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12 March 2006 @ 05:28 pm
Fic Rec List - Part 2!  
Okay, so I've finally gotten around to making another fic rec list the way I said I would. If you'd like to see the first one, it can be found here. On it you will find pairings from Buffy, VM, and Harry Potter including these: Spuffy, Spander, Logan/Veronica, Mac/Casey, Draco/Harry and a few crossovers.

As I said last time, there's going to be both slash and het on here and you'll find certain authors on here multiple times most likely. I'll let you know if the story is slash in the little note I write about the fic so you can decide whether or not you want to click on it. And so...here we go again!

All WIPs on here are still getting updated.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

Cartoon Heroes by authoressnebula
Slash! This takes place in season 7, after the episode "Him" when Spike moves in with Xander. In this, Spike discovers drawings of Xander's and then finds out that he made a comic book series of his life up to the moment when Buffy entered his life and then they abruptly stop (and on a cliffhanger no less!) so he decides to find out why. Complete (and with little ficlets too!)

Becoming Known by tistoo
Slash! This goes AU during season 7 as well. In this, Spike left after "Potential" and Xander doesn't lose his eye. When Spike leaves, he promises that he'll keep in touch and then surprises himself and Xander by keeping in touch with...well, Xander. And when Buffy asks Xander to take Dawn and go, he takes her to Spike, who's living on the other side of the country. WIP.

The Sunnydale Files by frk_werewolf
Both slash and het. A complete AU where everyone is in high school. Jesse is still alive, Xander is gay, Oz is a stoner, Angel is stalking Buffy, and Cordelia may have a thing for Fred. Giles, Ethan, Lilah, Wes, Lorne, and Gunn are all teachers. Spike has a twin named William, who's a shy poet. Jesse likes Cordelia, Cordelia may like Fred, Xander likes Spike, William likes Xander, Oz likes William, Angel likes Buffy (and she can't stand him), Giles and Ethan like each other as do Gunn and Wes. Oh, and Riley and Graham own a gay strip bar. This is a series of ficlets (up to 80 so far) that are just so much fun to read. WIP.

Phantom Whispers by jypzrose
Spuffy and one of the first ones that I ever read. When you click on this link, it takes you straight to her fic site (the link stays the same no matter what you click or else I'd link directly to the story). When you get there click on Archives then Spuffy Archives and then on Long Fics. That's where you'll find this. It's a completely human AU where Spike is in a band with Mark and Johnny (two OCs who are very well written) and they head to Sunnydale hoping to find a quiet place to write their newest song. Instead they meet Buffy, Willow, and Tara and discover a decades old murder mystery, along with the ghost of the victim. Complete.

From Out of Nowhere by suki_blue
Slash and AU. Xander and Spike have become friends and each has feelings for the other. Of course, it doesn't come out until Xander gets attacked by a demon and Spike rescues him. The series follows the boys throughout all the different things they have to face from ancient vampires and Egyptian gods to Angelus, deadly pixies, the Initiative and freak storms. This has it's share of fluff, smut, humor, and action, plus deals with issues from Xander's past (phobia of golf balls being only one of them). Also includes Angel/Doyle. Definitely suggest this one. WIP. Next part is being worked on.

Little Hero and Magic In a Young Girl's Heart by authoressnebula
Also known as Nebula's Little Buffy series. Really, what's cuter than Buffy getting turned into a five year old? A five year old who becomes very attached to Spike. *looks around* No really. What's cuter? Anyway, this is an adorable series that has the Scoobies facing things from someone wanting the little Slayer dead to her fear of slides. Check it out. Complete.

Mister Cellophane by amejisuto
Slash. Hmm...how to describe this without giving it away? Well, let me put it this way. Have you heard the song Mister Cellophane from Chicago? And do you remember what Xander's biggest fear was in the season 4 Halloween episode? Yeah, go from there. A great series, the main story is two parts and then there's ficlets that take place in this 'verse as well.

baby!vamp!Xander series by darkhavens
Slash! A series of drabbles that describe Spike and Xander's adventures after Spike gets the chip out and turns Xander so they can be together forever. Some of these are just plain hilarious (like Spike's ongoing competition with Xander's cat, Seven of Nine, for his affection), others are disturbing but in a must read kind of way. WIP since new drabbles are always being added.

