into Ravenclaw? If that's not it, just let me know and I'll switch it up. LOL. Anyway, here you go, Heidi:

(May 21 - June 20)
The Twins. Mutable, air, yang - planetary ruler: Mercury Keywords: "I THINK"

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and has influence over the hands, arms, shoulders, and lungs. Positive traits include quick wits, versatility, flexibility, fluency with words and ideas, an open mind, a love of learning, adaptability, agility, sharp perception, and cheerfulness; negative traits are duplicity, mood swings, flightiness, nervousness, fidgeting, lack of attention span, a tendency to be easily influenced, and undependability.


You'll need track shoes to keep up with these Geminis. They have so much energy that they exhaust nearly everyone, save other Gryffindor Geminis. In class, they love to get into debates with the professor. Out of class, they love to get into trouble. These Gryffindor Geminis are as easily stirred by romantic dreams and noble causes as any other Gryffindors, although their involvement is more mental than practical - they lack the fortitude for battle and are best left passing propaganda to the real warriors. Expect a large number of them to work for the Daily Prophet after graduation.


Ravenclaw Geminis are geniuses of communication. They debate ideas, write brilliant treatises, teach exciting classes, read large numbers of books on a regular basis, and study arcane languages. Because Mercury the planet is associated with the alchemical substance of quicksilver, the god Hermes (the messenger of the gods, and the conductor or dead souls to the Underworld), and the historical founder of alchemy, Hermes Trismagistus, many Ravenclaw Geminis also excel at the study of alchemy. These Ravenclaws are some of the best and most brilliant of their class, but they need to learn to finish the projects they start, and to differentiate between what is viable and what is best left as a "really great idea.

Pfft...I don't even have to doubt this one. You get the same house every single time. LOL. (Wasn't sure if you wanted the Ravenclaw one as well, let me know, okay?) So here's yours, Kristina:

(April 20 - May 20)
The Bull. Fixed, earth, yin - planetary ruler: Venus Keywords: "I HAVE"

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is associated with the neck and throat. Positive characteristics include stamina, patience, practicality, frugality, creativity, a love of beauty and nature, faithfulness, loyalty, determination, sensuality, and affection. Negative characteristics are stubbornness (there's a reason why stubborn people are called bullheaded), materialism, resistance to change, laziness, a terrible temper once aroused, prejudice, and sometimes an unimaginative nature.


In this House, the traits associated with Taurus that will be most emphasized are materialism and loyalty. These Slytherins will be almost blindly loyal to their friends and allies, and they will value wealth and the trappings of wealth over more intangible assets. Determination will also be emphasized. All Slytherins are determined, but the stubborn Taurus Slytherin is unstoppable once they have their mind set on something. A large number of Slytheirns in this sign work for Gringotts after graduating from Hogwarts, for they are very good with money.

As for you...you also have two houses. LOL. So, hope you enjoy these. Here's yours, Raven:

(November 22 - December 21)
the centaur Archer. Mutable, fire, yang - planetary ruler: Jupiter. Keywords: "I SEE"

Sagittarius is the ninth house of the zodiac and rules the liver, hips, and thighs. Positive traits include optimism, innate wisdom, a philosophical outlook, a love of nature, generosity, joie de vive, flexibility, a keen intellect, independence, energy, natural good luck, foresight, and the capacity to dream big; negative traits include restlessness, tactlessness, clumsiness, naivete, unwillingness to commit, and a tendency to ignore important details while looking at a big, sketchy picture.


Ravenclaw Sagittarians are the philosophers of the magical world. They love pure theory, pure mathematics, and anything that appeals to their yearning for far horizons, whether those horizons be physical (in which case they will do a lot of traveling) or mental. They excel at astrology and research, and have the rare gift of both being able to investigate a subject deeply and then being able to explain it to other people in plain language. This makes for excellent teaching potential. They are cheerful, athletic, brisk, and humourous, and also decidedly eccentric. Sometimes they get on people's nerves, because they don't have as many interpersonal skills as they seem to think they have, but it's hard to stay mad at a Ravenclaw Sagittarian for very long. They're just too goofy.


Yes, Virginia, Sagittarians can get sorted into House Slytherin. And not always as Quidditch players, either, although there have been jokes made about how the Hat will sort big, tall Sags into Slytherin just to pad out the team. Slytherin Sagittarians are sorted primarily because of their ability to dream; these Sags have a vision, and with the support of their House, can channel their energies to great achievements. In return they give their House something priceless beyond rubies: a sense of perspective. Temporary failure is not humiliating to the Sagittarius Slytherin, merely a temporary setback in pursuit of a goal. They can laugh at themselves even when other people are laughing at them, and of course that turns the joke on the idiots who came up with it in the first place. (How devious.) Although bright, these Slytherins will coast through their classes if they can get away with it; they'd rather envision the future than attend to the details of the present.

And now, me:

(October 23 - November 21)
the Scorpion. Fixed, water, yin - planetary rulers: Mars and Pluto. Keywords: "I DESIRE"

Scorpio is the eighth house of the Zodiac and governs the genitalia. Positive traits include magnetic charisma, ambition, drive, a penetrating mind, curiosity, intensity of focus, emotional depth, consistency, persistence, willpower, and the potential for inner transformation and regeneration; negative traits include selfishness, obsessiveness, vindictiveness, hypersensitivity, ruthlessness, cynicism, an inability to understand the word "moderation," and jealousy. It is said that Scorpios embody both the best and the worst of all that are born under the stars, and that there are three kinds of Scorpios: wicked scorpions, cunning serpents, and saintly eagles. What each Scorpio becomes is entirely up to that Scorpio.


