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27 March 2006 @ 11:06 pm
I wonder...  
Is it wrong to want to bitch slap your roommate? No? Good.

I never actually got around to posting about it yesterday but I'm feeling bitchy, so I'm mentioning it today. Because really, my TV was working just fine and dandy before Spring Break. I come back and the DVD player that's built into the TV isn't working. Only one roommate stayed here and while she says she doesn't know what happened (or how it broke to be specific), I know she's lied about other problems in the house or completley avoided telling the person if she's ruined something of their's (bathroom towels that belong to D...I'd personally be pissed if my bathroom towels mysteriously appeared with bleach spots all over them and the dish towels suddenly had paint all over them...of course, the paint issue is old but still!). So, while I want to believe her, it's a bit difficult. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask her to pay for half of it, simply because she was the one using it at the time, which I'm going to do as soon as I get an idea of the amount. (And she puts in an appearance at the house since she practically lives with her boyfriend when we're all home. If she doesn't, I'm just calling her.) I'd like to think I'm not being unreasonable with that request and if I am, feel free to let me know.

I also just deleted an entire post about the content of There's Always Consequences. If a person reads the story they will realize the following:

- I'm not making Spike a pedophile. So, he and little four year old Xander will not be getting it on.
- Buffy is not going to be the evil bitch whore from hell. She's not going to become Linda Blair. She will not need to be shot to put a stop to her endless whining.
- Willow will not go evil and try to set everyone on fire nor will she go insane and start muttering about the clowns that live in the pipes and are determined to eat her.
- If Angel makes an appearance, he will not go batshit insane at the mere sight of Spike and whip out a stake, waving it in the air as he runs at Spike screaming, "OMG! YOU TWITCHED! DIE YOU EVIL FIIIIIEND!!!"

I think that about covers that. So, I'm now going to go read fic and check to see what my f-list is up to.
Feeling: bitchybitchy
Soundtrack: The Point of No Return - The Phantom of the Opera