Tabula Rasa Ad Aeternum by kallayra (kallysten + kantayra
A complete AU of the episode Tabula Rasa, in which the gang didn't get their memories back. They've made adjustments to finding out Randy is a vampire and then, Randy and Joan realize that they've developed feelings for each other. Life's pretty good for them all when they get their memories back. Which of course is when things start going wrong. Spuffy. Complete.

Fisi Mtima, Mbwa Mwitu, and Paka Ahali by frk_werewolf
Slash! Starts out with they hyena making a reappearance in Xander and then he discovers that Spike is his mate. Not to mention that Willow and Tara break up, just as Oz returns to town. And just when things seem to be going well, enter the Initiative. Paka Ahali takes place after Mbwa Mwitu and is actually a story that focuses more on Wesley and things happening in LA. And Doyle's still alive in these as well. Fun all around! Fisi Mtima and Mwba Mwitu are complete while Paka Ahali is a WIP.

Lost by authoressnebula
Slash. This one's dark, folks. Xander's been missing for months and then when he shows up on Spike's doorstep, he's broken. Spike's fixing him. That's all I'm saying since I don't want to give anything away but it's a great read and you should definitely check it out. WIP.

Facing Fear by suki_blue
Slash. Suki really does write some of the funniest Spander you'll ever read. After all, who'd guess that Spike's deathly afraid of spiders? And really, can you blame him? Yuck. Anyway, in this Spike has to face his fear in order to save Xander. Hilarious stuff. Complete.

His Childe, Her Sire, Their Soul, and Whose Destiny? by kallysten
A wonderful series that goes AU after the episode As You Were. In this, Spike turns Buffy because she's about to die of cancer and he can't bear for any of them to lose her again. Each story is about 50 chapters long and they face everything from telling the Scooby gang to Buffy sometimes fighting the fact that she needs blood to new Slayers and of course, the apocalypse. There's also a couple a few ficlets for this series: Vampires, The Question, and The Beach. Complete.

Baby Steps by kallysten
Spuffy. This one goes AU during season six. Remember how Buffy was always telling Spike to leave? Well, this time he does. He comes back over two years later and discovers that Buffy's had a baby girl. The father? That would be Richard, the guy that Xander and Anya tried to set Buffy up with in Older and Far Away and who she dates in this one. (Yup, beware. There's Buffy/Richard and some Spike/OC when he tries to forget Buffy. See how well it worked? ~_^) Of course, Richard is now nowhere to be found and so Spike offers to stay with Buffy and help her take care of the baby. A great story, over 70 chapters long. Complete.

Harry Potter

Per Solum Lacuna: By Words Alone by wintermoon2
Slash! The story was started in 2004, though the author modified it last year in February. It takes place after Hogwarts and in this, Harry and Draco each have a diary. Neither of them realizes that it's enchanted at first but once they do, they start communicating through the diaries with different names. It brings them closer, but of course, neither knows who the other is. You'll have to read to find out what happens when they do. ^_^ WIP.

Together by Revti
This story is based around the Marauders' time at Hogwarts. It was written in 2003, so the only stuff that's in there from the books are from the earlier ones, though the author tried to keep it canon as books came out. And there are some original characters. Anyway, it starts in their first year and goes up until they graduate Hogwarts. It was one of the first Harry Potter stories that I read and really enjoyed. It's very amusing to watch as James and Lily dance around each other, Sirius tries to figure out how to ask the girl he likes out and then of course, there's poor Remus trying to deal with Sirius making up songs about the girl that he likes. A fun read. Complete.

Promises Unbroken, Promises Remembered, Promises Defended by Robin4
An AU in which Sirius remained James and Lily's Secret Keeper. This is a trilogy and if you check out the profile, there are ficlets set in this universe, as well as an AU of...well, her AU. In this, James and Lily are alive, Harry is going to Hogwarts (and a bit different from the books, for obvious reasons). Everyone believes Sirius to be dead when in actuality, he has been locked away by Voldemort all these years. And then Sirius returns. These are all great stories that follow what happens after Sirius comes back and you also get to see the differences in Harry's life as well as everyone else's. Promises Defended is a WIP, the other two are complete.

