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21 July 2013 @ 12:31 pm
Sneak peek of my latest Buffy crossover aka I used this challenge as an excuse to finally start this  
I've been wanting a Buffy/Teen Wolf crossover for awhile and decided to use challenge 16 - Fandoms Collide over at beacon_hills as the excuse I needed to start it!

It's not done yet but I reached a good stopping point and it's definitely over the word count for the challenge. So I'm posting what I've got here and once it's done, I'll put the completed fic up at my fic journal (or the locker room....or both).

To anyone that didn’t know them, it would look strange but Buffy had always been Stiles’s favorite cousin. When her parents would bring her and Dawn to visit, it had been fun to watch Buffy act like herself and not just the popular cheerleader she was. (Later, Stiles would realize that visiting Buffy in Los Angeles is what made it so easy to see through Lydia’s act in high school. Buffy wasn’t a clueless cheerleader but she played the part well.)

There’d been a change in Buffy while she still lived in Los Angeles and Stiles still wasn’t sure what had caused it, even years later. It wasn’t long after Aunt Joyce and Uncle Hank had divorced, with Aunt Joyce taking Buffy and Dawn to Sunnydale, that his dad had stopped talking to Uncle Hank, unhappy with the way his stepbrother was so easily able to ignore his kids.

His dad had kept in touch with Aunt Joyce though and that was good enough for Stiles. It was easy to keep up with Buffy through letters since Buffy didn’t have her own computer and left the one they did have for Aunt Joyce to use for work unless she had to type a paper up. Plus, it was nice to get mail that was just for him. (Dawn, on the other hand, had no problem using Aunt Joyce’s computer to shoot him an email every now and then to say hi.)

Looking back, he was sure that Buffy had gotten involved in the supernatural somehow. He distinctly remembered the conversation that his dad had had with Aunt Joyce about Buffy briefly getting put in a mental institution when she claimed that she’d set fire to the gym to get rid of the vampires in it. After only a couple of weeks, Buffy had changed her story and things had started to get back to normal.

His mom had died that year and when Stiles hadn’t wanted to talk about it, it was Scott that had sat silently with him, never mentioning the tears shed. Instead, he’d just shift to sit closer to him whenever they switched out the movie they were watching, offering his silent support. Aunt Joyce had brought Buffy and Dawn for the funeral and it was one of the few times that Stiles could remember his cousins not picking at each other.

Buffy pulled him in to a tight hug, holding him steady when his breath hitched and he gasped in an effort not to start crying again.

“Do you want to talk about it?” she asked quietly. He shook his head, arms wrapping around her waist. Stiles lifted his head just enough to see Buffy nod at Dawn and then he was being hugged from behind.

“Do you want to play a game?” Dawn offered. She figured a distraction couldn’t hurt.

Stiles shook his head again, pressing his face against Buffy’s side again. Buffy rubbed a hand up and down his back softly.

“Okay,” was all she said before she settled back down and held him.

When they’d gone back to Sunnydale, Buffy had been the first one to make him smile with stories of things she and her friends, Xander and Willow, were getting in to.

The next year when Aunt Joyce had kicked Buffy out, Buffy had come to Beacon Hills, switching from her original plan of going to Los Angeles.

“Buffy,” his dad had sighed. “I won’t tell your mother that you’re here but I need you to tell me what this is about.” His tone of voice told Stiles that he wasn’t happy about making the promise but that he’d rather have Buffy there where he knew she was safe instead of out on the streets somewhere and if that meant keeping her presence there a secret, he would do it.

The story had had Stiles’s jaw dropping as she’d told how her ex-boyfriend had started to stalk her and she’d mostly hidden it from her mom. How he’d escalated and threatened to hurt someone if she didn’t meet him to talk and so Buffy had gone. How she’d realized he had used that as an excuse to separate her from her friends while some of his friends attacked them. She’d run back only to find Xander and Willow unconscious, another friend missing, and her friend, Kendra, dead. The principal had shown up only moments later with the police and told the police that if there was anyone responsible for it all, it was Buffy. The police had pulled their guns and Buffy had run.

