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23 July 2011 @ 12:09 am
Fic Recs - Glee!  

You're going to find various types of fic on this list - shippy (ha, that word just makes me giggle) and gen. And while I'm a Puckleberry shipper, you'll find other ships on here too, don't worry! I'll mention what couple(s) are in the fic so if you're really flat out against reading a pairing, you won't have to.

List will be done in the usual way - a bit from the fic and some thoughts on it and, this time, the pairings.

Anyway, hope you guys have fun checking some of these out!

Once You've Loved Somebody by misshigherpower

Pairings: Puck/Rachel, Finn/Rachel

They sit on the bleachers for the entire lunch break. When the bell rings and she goes to leave, he grabs her hand. She doesn’t turn back, just stands there letting Noah hold her wrist, feeling his warmth seep into her skin.

“We really could’ve been something.”

“I know.” She whispers before she leaves.

This was the first Glee fic I ever saved here on LJ and it's just absolutely gorgeous. I love it. My heart breaks for all three of them - Rachel, Puck, and Finn - and I love what happens with each character. It covers their lives over the span of 25 years and just...yeah, I don't even have words really for how much I love this. The ending always makes me smile because the way it's handled is just lovely.

Sue's Couples Therapy by redwings

Pairings: Finn/Rachel/Puck/Quinn, Brittany/Santana, Artie/Tina, Tina/Mike, Will/Emma, and thoughts of Kurt/Sam....I should've just typed "all" and been done with it

Dear Journal,

Every once in a while I feel the need to help the less fortunate out there. Today is another one of those days. Journal, it seems that the always repulsive glee club has gotten more bothersome. I just witnessed what seemed to be a couples retreat amongst their club in their choir room. I now know the embarrassment the Irish peasants of the 1840s felt. It was absolutely terrifying. I feel the only way to end this abomination is to sit them all down with one Sue Sylvester.

OMG, this is one of the best characterizations of Sue I've ever seen. The stuff that comes out of her mouth, lmao. I can't even. And the club's reactions to all of her remarks? Classic. I'm just going to continue laughing now.

Sweet Like Honey by smc_27

Pairing: Santana/Rachel/Puck

He'd deny it to his deathbed, but Santana knows that Puck and Rachel are kind of almost friends. Like, sometimes they do stuff at their temple together, and their families have meals and whatever. She thinks he probably knows that girl better than people realize, and surprisingly, the only girl she's not pissed at for spending time with Puck is Rachel, and the only guy she's not pissed at for getting all up on Rachel is Puck.

She pulls a piece of paper from her binder and writes something quickly, starting with a heart at the left of the page.

You. Me. Rachel. 3some. Y/Y?

He nearly falls off his chair as he reads it, and he looks like a little girl whose just been given a pony when he catches her gaze.

You'll probably see a lot of this author on here, just saying now. And holy hell, I think this fic should show you why. Total hot threesome. She writes amazing P/R and amazing Pezberry friendship so combining the three into total smut? Yeeeeah. *nods*

There is hope, there is help by eyesarmslove

Pairings: Gen mostly but with a bit of pre-slash of the Puck/Kurt variety

Waking up with the kind of headache you can only get from sobbing your heart into your pillow, Finn resolved to fix things. In addition to his mother’s belief that every little thing someone did to help someone else out made the world go round, her stance on forgiveness was unshakable: Be the person you should have been from the beginning and all will be right again. So Finn was going to be the person he should have been all along.

This takes place after Theatricality and it's just...amazing. (I feel like I should use another word for these fics but I'm sticking with this one for now.) I seriously cry when I read this one because Finn's journey is just so wonderful to see as he realizes what words can do to a person and resolves to fix it (and bring Puck along with him) by starting to work with The Trevor Project.

the road to you (was a mistake well made) by _harmlessthings

Pairing: Jesse/Rachel

It's early August when she receives the email. Her future roommate is the daughter of a well-to-do moist towelette tycoon named Michaela, aged nineteen, from New York City. They meet up for lunch at a fashionable cafe in downtown Manhattan; Michaela is quiet and tidy and is friendly with a few people on Broadway. Rachel could not have asked for a better roommate. She's over the moon.

Which is why when she waltzes into her room, luggage in hand, and is greeted with the sight of Jesse St. James unpacking his bags, she's caught pretty off-guard.