Growing Pains by SensiblyTainted
Slash and AU. In this, Harry is "desecrated" and as a result, is becoming more and more withdrawn. Draco is a part of the solution but when he and Snape are asked to help something goes wrong, turning both boys into one year olds. They age a year every week or so, creating new memories for each age even as their old ones return. It's a very interesting read. There's also some Snape/Remus in later chapters. Deals with rape, so expect some H/C. WIP.

Tempus Fugit by Stylophile (also known as Poison Pen)
Slash. AU after OotP since this was written before HBP came out. In this, Draco and Harry have been partnered up to make a potion that will allow them to see through the eyes of their future selves for about thirty minutes. Only something goes wrong with the potion and instead, they wake up in the bodies of their twenty-five year old selves. And not only do they discover that they are living together but that they're lovers as well. They have to work together (and with future Hermione) to figure out how to try to get back to their own time without revealing to everyone else who they really are. Which means of course, that they have to pretend to be lovers. Complete.

To The Moon, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 by Constant Vigilance
Slash and AU. Draco gets turned into the cutest damned five year old ever after a package is delivered to him in the mail. When he runs off crying (and hey, whole school staring at you and you don't know where you are? Good enough reason for me), it's Harry that goes to comfort him and from there, he is the one who takes care of him. Harry has gotten tired of the rivalry between him and Draco and is now determined to not only try again but to protect little Draco as well. Deals with different types of abuse. Complete.

Malfoy Child by Vorabiza
Slash and AU. Another story where Draco becomes a child after an accident in potions and Harry takes care of him. He also has to deal with the fact that Snape is questioning him, Lucius is looking for his son, and Voldemort is planning an attack as well. Harry had already been determined to try and befriend Draco before the accident and had started thinking of him differently. Along the way, he also manages to befriend the Slytherins. Deals with child abuse. Complete.

Summertime Kids by Vorabiza
Slash. The sequel to Malfoy Child. Harry and Draco go with Remus and Tonks on a camping trip. Just think...Hermione, Ron, Blaise, Pansy, the twins (and if I remember correctly, Crabbe and Goyle) all on a camping trip together. Imagine the possibilities! Complete.

Veronica Mars

Equilateral by queen_haq
What do you mean you don't want Logan and Meg to get together? Why not? I think this may be the only story where I firmly decided that I didn't care if Logan and Veronica get back together because I love what he has with Meg. So I guess I'll be happy either way. Really, the story will convert you. Oh, I'm supposed to be summarizing, aren't I? Well, okay, it goes AU during the beginning of season 2. Obviously, Meg survived the bus crash and she's becoming stronger as time goes, and less and less like the Meg from season 1. I'm not giving details on how they get together but let's just say that Logan and Meg really don't like each other at first and it's some wonderful snark. Then there's Duncan *shudder* and bitchy!Veronica, getting jealous and/or angry because of Logan and Meg's relationship. There's also a believable progression in their relationship as they slowly start becoming friends (sort of) before they start going past that. Some of the best characterization I've ever seen is in this story, so you should really go read it. I don't think this summary actually did it justice, despite how long it is, but still. Go. Read. WIP.

This Alien Shore by mutinousmuse
Definite AU. (Hmm...unless there really is something we don't know about Duncan...) And without giving the plot away, I'll just say that the summary mutinousmuse came up with is good enough. People aren't always what they seem. And I'll also tell you to go and check out the snark between Logan and Veronica. You've got to love it. WIP.

In the Still of the Night by txtequilanights
This is such a creepy one. But it's definitely a glimpse into Trina's head. It's Trina/Aaron and really, I think gives a bit of insight into her Daddy worship. Complete.

Ghost in the Halls and Rebuilding a Life by jaggedreality
I love these two stories. It goes AU after season 1 and starts up during senior year where Logan is avoiding Veronica and Veronica is trying to get him to talk to her. Ghost in the Halls is told from Veronica's POV while Rebuilding a Life is told from Logan's. It's really great since you get to see both sides of the story (literally). There's some great scenes in this one, folks. WIP.

Any Dick!fic by txtequilanights
Yup, click here and you'll be lead to different fics revolving around Dick. And you get to see all the different sides of Dick too. Really, I don't know how to describe these except to tell you to go and read them. These are other fics that have great characterization because somehow, the situation always works.

