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22 April 2006 @ 08:48 pm
So, here we go again.  
Somehow, I got talked into going out again tonight. I blame D and her begging. And the fact that she used her trump card of "I don't want to be the third wheel again tonight." That's dirty pool. LOL. But it's also understandable since we're off to Emily and Joe's and they've been a couple for...over two years now. (They're at that point where, when we were telling a story about something we did with Emily, we had to say "Emily as in Emily and Joe." for the person to know who we were talking about.)

And I did promise Emily that the next time D headed over there that I'd go to since I had to stay home last time for a paper and last night, well, I was with Dana. She had me promise this a few days ago when I sent season 1 of Veronica Mars with D, so Emily could borrow it. She started watching it that night, despite the fact that they were having a party, lol. See, she somehow saw an episode of season 2 and that got her hooked so she's downloaded pretty much all of season 2 (and I've been given an open invitation to go watch it with her since I've missed some episodes here and there) and she was a bit confused and wanted to know what happened in season 1. This is where I came in since I'm apparently known to a small circle of people (meaning my roommates and our friends, like Emily) as the person to go to for VM info.

I'm finding it funny that I got her hooked. Anyway, that ended up longer than I expected since I just completely went on a ramble. Ah well, I'm off!

Let's hope that no one gets thrown in the pool.
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