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08 March 2006 @ 08:05 pm
Father of the Brat, 3/?  
Title: Father of the Brat
Author: Nicole
Chapter: 3/?
Pairings: S/B, W/O, X/A, and mentions of Dawn/Connor
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None that I can think of, unless you count the rating.
Summary: Journalist William 'Spike' Giles is a bachelor who comes and goes as he pleases. The last thing he expects is to find social worker Buffy Summers on his doorstep. Now he's got to deal with the fact that he's a father and that he and Buffy know each other from years before. Only this time around he's attracted to her and he's got a daughter who can help...
Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine, they belong to Joss Whedon. Also, the general idea of this story were inspired by a book with the same title (the title fit so well, I just had to keep it!).

Previous chapters can be found here.

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“Oh, dear Lord.” Rupert Giles said as he began cleaning his glasses. Spike smirked. It was such a typical reaction of his father’s; clean your glasses when something shocks or bothers you. He was much more proper than Spike had ever been. Or probably ever would be. Giles, as the librarian had been known since Spike was in high school, put his glasses back on. “You…you have a daughter?”

“That’s right, Pops. You’re a grandpa.” Spike told him. He grinned at the scowl that crossed Giles’ face.

“I told you not to call me that.”

“What? Pops? Right then, I’ll stop calling you that, Grandpa.”

Giles let out an exasperated sigh. “Honestly, Will, must you always be so damn…”

“Witty? Charming? Sexy? Yes, to all of the above, mate.” Spike interrupted.

Oh, dear Lord. The poor girl was doomed. Giles looked at Spike and decided that this might be the time to bring up a somewhat touchy subject.

“Will…now that you’re going to be a father, it might be time to stop bleaching your hair.”

A look of horror crossed Spike’s face and he shot up out of his seat. “Are you mad? There’s no bloody way I’m changing my hair! It’s fine the way it is! Next thing I know, you’ll be wanting me to get rid of my duster.”

“Well, actually…”

“No. No, no, no.” Spike exclaimed, waving his hands in front of him as if that would stop the thought from forming. “Absolutely not. Just because I suddenly have a daughter does not mean that I have to change the way I look. I refuse. I can be a father as myself just as easily as I could if I dressed like a nancy boy!” Spike spun around and left the library, muttering about old men and their daft notions.

Suddenly, Spike walked back in. Still looking extremely offended and angry, he walked back to the chair he had been sitting in.

“I forgot my duster.” he told Giles in a tone that had him expecting to see Spike pouting. Then, just as quickly, he walked back out. Giles sighed again.

“Oh, dear Lord.”


“You what?” Angel Gray asked, staring in disbelief at the blonde man sitting across from him.

“I’ve got a daughter,” Spike repeated slowly as if he were speaking to a two-year old.

“You’ve got a daughter,” Angel repeated.

“Is there an echo in here?” Spike looked around the room as if searching for something before raising an eyebrow in Angel’s direction. Angel just looked back at him, causing Spike to roll his eyes.

“Spike, I’m assuming that the reason you’re telling me this is because it’s going to affect your job.”

“Well, bloody hell, Peaches, of course it’s going to affect my job. I’m going to have a teenage daughter, I can’t just go somewhere at the drop of a hat anymore. That’s why I came to talk to you. I’d like to stay at the magazine, but I won’t be able to continue traveling. So, I was wondering if you could just…reassign me,” Spike told him. Angel considered it before nodding.

“Yeah, I could arrange that. Jonathan wants to travel more, so this would be the perfect opportunity for him. Okay, you can do local stories and the farthest that you’ll be traveling is Los Angeles, most likely. How does that sound?” Angel asked. Spike smiled and nodded.

“Sounds just fine, Peaches, just fine.”

“Oh, and Spike?”


“Don’t call me Peaches.”


Spike looked around the Espresso Pump while he waited for his best friend, Xander Harris, to arrive. In Spike’s opinion, they had a weird friendship, but it was a friendship that had helped both of them a lot over the years.

They had met freshman year of high school and immediately made it their mission to make the other’s life miserable. Then, in sophomore year, Spike had begun dating Harmony Kendall who went around calling him her “Blondie Bear.” Xander, knowing that Spike hated the nickname, made the mistake of calling him by it on one of Spike’s bad days. Spike punched him in the face for it and the two had come out of the fight bruised, bloodied, and friends for life. They even worked at the same magazine, though Xander was involved in graphics.

And, of course, Xander still called Spike “Blondie Bear” just to annoy him. It worked every time.

As if on cue, a hand slapped Spike on the shoulder. “Hey Blondie Bear! How ya doing, you ugly jackass?” Xander asked as he slid into his seat, grinning. Spike scowled.

“Don’t call me that,” he growled.

“What’s the matter? The truth hurt?” Xander’s grin got wider as he deliberately misunderstood Spike’s order. Xander looked like Spike’s exact opposite. He had black hair and brown eyes. He was tall and lean with an air that could give away his mischievous sense of humor even before he let the sarcastic remarks fly.

Spike sent him a mock glare before shaking his head. “All right Xander, you said you had some news. Let’s hear it.” At that, Xander’s smile seemed to change a little.

“You don’t want to share yours first?” he asked. Spike shook his head.