When Aunt Joyce confronted Buffy about it, they’d fought and Buffy had decided to leave to try and find her ex, both to stop other people from getting hurt. Aunt Joyce had told her not to bother coming back if she left and Buffy had gone anyway. She didn’t go in to detail about what had happened with her ex, only said that he was gone.

“I’m sorry, Uncle James,” she said. It was that that had told both the Stilinskis just how bad this was. Never did Buffy use James. It was always Uncle Jim or Uncle Jimmy (or, on one memorable occasion, Uncle Jim Bob – Stiles still didn’t know what had brought that one on) but never was it Uncle James. The only other time she’d used it had been after the divorce and after Stiles’s mom had died.

“It’s okay, kid,” he told her, pulling her in for a hug. “You’re going to be okay.”

Things like this were the reason, Stiles knew, that Buffy always said he’d hit the dad jackpot.

Buffy’s last letter to him sat in his pocket as he ran outside to the Jeep. He cursed himself for not opening it when he’d gotten it the way he usually did. But that final face off with the alpha pack had been approaching and there’d been all the trouble with the dark druid and he’d decided to hold off on reading it so that he could focus on making sure that he and the people he had come to think of as his pack made it out of this alive. They’d only gotten Erica and Boyd back during the lunar eclipse, Isaac was still recovering from when Kali had taken advantage of his fear of small spaces and locked him up in the freezer of an abandoned restaurant, and even Peter was worried and the man rarely worried.

So he’d waited, deciding that his little slice of normal could hold and now he hated that he’d done that. Buffy’s letter had talked about how things had gotten bad around town, how she had taken in a bunch of teenage girls that no longer had their families, how there was a feeling of danger spreading over the town and there was talk of evacuating. She talked about how she was staying in town for as long as she could to make sure that everyone got out safely because while they didn’t know what was going to happen, there was a feeling that something would.

And something had. The pack had won both their battles, coming out stronger for it, and they’d been bonding. It had been when Stiles was getting ready to head to Derek’s loft to meet up with the pack that he’d happened to glance at the TV he’d left on. The book he’d been holding had fallen out of his hand when he’d seen the breaking news that the town of Sunnydale was nothing more than a large crater. He’d snatched up Buffy’s last letter and ripped it open, reading it as fast as he could before he’d also checked his email only to find that there was nothing there from Dawn or Buffy to let him know they were okay.

Now he drove as fast as he dared to Derek’s, only stopping once he was in the parking lot. He yanked the keys out and ran up the stairs, frantically hitting speed dial 3 as he did.

The phone on the other end rang for a few moments and then Buffy’s voicemail message came on.

Hey, you’ve reached Buffy. Leave a message and I’ll call you back.

Stiles swore and hung up the phone, continuing to run up the steps. The door to Derek’s loft was already open and Derek was there, looking worried.

“Stiles, what—“

“Not now,” Stiles interrupted. He shot past Derek and headed straight for the TV that Cora had finally convinced Derek to buy, flipping it on to the channel he’d been watching at home. He ignored the looks he was getting from the rest of the pack, ignored the way that Scott had stepped forward, worry clear on his face, and dialed Buffy’s number again as he stared at the screen, watching as the reporter stated that they’d gotten word that there had definitely still been some people who hadn’t made it out of the town though there was no word on who they were just yet.

Hands shaking, Stiles hung up when he got Buffy’s voicemail and hit redial. He repeated the process twice before he remembered that Dawn had a cell phone now and he frantically scrolled down to her name and hit call, silently hoping that she’d answer. After a few minutes of the phone ringing, Dawn’s voicemail came on.

Hey, this is Dawn. I’m not answering the phone because either I don’t feel like talking to you or it’s a Tuesday. Leave me a message and I’ll call you back on Wednesday!

Swearing again, Stiles hung up and tried Buffy again, already knowing that he wouldn’t get an answer.
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Charlottedharkapparition on July 21st, 2013 08:35 pm (UTC)
LOVE this! Can't wait for the rest!
avamclean: Stock Animal: running wolfavamclean on July 22nd, 2013 12:00 am (UTC)
All sorts of nifty with this one and I kinda adore that you're allowing Stiles, who is by far my favorite character, have an established friendship with Buffy and Dawn. I think he could use them in his like as a stabilizing influence.

Wonderful job and I eagerly await the rest!