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18 April 2006 @ 02:37 am
Harry Potter is a girl!  
And now that I have your attention, I'm going to point it in the direction of one of the funniest parodies I've read in a good long while. The premise? Well, let's just say Voldemort takes the prophecy a bit too literally. (Think of the line: "And he will have power...") The result? Harry becoming a girl, flirting with a Ravenclaw and Draco liking Harry and being none too happy about it. Not to mention the Death Eaters. *starts laughing* Well, hey, have you ever heard Voldemort say to Snape, "Just a minute, darling." or seen Lucius and Snape discuss the wonders of there being a sale on Gucci shoes? No? Then you are missing out.

So, if you're in need of a good laugh, go check out Harry Potter and the Obvious Solution by sadisticblondlettes.

Oh, the things you can find when looking for Harry/Draco stories under the genre of romance. Hee!
Feeling: gigglylaughing my ass off