“You go first. I bet you I can top your news with mine.” Xander raised both his eyebrows at the challenge before the happy smile returned.

“Okay, Bleach Boy. I’m in love,” Xander announced.

“Is this going to be like the bug lady?”

“I’m serious, Spike.”

“So was I,” Spike paused before holding up a hand. “Well, then you’re in love. The lady have a name or no?”

“Her name’s Anya Jenkins and I’ve been dating her for the past month and a half.”

“And you didn’t tell me?” Spike burst out. Then, as if realizing how truly girly that sounded he added, “And are we talking about the Anya Jenkins from Financing? The one who thinks all men are evil?” Anya Jenkins was known at the magazine for practically hating men ever since she had gotten out of a serious relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Scott Hope. As a matter of fact, some people muttered about her being some type of vengeance demon after she had, well, gotten her revenge on him for cheating on her.

Xander smile slowly reappeared. “Let’s just say that I’m definitely changing her mind about that.”

“Bloody hell, you’re sleeping with her!”

“Say it a little louder why don’t you? I don’t think the people outside heard you,” Xander hissed, his face turning slightly red. Sometimes being with Spike in public was an experience that just couldn’t be described. In a bad, red face type of way.

“Sorry, just...I can’t believe someone would actually sleep with you,” Spike teased.

“Oh shut up, Captain Peroxide. What’s your news?” Xander asked as he took a drink of water.

“I just found out I have a daughter,” Spike announced very calmly. Xander, on the other hand, started choking. Spike reached over and slapped him on the back a couple of times. "You okay, mate?” Xander nodded.

“A daughter? When? How?” At Xander’s last question Spike smiled.

“To answer your questions…yes, about fifteen years ago, and if I have to tell you how then obviously you aren’t doing as well as you thought with Anya.” Xander glared at him.

“So…mind explaining why you never knew before now?” he asked Spike. Spike explained the entire story to him about Dru and how she had died and how he had only found out because of some social worker. After he was done, he grinned.

“And you’ll never guess who the social worker was.”

“Probably not, so just tell me.”

“Buffy Summers. Want me to say hello for you when I meet her at the airport?”

“Buffy? As in the Buffy that you spent you’re entire high school career annoying and teasing and just basically torturing?”

“Yes, that Buffy. Bloody hell Harris, do you really need to use that many words to get to the point?”

“Well…yeah. So, you’re meeting Buffy Summers at the airport the day after tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I am.” Something in Spike’s tone of voice alerted Xander. He knew that tone of voice. He’d heard it many times since high school. It was the tone of voice Spike used when he was interested in a woman…in a more than friendly way.

“Spike what are you going to do?”

“Nothing! Just because the chit went and grew up since the last time I saw her doesn’t mean I’m going to do anything,” Spike insisted quickly. Too quickly.

This time it was Xander who grinned. “Oh, I see.”

“See what?”

“Nothing, Mr. I’ve-suddenly-discovered-that-Buffy’s-gorgeous-and-now-I-want-her-in-my-bed.”

“I do not,” Spike said. At Xander’s skeptical look, he shook his head. “I don’t!”



Willow Rosenberg winced as Buffy's head hit the table. She glanced at her fiancé, Daniel 'Oz' Osbourne. He merely shrugged at the petite redhead.

"Buffy…hitting your head like that can't be good for you," Willow said. Buffy lifted her head and stared at Willow for a couple of seconds before letting her head fall back on the table.

"Why did it have to be Spike? Spike! The guy whose idea of fun was pulling my hair and…and…he didn't even recognize me!" Once more, Willow glanced over at Oz.

"And…that's a bad thing?" she asked, a hint of confusion in her voice.

"Could be," Oz observed calmly. At that, she smiled. Oz had once been described as being able to "express himself in short, non-committal sentences" and she had to agree.

"Yes! I mean, no! It's a good thing. Very good," Buffy exclaimed, lifting her head. Willow nodded slowly. She and Buffy had been best friends since elementary school and yet, sometimes she found herself confused by Buffy's logic.

"Right. Okay."

"No, really. I'm glad he didn't recognize me. Such a stupid, annoying, sexy, charming…annoying idiot British man!" Buffy protested.

"You said annoying twice," Oz told her helpfully.

"Well…well, he is." Willow grinned.

"Hmm…methinks the lady doth protest too much." It all made sense now. "You want to jump his bones."


"What? It's not like anyone would disagree with you. He was always gorgeous and, as you've already pointed out, sexy. Right, Oz?"

"I may be secure in my manhood, but I am still going to refuse to answer that question."

Willow's eyes widened slightly. "Oh! Right, okay, I can understand that."

"Can we please change the subject?" Buffy asked.

"Sure... so does he still have the leather duster?"


"Oh, fine. I'm going to be teaching the students a new kind of software. There, subject changed." Willow was the technology teacher at UC Sunnydale; it was something that she had discovered she wanted to do in high school, when she had become the temporary computer teacher before Jenny Calendar was hired. As Willow started to talk about the new software, Buffy couldn't help but let her mind wander to the next day when she would be meeting Spike at the airport and wonder what might happen.
Basiliobasilio_the_cat on March 12th, 2006 02:04 am (UTC)
great chapter