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04 February 2014 @ 11:39 pm
Yes, I live!  
I know, I haven't posted in forever and a day - I've mostly been going straight to challenges at the land comm I'm part of and the like because it's been a fantastic way to not think of real life when I'm stressed. So, I'm just throwing it out there for anyone that does still post on LJ and all, I'm so sorry if I've missed out on any important posts you've made and even if I'm not posting regularly, feel free to message me if you need to talk. :)

As for the point of this post, it was mostly just to share a story that I've already talked about on Twitter and on Tumblr, so if you follow me on either of those, you can feel free to ignore this if you want to.

Today at work, we were talking about times where we nearly got suspended at school and the memory of mine made me want to go hug my mom and tell her she’s awesome. It was one of the only times I wore a skirt to school and one of the guys thought that was an invite to lift my skirt in front of everyone. I responded by kicking him in the balls.

This whole thing leads to the principal’s office and my mom getting called in. She knew I wasn’t the type to just randomly walk up to a guy and kick him so she asked the principal why I’d done it. The principal told her and then followed that up with, “She should really learn to control her anger and she should also start wearing shorts under her skirts.”

My mom’s reply? “Actually, he should learn that it’s not okay to lift a girl’s skirt just because he feels like it. And if you try suspending her for defending herself, I’m going to make your life extremely difficult when I take this higher up.”

Needless to say, I wasn’t suspended. I don’t actually remember what happened to the guy so I can’t say what happened other than the fact that he ended up apologizing to me. But that’s why I need to go hug my mom and tell her she’s awesome.

The memory made me smile so I wanted to share. *grins*
Feeling: nostalgicnostalgic
Soundtrack: Shut That Door (And Keep That Devil Out) - Kris Allen
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Nicoleblue_icy_rose on April 14th, 2014 03:33 am (UTC)
I swear I thought I replied to this but it doesn't seem to have ever gone through! Oy. Anyway, I'm glad this made you smile. :)