What is said of Slytherins born under all other signs is doubly true of Slytherins born under Scorpio. (Or was it that what is said of Scorpios is doubly true of Scorpios sorted into Slytherin?) There is no middle ground here - these wizards can embody all that is the very best in the world... or all that is the very worst. They are heroes, or they are villains. They are attracted to the dark, twisted, and forbidden mysteries of the world from the day they are born, and only they can determine whether they will study the dark arts in order to oppose them, or to embrace them. However, as Scorpio is a sign of transformation and regeneration, it is not impossible for even the most evil of dark wizards to turn to the path of good... Scorpio Slytherins have uncanny wisdom, insight into human psychology, and high "emotional IQ's." They are incredibly ambitious, often exist in a state of total ego, and if misused or hurt, can nurse the wound and seethe for decades. Still, although they are often tempted to do horrible things in the name of glory or discovery, they nevertheless are often the kindest, most compassionate, and most forgiving people of all, for they have seen their own inner darkness, faced it, and do not run from it when they encounter it in others.


Curiosity killed the cat; satisfaction brought it back. If ever a wizard exhibited a danger of self destruction from too much knowledge, surely it was a Ravenclaw Scorpio. It doesn't matter whether the pet obsession this week is botany, Muggle pop music, or the history of the Necronomicon, if a Ravenclaw Scorpio wants to know about it, then he will, and damn the consequences: full speed ahead. Indeed, just mention that a subject is "forbidden" and you'll see a peculiar light shine in their eyes. They sneak into locked rooms after dark, and forge passes to the restricted library sections. The lust for arcane knowledge is both the greatest strength of these wizards, and the Achilles heel. It's best to indulge them whenever possible and let the obsession burn itself out; and, when this is not possible, to explain in great detail and absolutely *no* patronizing why the subject must not be explored. These Ravenclaws are quiet and secretive, but don't be fooled by that calm and placid exterior; they have hidden depths.

If anyone else wants theirs, just let me know. The site, HP Astrology, has all the Zodiac signs and has something for each house under each sign.

And ha! See? Heidi, Kristina, and I are proof that Gryffindors and Slytherins can get along just fine, thank you very much.

.....*blinks* What do you mean the houses don't really exist? Hmph.

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I don't see another goddamn narrator, so pipe down: delusional shipping is funlunacat on April 27th, 2006 08:31 am (UTC)
Ha! Awesome! Thanks for that! And yeah, I almost always get Ravenclaw on those quizes. Usually my most common results are 1. Ravenclaw 2. Hufflepuff 3. Gryffindor 4. Slytherin.

Inter-house friendships! W00t~! XD
Nicole: Genius I tell you! Genius!blue_icy_rose on April 27th, 2006 01:19 pm (UTC)
Ha, in that case:


Hufflepuff Geminis stand out for being geniuses as what Muggles like to call "multitasking." They can't just work on one project - they need to have eight or nine things going all at once, usually as close to a deadline as possible. They also tend to be a little more outspoken and extraverted in the classroom than the average Hufflepuff, who would rather sit near the back of the classroom and quietly take notes to study later. Because they bite off more than they can chew, they are always complaining of various ailments related to stress.

And I'll get you your other one later. You...multi-housed person, you.
Taken From Your Lips, A Hallelujahflitterbye on April 27th, 2006 04:05 pm (UTC)
You know you want to get mine! I'm a Leo, and unanimously a Gryff.
Nicole: Faith - Dark Side of Youblue_icy_rose on April 27th, 2006 09:56 pm (UTC)
Done! Here you go:

(July 23 - August 22)
The Lion. Fixed, fire, yang - planetary ruler: the Sun. Keywords: "I WILL"

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and rules the back, the spine, and the heart. Positive traits include creativity, charisma, generosity, warmth, enthusiasm, a natural talent for leadership, and a great deal of inner power; negative traits are haughtiness, snobbery, an expectation that one is the centre of attention and should be waited on by everyone else, profligacy, lack of realism, dominance that can lead to bullying, and a refusal to change one's mind even in the face of solid facts.


This is a natural sign for Gryffindors, not least because the griffin is part lion. Gryffindors born under this sign are outgoing, friendly, affectionate, and likeable. They make friends easily and are crushed when their advances are rejected. Their romantic, chivalrous nature makes them perfect examples of all that is best in their House. However, they are also bossy, domineering, spendthrift, and overly dramatic (ever heard the phrase "drama queen?") They have sharp tempers and need to learn to direct their anger toward only needful causes. The natural creativity and flamboyance of Leo makes Gryffindors born under this sign good at most everything they attempt, provided they apply themselves to learning magic rather than using magic to hog the limelight.
Taken From Your Lips, A Hallelujahflitterbye on April 28th, 2006 08:07 am (UTC)
Haha, thanks! That sounds a LOT like me... even the bad parts. *sheepish grin*