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14 January 2006 @ 05:12 pm
Someone please tell me that that scratch remover stuff from Hastings works. Because first chance I get, I'm buying some if it works. And I'm never letting my roommates borrow Veronica Mars again. Why? Two discs are scratched from the looks of it. Which ones? Discs 1 & 3.

That's right. The discs with Veronica and Logan (AEFC better not skip!) on them.

It's a good thing the roommate I suspect is responsible for it isn't here. Because when I found out there was a lot of swearing.

Thank God I have a little bit of money. My grandma slipped me ten and before they left, my mom's boyfriend gave me twenty. Plenty to get something to remove scratches, right?

I'm just hoping it works. So! If anyone knows whether or not it does, can you let me know? It's much appreciated, thanks!

On top of all that? My latest chapter for Wrong-the one I had over a page of-is gone. Yeah. Just poof.

What is with the world and killing my VM stuff? Grr...