Any Lamb!fic by sadiekate
Again, you'll find all kinds of stories revolving around Lamb here. There's Lamb/Veronica friendship that's believable, there's moments where it's more than friendship and then there's just general fic about Lamb where you get a glimpse into his past. Definitely go check these out.

Kiss Me Deadly by mutinousmuse
There is no other way to describe this except as disturbingly dark and twisted. And I readily admit that I loved it. It's an AU on...well, to say that would give stuff away. But yeah, it's definitely dark. You should so check it out. ^_^ Complete.

In Dreams by txtequilanights
Who doesn't like reading a creepy Duncan? This one is Lilly/Duncan and it's just so creepy to read how he's comparing Lilly and Veronica. That's all I'm saying. Complete.

48 Frames from a Movie on the Cutting Room Floor by lex_83
Five events that Veronica realizes Lilly will never see. These are really good, especially since some of them are events that you wouldn't think of. Complete.

Vent by kantayra
Oh, I love this one. It's her response to lex_83's Ask Questions Later Challenge. This is her take on the season 2 finale and what could happen. She hasn't been spoiled so this is all based off her theories for what could happen and I really suggest reading this one. Especially since it deals with issues from season 1 that I've been dying to see them deal with on the show. Complete.


Five People That Veronica Never Met (But Should Have) by ladydisdain225
Five short pieces that crossover with five different shows. All of it's in character too. You should definitely go check it out and see who it is that Veronica meets up with. Complete.

This is the Beginning of the End of Your Life by txtequilanights
A VM/Dead Like Me crossover. In this one, Lilly didn't exactly stay dead. Yeah, you guessed it. She becomes a Reaper. The Lilly voice in this one is spot on. Definitely check it out. WIP.

Order of Things by EchoIvy
A Buffy/HP crossover. In this one, Buffy is being asked to help out with the fight against Voldemort and the Scoobies aren't exactly happy about it. Some Kennedy bashing. Also, it's a Buffy/Remus. WIP.

Let The Truth Be Told by beautiful_heart_ix
Buffy/HP crossover. It takes place directly after season 5 and obviously goes AU from there. In this one, when Buffy jumps into the portal, it mixes with another one and she ends up with Sirius...behind the veil. From there, they work together to try and get out. Pairings aren't determined yet, although there's been a bit of Buffy/Draco already. There's also been a murder already as well. WIP.

Okay, that's it for now. I've still got plenty other stories for all three fandoms and with each of the pairings (Spuffy, Spander, etc.) Until then, hope you guys enjoy all of these!
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Musey: XXX - Veronicamutinousmuse on March 13th, 2006 06:14 am (UTC)
Aw, thanks for the recs! There are a few here I haven't read, and will definitely be checking out soon. :)
Nicole: Slutty Spice: the missing Spice Girl.blue_icy_rose on March 14th, 2006 12:46 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! ^_^ And hope you enjoy the new stories!
Nebula: buffy child 'peace'authoressnebula on March 13th, 2006 06:50 am (UTC)
Awwwwwww! You rec'd me 3 times! *blushes* Thank you sweetie. I'm just gonna stick with an 'awww' at the moment. And a happy dance. But I can do both at the same time.

*hugs and snogs*

Nicole: Pounce!blue_icy_rose on March 14th, 2006 12:48 pm (UTC)
Hee! You're welcome! You really do write some wonderful stories (and the first time I read Cartoon Heroes I went "Agh! Others must read!" LOL).

*hugs and snogs you back*
Queen_HAQ: Constantinequeen_haq on March 13th, 2006 08:45 am (UTC)
Aw, thank you for the rec!!! :) And you rec'd Equilateral which is like my favourite thing to write EVER.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

*does a happy dance*
Nicole: Heads = exploded if V ever did this.blue_icy_rose on March 14th, 2006 12:49 pm (UTC)
You're welcome!

Well, I had to rec it. It's just so fun to read and it's become one of my favorite stories. ^_^
Goes "Ding" When There's Stuff: Angel cute puppet by cheesygirlsuki_blue on March 13th, 2006 11:23 am (UTC)
Yay, I made the lists! Thanks, luv!
Nicole: Hee! Oz icon with blue_icy_rose on March 14th, 2006 12:51 pm (UTC)
Oh definitely! You write some of the best Spander out there and it had to be made known to others. ~_^ And you're welcome!