It's possible that she screams. Maybe.

Jesse and Rachel's personalities are perfect in this. And I love the little glimpses of Kurt in this as well growing to be Rachel's friend. I can't even describe this one but it leaves me with a grin whenever I read it (not to mention the laughing).

Next To You by smc_27

So she understands, even if she thinks she's going to miss him in their strange little group.

"Won't you miss it?" she asks.

"I'll miss you," he says, and she's completely shocked, and she turns to him to find him staring at her. She laughs softly and rolls her eyes. "Don't do that. I mean it."

"You don't even know me," she says quietly, because she needs to say something, and that sounds right hanging between them.

He shrugs one shoulder. "You don't really know me, either, but you showed up at my house to ask me back. Probably says a lot about you, don't you think?"

Pairing: Matt/Rachel (mentions of Finn/Santana and past Puck/Rachel and Finn/Rachel)

I love that this author is one of my favorite Puck/Rachel authors and I've yet to post one of her fics that is about them. But her Matt is what I imagine that Matt would've been like if we'd gotten to hear him talk more than like...once or however many times he actually talked. And I have to admit, I'm a sucker for this pairing. :)

Most Likely To Succeed by miggy

Pairing: Gen - Kurt & Rachel friendship with hints of Finn/Rachel at the beginning

"Wow. This just became... real." Mercedes' serious tone cut through their celebration where sore ribs had failed. Everyone stepped away from each other and looked at her in question. "Finn and Artie in the middle of the country. Tina on the West Coast." She gestured. "Us three on the East." It was like, despite it being obvious on the surface, it had never really struck her before. "We're splitting up. We're really, really splitting up."

Peculiar as it sounded to her, Rachel realized that she had never really processed it, either. They all knew they were applying to schools all across the country. But until they saw each other's letters, their only school was William McKinley.

I need more Kurt/Rachel friendship in my life, okay? And this was written back when Kurt and Rachel basically wanted to murder each other all the time so when I found it, it made me ridiculously happy because I always thought they needed to be friends. So yay! (I also think Rachel and Santana could take over the world if they became friends but whatever, Ryan Murphy hasn't given me that yet. I'm hoping.)

Sequel to this one: Most Changed Since High School (Actually there's a whole verse if you click on the tag!)

I really kind of love Kurt's explosions over a girl trying to steal his fashion designs. That's possibly my favorite section because Rachel imagines him killing her with a stiletto through the forehead and then he just bursts out with "Don't bother me!" and storms out. Hee! Plus all the drama!

Last Friday Night by sarcastic_fina

Waking up in a bathtub for the third Saturday in a month should have been a wake-up call, but all Rachel could focus on was the throbbing in her head. On the bright side, it was her own bath, not a feat she could stand by for previous predicaments. Perhaps the fact that waking up in any bathtub didn't surprise her was reason enough for her to question the current insanity of her life. But even as she thought it, her mouth curved in a smile. She wasn't sure she'd trade the craziness of late for the loneliness she'd suffered previous to it. And one of the main reasons for that was sitting on the edge of the tub holding a bottle of water and a handful of ibuprofen. Despite her immediate desperation to swallow the pain medication, her eyes narrowed on her friend. "Noah's right, you're the devil!"

A sly, signature smirk stared back at her. "You flatter me," Santana returned, waving the water bottle again.

Pairings: Puck/Rachel, also a bit of Santana/Rachel/Brittany

One of the best authors I've read. Period. And this one is such a fun fic (based off the Katy Perry song of the same name)! The friendship between Santana and Rachel cracks me up. Seriously, RM, give me Pezberry friendship! EPIC! I should probably write more here but I don't even care, I'm just going to imagine that friendship and then also laugh at the idea of Santana getting Rachel wasted.

Operation Destroy Luck by katiebeth26

Pairings: Puck/Rachel, Puck/Lauren, Santana/Rachel friendship

Santana crossed the hall and came to a stop next to Rachel’s locker and smirked when Rachel tensed in the middle of scrubbing at the picture.

“If you are here to gloat I’m not in the mood,” Rachel remarked and Santana laughed.

“Relax,” Santana told her as she picked up the spray bottle and spray some more cleaner on Rachel’s locker, “I come in piece and all that shit. Honestly I need your help and you need mine.”

