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28 June 2016 @ 03:05 pm
I'm pretty sure that it was back in May that I was going to post my theories on what was going to happen next season on The Flash. But life happened and then I completely forgot. So, by now, I'm sure everyone knows what happened in the finale and has their own theories but I'm still going to post about it.

To start, Barry screwed everything to hell and back. Because, well, Barry.

(Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Barry. But there are times he frustrates me so much that I want to bury my face in a pillow and scream. This icon? Using it because I'm 99% sure that this was what we didn't see Barry do before he decided to go for a jaunt through time.)

Okay, so if you've read the comics, you know that Barry going back and saving his mom is a storyline taken straight from the comics. *points at title of post* And there's the title of that particular storyline - as well as the animated movie that was done for the same storyline.

For one, I'm sure this is how we're getting Wentworth Miller for so many episodes on The Flash since it was reported that between this and LoT, Wentworth would be in enough episodes to total an entire season. And Captain Cold is a big part of the Flashpoint arc, though I think they'll probably twist it a bit since I highly doubt we're suddenly going to get Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, etc. on the show.

In Flashpoint, Barry wakes up after saving his mom only to find he has no powers anymore (why this is such a surprise to Barry, I'll never know - you literally destroyed the timeline, dude, of course you don't have powers anymore). But the part that I always find particularly hilarious is that he finds that the hero of Central City is one Captain Cold who, in this new timeline, goes by Citizen Cold. He's been given the key to the city multiple times and even has a museum dedicated to him the way Barry will in the future. Of course, he's not Mr. Nice Guy, he's a pretty violent hero, if I remember right, and he'll do anything to keep people from finding out that he started out as a criminal. (Basically, he's in it for the money and the women in the comics.) In the comics, Citizen Cold ends up dying after Wally figures out who he is and Cold kills him. When he goes to meet Iris for a date, she has found out what he did and uses his own cold gun on him.

I doubt they'll go that route with the show but you never know. But I'm doubting it because Barry's going to need some help restoring the timeline and with the show, he's only going to have a few options. Now in the animated film, it's Batman. I'm pretty sure it's Batman in the comics as well. (Along with Reverse Flash at some point because he decides to taunt Barry with "Ha, look what you did!" and gets screwed.) We don't have Batman. We might not have Oliver since we don't know if he'll be the Green Arrow in this new timeline. It could be like Earth-2 where he's the one that died and his dad is the Green Arrow. Who knows?

So I think they'll be having Leonard Snart play a part in restoring the timeline, though I have a feeling he'll probably be reluctant to be all that helpful. Especially if Barry does what he does in both the comics and film and recreates the events that gave him his powers. Of course, they've already done that once so I'm pretty iffy on what they'll do there. Either way, Leonard's going to be one of the only ones that Barry knows and he'll have influence in this new world. Better the devil you know, I suppose.

The other major part is the war that Wonder Woman and Aquaman are raging against each other in this new timeline. Again, TV show budget, I doubt we'll get to see his war. But Cisco kept seeing the world splitting in two and falling apart. Everyone assumed he was seeing Earth-2 falling because of Zoom. I think he was getting a vision about what Barry was going to do. After all, look how he kept getting that vision of a black canary dying. Not that anyone realized what that meant until Black Siren threw Laurel's death in Barry's face. So I think that vision of buildings crumbling was Cisco seeing that Barry was going to be destroying the timeline. Either that or we'll be seeing Central City falling because of the war that's happening all over and maybe just get glimpses of what's going on and how it's hitting Central City.

Also, with Barry screwing the timeline, I'm assuming this means Laurel is alive and well again so I wonder if we'll see her again. I just don't know how they can have the timeline completely changed on one show that's connected to all the others and write separate storylines for the others. (Though, honestly, I wouldn't be surprised with Marc Guggenheim. JFC. He's already mentioned that there'll be a statue of Laurel in season 5. Just...don't get me started on his idiocy.) I hope we see at least something on the other shows though. I'd love to see how the other characters and their timelines might be changed by Barry's actions.

Just a little bit of what I'm thinking when it comes to next season and, honestly, the only solid thing I know is that Grant's confirmed the title of the season 3's first episode is Flashpoint. And Brandon Routh has said there's a hell of a lot of time travel in the first episode of LoT's season 2 so we'll be seeing a lot of different time periods.

I suppose I'll find out in October!
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it only burns when I breathe: agent carter: peggy - red lipstick by a-spikedluv on June 29th, 2016 11:27 am (UTC)
To start, Barry screwed everything to hell and back. Because, well, Barry.


The Flashpoint storyline sounds like it could be very interesting. But then there's this:

I just don't know how they can have the timeline completely changed on one show that's connected to all the others and write separate storylines for the others.

When I first heard about it, I did a tiny bit of googling (enough to get thoroughly confused, lol), and now that they've got four shows going in the same universe, doing a timeline switcheroo like this sounds daunting and I see many dropped balls in the future. Heh, no pun intended.
Nicole: Harley Quinn - Mad Loveblue_icy_rose on July 5th, 2016 02:59 pm (UTC)
I swear, he can be so frustrating. I clearly remember ranting about him after he compared the way he and Oliver handled things back in Arrow's season....3. Yeah, it was definitely season 3 since it was after Sara's death. It was one of the crossovers where Barry showed up in Starling City and he was all horrified shock over how Oliver questioned somebody and he told Oliver that he didn't use his mother's death as an excuse to hurt people. My friend started laughing when I just went off about how dare he stand there and judge Oliver for how he handles things, they were two totally different experiences and not everyone handles things the way Barry Allen wants them to. (I may not always agree with Oliver but that scene just rubbed me the wrong way.)

I did the same thing during that scene with Barry, Iris, and Leonard on The Flash when Iris tells Leonard that everyone in that room had a bad childhood so he should get over his and I literally burst out with "Are you kidding me?" I mean, his childhood isn't an excuse for killing people or anything, that's not what I was saying but it set me off that she'd tell him that without knowing what his childhood was actually like. I'm sure based off of what they know about Lewis Snart they can assume things but, as far as I know, none of them actually know what his childhood was like ticked me off. (Which, once again, had my friend laughing at me. Especially since I know the circumstances are different - no way would Iris call Leonard a friend - but it still made me mad, darn it.)

They've confirmed that Arrow, at the very least, will be feeling the effects of Barry's stunt - I'm wondering now if that means that we'll see Laurel return or if it'll be seen in other ways and she'll still be dead and that's where that....statue (I can't even think of a word to describe it, I've seen the art for it and I'm just like what) of her will come in. No idea if it'll do anything to the Legends crew but I've also heard that one of the people they're meeting in season 2 is Albert Einstein and that he's apparently nothing like what they were expecting - especially Ray or Stein. From what I understand, Einstein's going to be a bit of a snarky skirt chaser. I think this is how they'll bring Supergirl in though - last time, Barry had to use some device to get to their universe if I remember right. I have a feeling Barry just tore down some kind of wall and they'll all be in the same universe from now on. Or something like that. Otherwise, they're just on the same channel but now interacting with the other shows and there's supposed to be a few crossovers done.