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19 May 2013 @ 05:43 pm
So, I'm working on my Kradam big bang and, yeah, that's really slow going. REALLY SLOW. OMG. It's crazy how slow this is going. But I'm working on it at least.

It's hard to focus on it when I keep wanting to write a crossover between Teen Wolf and The Avengers where Tony Stark is Stiles's biological father and the Sheriff is his stepdad. I literally wrote a good portion of this as an odd outline through various text messages with umbralillium.

There was also a brief need for Kradam/Teen Wolf crossover with mute!werewolf!Kris. I'm not sure why I keep wanting to make Kris a mute but I do. It's a big part of my big bang actually.

Also, I saw Star Trek Into Darkness last night and I won't go in to detail but I loved it. I thought it was amazing and you guys should check it out!