Rachel continued to scrub not looking at Santana when she responded, “And what would that help be?”

“Puck,” Santana stated as she sprayed some more cleaner for Rachel, “You don’t like the fact that Puck is with Lauren anymore then I do, but what I can’t figure out is why you are not trying to break it up. You did all you could to break up Finn and Quinn back in the day.”

I love that Santana hates the idea of Puck and Lauren so much that she'll make Rachel her ally in order to break them up. Santana's thoughts in this are so fun to follow and the plan they come up with had me grinning but also cringing because of how much it would suck to go through (well, for Rachel). Some typos but it's a fun read.

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun by misshigherpower

Pairing: Puck/Rachel, Puck/Sam bromance, Santana/Rachel friendship

Over the next few weeks, Rachel complains to Santana about Noah’s relationship with Sam.

“I love Sam. I really, really do. But it’s awful. The other day I basically offered myself up on a platter while Sam was over and he kept playing video games. If I’m offering sex and Sam calls, Noah will tell him to get lost, but if he’s already over, Noah will turn down sex. Noah! Turning down sex!”

“Fuck that, Ray. You want me to send Kurt to town, see if his gaydar picks up anything?”

“They’re not having an affair, Santana. They’ve just got this ridiculous bromance going on. I feel like Sam’s the other woman.”

Oh God, Puck's so clueless. I love how this starts with the roles opposite on who wants to hang out with Sam until this all boils over. I really sort of love the idea of a Puck/Sam bromance too. Show should've given us some of that.

It's Your Song That Sets Me Free (I Sing It While I Feel I Can't Go On) by sarcastic_fina

Pairings: Puck/Rachel

For thirteen months, Rachel was proud to say, she had been the girlfriend of Noah "Puck" Puckerman. Quite possibly one of very few people in the whole of the school that liked her, and yes she included the teachers in that statement. She knew her personality was positively 'high maintenance' but she couldn't find any reason to change that. Yes, she was demanding and a perfectionist and she sometimes thought it pertinent to remind others that she was going to be a star and leave Lima very much in her rear-view mirror. Actually, she corrected herself brightly, it was more aptly Noah's rear-view mirror. In seven short weeks, they would be freshly graduated from high school and on their way to crossing the country on their pre-college road trip, planned down to the very T. He reminded her (constantly) that she could plan for everything and they'd still run into snags but Rachel was the type of person who controlled things. Except her boyfriend, who was a force all his own. Although he did often get teased by Finn and the other gleeks that he was whipped by her, though she could hardly find any evidence to back that up.

JFC, have tissues ready for this fic, okay? There's character death and then there'll be suicidal themes and this fic just absolutely fucking wrecks you. It's still a WIP and I'm going to be a mess when this gets updated, I just know it. I didn't have any tissue when I first read it and as a result went through half a roll of a double roll of toilet paper as a tissue substitute. Then I took some to bed with me because I was still wiping my eyes when I went to bed because I was dumb enough to read this before I went to sleep. Basically, this is one of the most amazingly gorgeous and heart-wrenching fics I've ever read and there's a reason that this author is one of my absolute favorites.

Feel You Flowing In Me by geniusgirl

Then Puck puts his laptop aside, stands up and moves toward the intercom. He pauses to taunt his unexpected visitor for a moment. “What the hell are doing here, Lopez? It’s two in the morning. Aren’t you supposed to be out collecting souls or some shit?”

“Noah!” His breath catches. Rachel. Shit. “Don’t be mean to my friend! Now, let us up.”

Her voice is still all prim and proper but Puck can tell that she’s very drunk. He knows her well, okay? You don’t date someone for three and a half years and not get to know them. It’s physically impossible. And even if it’s been three years since their break-up, he still knows her that well. It’s not like they had a huge circle of friends to keep them separated for long. Everyone they’re close to in the city is either someone they knew in high school (Santana, Kurt, Mike) or people they met while they were together (these are the ones who, like Puck, just can’t understand why they’re not together anymore).

I know, shock, a fic where Puck and Rachel are broken up! Not that Santana's going to stand for that shit for much longer. But still. I love the reason for the break up too - it's not overly dramatic, it all felt very...real. *nods* And features, again, Pezberry friendship! (Seriously those two as friends with Puckleberry relationship in a fic is my weakness apparently.)

