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30 March 2006 @ 05:07 pm
Paper...yeah, not done.  
Yes, right now I should actually be writing my paper but I've been researching for it and I needed a break. Do you know what a pain in the ass it is to look through articles to find mentions of marijuana being discovered in people's homes? And how it's even more frustrating when you're supposed to be comparing two ethnicities and which one gets caught with marijuana in the home more often?

It's extremely frustrating, that's what it is. Damn paper. Because do you think any of these articles are mentioning the ethnicities of the people caught? Well, of course not, but you'd think that the site would have the decency to have a picture of them at least so I could try and find out.

I really don't want to have to change my topic. It won't be pretty if I do.

*sigh* Okay, so time for a tiny break and then back to work.
Feeling: stressedstressed
Soundtrack: my roommate practicing her Greek Sing songs