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24 August 2016 @ 02:43 pm
ColdAtom fic rec  
It's no secret that my OTP for Legends is Captain Canary but I enjoy the hell out of shipping Sara and Leonard with certain others as well. Mainly Mick and Ray. This was actually recommended at the LoT community here on LJ and now I'm passing it along because it is absolutely hilarious.

It's an actors AU and so far there's two parts to the series. The first is done purely through the format of Twitter and shows what happens when Leonard finally gets his own Twitter. (Magic happens, okay? Magic.) The second shows the start of ColdAtom. There's also friendships with Sara and Jax in here, implied Sara/Lisa, and Rip as the frazzled director with Gideon as his even more frazzled assistant. Loved it.

So go check out the series, Hashtag Behind the Scenes! I guarantee you'll smile.
Feeling: amusedamused