Prompt: "You're settling." by smc_27

Pairings: Puck/Rachel, Puck/OC

It starts when he and Rachel both end up in New York City. Her, because it's her dream, and him, because it's better than staying in Lima, Ohio and living the dead end life that's always been expected of him. Getting on that bus to New York was like sticking up his middle finger and flipping off everyone in that goddamn town. Assholes.

Then he and Rachel start dating. Maybe it's a year later or something, but they get together. Then they live together another year after that. Then he proposes when they're 22 and she says yes and they start planning a wedding.

Then they break up.

I feel like every fic on here is one where I'll say that I loved it and that's already obvious because why the hell else would it be on this list? Yeesh. All I'm going to say is remember that I love happy endings. Most of the time. I'm not telling you if this is one of those times. Ha!

confused by what i think is obvious by nova802

Pairing: Puck/Rachel

Well, it's certainly preferable to a slushie in the face (her first day of high school had been unsatisfying on many levels) but here it is, three years later and Noah Puckerman is still trying to ruin her life. Or make some sort of obscure fashion commentary, she's not sure which.

LMAO, I love how freaking oblvious Rachel is in this. Seriously, she just has no idea. I kind of wish there was a scene where we realize that the others were all betting on what would happen. *snickers* And poor Puck, just getting more and more frustrated. Hahahaha.

Prom by blueowls

Pairings: Santana/Brittany, pre-Rachel/Quinn

She corners Rachel in the hallway before her math class, her arms on either side of Rachel's head as she places her hands against the lockers, pinning her to the spot. Rachel winces as Quinn speaks, which actually kind of hurts. She's not out to destroy Rachel anymore, but years of torture are apparently hard to forget. It's part of the reason she's doing this.

"We're going to prom," Quinn says, and by the tone of her voice, it's not a question.

I wish we'd been able to see more of the friendship between Quinn, Santana, and Brittany in the last two seasons because the moments we got were great and that's part of what's so awesome about this fic. The opening scene with them dress shopping and Quinn and Santana bitching at each other, lol. I imagine that's what they're friendship is half the time with Brittany just popping in with something random to distract them sometimes.

On Forgiveness by lettersandliars

Pairings: Gen mostly with Artie/Rachel/Finn friendship along with Kurt/Quinn friendship and a bit of Artie/Tina

The car ride is mostly his mom and Rachel talking about, like, Obama and how Rachel's dads are gay, because his mom likes to feel like she's all progressive and politically correct, or whatever, and that suits Artie just fine, because he's too busy thinking things like:

a) holy shit, he just invited Rachel Berry to his house, he is losing his damn mind,

b) holy shit, he just invited Rachel Berry to his house, what if she has a little diva-fit and starts lecturing him for not owning a piano?, and

c) wonder if she likes those little microwaveable pizzas that his mom buys, 'cause he is seriously starving.

Artie's not a favorite character of mine, I'll admit. But if I could see stuff like this on the show, I'm pretty sure he'd be up there. The way the friendship between him and Rachel develops (bonding over old movies and cartoons!) and how he calls her out on her behavior and actually makes a little bit of an effort to explain why people are annoyed with it. And there's character development for the others, woo!

I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good by eyesarmslove

Pairings: Puck/Kurt, Puck/Kurt/Finn friendship

Puck’s head was spinning and he didn’t know if it was from trying to follow that massive run-on sentence or the fact that he was in the presence of that kind of memorabilia.

“Hummel, dude, that’s the Marauder’s Map. Do you have any idea of how cool this is?”

Kurt’s face took on an affronted look, “Of course I do, Noah! Not only is Harry Potter the best series ever, the Marauders are the best part of it!”

Puck’s surprise was etched on his face, “You like the Marauders?”

“I’m not the type of person to swear, Noah, but I’ll make an exception just this once. Here it goes. Fuck yeah, I like the Marauders.”

Puck’s face split into the largest grin Kurt has ever seen on the boy (or possibly anyone ever), “Hummel, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.”

OMG, I remember the first time I read this, I grinned the whole way through. There are epic HP spoilers so if you've somehow only gotten into it or don't know what's happened yet, don't read. Anyway, I love all the HP references and the talk of all the Maruaders. *flails* And they name themselves after the characters! Fandoms COLLIDE!

