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14 March 2006 @ 05:57 pm
Distraction are fun!  
Okay, so I really should be writing this paper that's due tomorrow. I know that. I've even started it. But I can't seem to get my mind to concentrate on it fully. See I got this new plot bunny for a Spike/Xander. Plus, I've got the prologue written for a new Spike/Buffy as well. (But I'm determined not to post that until I've finished Father of the Brat...not to mention I want to have most of it written before I start to give myself some breathing room.)

And then there's the coding for the layout Opal. frk_werewolf pointed me in the direction of the coding that I'm using and while I've got the colors mostly figured out (I've only got a bit left on those), it's the header that's giving me problems. The one place that I saw for the header is where I put the URL for it but the header won't show up. I don't know if I'm just missing the spot that it's supposed to go or what. It probably doesn't help that I was doing the coding last night (this morning if you want to get technical) when I should have been sleeping. Anyone got any ideas on where the URL for the header goes for the coding that was done by Halffling and then cleaned up by Kunzite1?

*sigh* Okay, so back to trying to do that paper. I've only got the introduction done but I'm hoping that if I write two to two and a half pages that it'll be long enough when I double space it. (And don't worry, it's supposed to be double spaced!) But while I try and write this, I'm going to damn literary theory classes that make you write papers analyzing poems. You know, just for my own amusement.

Here's hoping, right? Right.