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28 August 2011 @ 11:22 pm
New fic comm layout! :)  
I forgot to post this yesterday but I changed the layout at my fic comm. So, no more Supernatural layout, folks! I figure, I write more in other fandoms now rather than just SPN (or SPN crossovers) so I wanted a more general layout. And, okay, I just wanted to change the layout for something, lol.

Anyway, feel free to check it out at passionrulesall - heck, I even did a profile layout, lol.

And OMG, I shouldn't have read those last two Glee fics tonight. One was inspired by that lyric in Baby, It's Cold Outside - "What'd you put in my drink?" and in it, Blaine date rapes Kurt and gets away with it and spreads it around that he and Kurt finally had sex and Kurt was the one that initiated it. The other? Kurt finds out that his entire relationship with Blaine was a bet and he finds out through Facebook, while Blaine's at college, when he sees comments on an old pic of them first kissing and also sees that Blaine's listed himself as straight and has a girlfriend.

Seriously, I need to find some happy Klaine before going to bed. Or even angst but where their relationship is real and good. *runs off*
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