Sequel: Mischief Managed

Pairings: Puck/Kurt, Puck/Kurt/Finn friendship and Kurt/Rachel friendship, mentions past Jesse/Rachel

The Marauders are back! And getting revenge. Enough said. *grins*

Boys, Band-Aids and Lessons in Becoming a Badass by bellakitse

Pairings: Rachel/Puck, Mike/Sam/Matt/Rachel friendship

Sue allowed the smirk to take over her face. She decided right there and then that if she’s going to like one of glee clubbers, she was going to like the one who reminded her most of herself. Rachel Berry was proving to be a younger version of her. “Let me ask you, Berry, not that I disapprove of your methods but Azimio is a three-hundred plus linebacker, your weight maybe a hundred ten soaking wet. How exactly did you bring him down, do you have some fighting training?”

Sue watched as the girl’s face went blank—one hell of a poker face if she ever saw one.

Rachel Berry crossed her arms as she stared at the adults, all waiting for an answer. Lifting one single finger she said...“Rule number one.”

Fight club is what brings these people together. Of course it is. And Matt's in it! While Sam is! (Seriously, I miss Matt. This is fic's fault because he like never talked on the show, lol.) Rachel managing to kick the crap out of Azimio is fabulous and how she learns of fight club, etc. is so amusing. Also, the band-aids that are specific to each boy. Hee!

Don't You Desert Me Now by smc_27

Pairings: Puck/Rachel, Puck/Rachel/Santana/Mike friendship

"I'm sorry, but it's always been about me. This whole club has been about me, in some way or another, since it started. You all either hate me and talk behind my back, or you're begging me to help you work on things and come to your rescue. And still, you've never just admitted that you need me."

"That's not even true," Finn says. It's the first thing he's said to her in weeks. The last time he spoke to her, he wanted to borrow a pencil. She puts her hand on her hip and looks at him.

Something inside her snaps. He was her one true friend, her one ally for so long, and she never really wanted to believe they weren't still somehow going to work it out. Him taking the others' side and saying that just confirms that she is completely, entirely, 100 per cent alone.

And frankly, she's pissed about it.

I'm not gonna lie. I love fics like this where Rachel basically tells the club to go fuck themselves. Because there are times that the show just frustrates me and I want to scream and ask what the hell happened to the character development. (Don't get me started.) So when I see fics where Rachel just has enough, I grin. (Or Kurt. I read one where Kurt basically told them to fuck off and left to go be with Blaine and join the Warblers. That was awesome too.)

I Have Never Felt Like This by sarcastic_fina

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my God!"

Rachel paused from painting her toes a bright shade of pink. "I think it's customary to wait for me to say hello and then to segue into a confusing conversation starter, Kurt."

"Blaine wants me to meet Puck!" he blurted.

Her expression turned even more confused. "The fairy from a Midsummer Night's Dream?"

He sighed. "Of course not, Rachel! Why would he— Never mind! No! He wants me to meet Puck, Noah Puckerman, as in his best friend!" He started hyperventilating. "A very straight, very masculine, Mohawked delinquent who Blaine's known since he was four and could very well decide the fate of my relationship with the boy of my dreams!" He gasped dramatically. "What am I going to do?"

Pairings: Puck/Rachel, Kurt/Blaine

Holy hell, it's only one chapter so far but it's awesome! Blaine and Puck have been best friends since preschool and now Blaine wants Puck to meet Kurt and Kurt? Kurt is dragging his best friend, Rachel along to that meeting. You can see how this is going to go - especially since it's AU and Blaine and Puck are in New Directions but Kurt and Rachel are in Vocal Adrenaline? OMG, I can't wait for more of this.

In Which Santana Learns True Friends Rock Way More Than Sharpies by ciaimpala

Pairings: None, it's purely gen with gleeky friendships!

“What’s going on? Rachel’s clearly not sick, she’s upset.”

Santana sinks into her chair, and into her brain passes the thought that this is the first time she has ever tried to avoid attention. But her plan backfires, and her movement catches Mr. Schu’s eye, and she cannot lie, not in this room, so she says, “She saw me draw on her picture in the yearbook.”

The light goes out of Mr. Schu’s eyes, and the breath goes out of Santana’s lungs. She can tell, without looking, who wears her expression, knows Puck and Finn, Brittney and Mike, and Matt and Quinn are retreating as far back as they can go.

“I’m still getting my morning toss in the trash,” Kurt says softly, studying his nails. “None of you are doing it, but none of you are stopping it.”

“My favorite shirt got ruined by a slushie,” Mercedes adds, arms crossing over her chest.

Santana feels the different kinds of pain in her room, like she feels her breath catch in her chest, and she cannot meet a single person’s eyes. In that moment a decision is made, without a single other word being uttered.

I love how natural the change happens in this one and how Santana is the driving force behind it. How the popular Gleeks just band together to protect the others. Seriously, Ryan Murphy, read some fic, dude. I need this stuff to happen!

Thank You by blueowls

Pairings: Kurt/Quinn friendship, Finn/Quinn, Santana/Brittany

“You were supposed to show me what you picked out,” Kurt sighs defeatedly. He’d expect something like this from Rachel, but not Quinn. “That’s the whole fun of this, Quinn.”

“I heard those two talking,” she answers, a wry smile forming. “I’d rather cut your little fashion show short before they start making out in the next stall and we have to listen to them.”

Santana snorts derisively and crosses her arms, leaning back against the couch. “I’ve got more class than that, Fabray.”

“I only need Santana in there to help me zip up the back of the dress,” Brittany adds defensively. She looks at Kurt, narrowing her eyes mischievously. “But I could always ask Kurt for help.”

I really enjoy the way that Quinn's not totally soft and Kurt doesn't give in and become her BFF just because she asked for something nicely. And Santana and Brittany in a fic are basically never a bad thing, lol. This is a great AU of what could've happened with Finn and Quinn in season 2.

My Porcelain Romance by bella8876

Pairings: Puck/Rachel, Santana/Rachel friendship

“Seriously, B. Your first Tony.” Santana smiled. “Okay, lemme see. I want to hold it and pretend like it’s mine.”

“You don’t actually get to bring it home,” Rachel laughed. “They use the same one over and over again for the awards show and then they mail yours to you after they engrave it. It should be here in three to six weeks.”

“That fucking sucks,” Santana said annoyed. So the cursing was a work in progress, big deal.

“Whatever.” Rachel shrugged it off.

“Don’t even try to pretend like you don’t care,” Puck snorted. “You should have seen the fit she pitched when they took it away from her. It was hilarious.”

All of the important moments for Puck and Rachel in this seem to happen in a bathroom and Santana is usually not far away either. (See?! Puckleberry with Santana! Yay!) The moments in this one are great too. Just follow the links at the bottom to the next part.

Okay, I'm stopping for now but I didn't get even remotely close to all the fics I wanted to put on here. (I mean, come on, most of these were written before Blaine even existed so I haven't even really touched on Kurt/Blaine!) Oh well, I guess that means you guys get another list! Especially since I think a good portion of this list was gen actually. That's surprising. But I just realized I have a ton of those saved up along with the shippy fics that I've got saved so I guess that works out.

Hope you have fun with these!
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Kelly: glee+freaksteagues_veil on July 24th, 2011 08:42 am (UTC)
Totally gonna have to check some of these out eventually! Thanks!
Nicole: Faberrittana is a way of lifeblue_icy_rose on July 24th, 2011 04:48 pm (UTC)
Anytime! I'm already looking through the rest of the fics I have saved or favorited because I know for a fact I left some off that I wanted on there. (Like the Facebook fic where they all compare themselves to HP characters thanks to a remark from Rachel, lol.)
shakespearsgrl2: Alfie P. Doolittleshakespearsgrl2 on July 27th, 2011 03:30 am (UTC)
Have I mentioned lately how much I love your recs lists? Because I do. I see them and go :DDDDD because seriously, no one else on my flist recs me shit. Ever. <3
Nicole: Victory arms!blue_icy_rose on July 27th, 2011 05:02 am (UTC)
Yay! Then you'll be even happier to know that I'm nowhere near done with making a list for Glee fics. I didn't even get halfway through what I've got saved on LJ, not to mention the ones I've saved as favorites on fanfiction.net (it's kind of shocking how many good fics I've found there for Glee). :D And boooo for lack of rec lists! Rec lists are fun, more should happen. <3