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21 May 2011 @ 12:56 am
Supernatural finale  


I thought it was an awesome finale for both episodes. And I'm so glad we're getting another season. I'm pretty sure I'd have flipped out even more if that had been the last moment of SPN ever. Holy shit.

But I did literally burst out with "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, NOT METALLICAR!" during the show and then I went on to post that on twitter. I tweeted as I watched and I'm sure it was amusing for some. *FLAILS* IMPALA, BE OKAY, BB, OKAY? AND SAM, DON'T GO LOSING YOUR MIND AND GOING CRAZY. DEAN, DON'T FALL TO PIECES. BOBBY, KEEP BEING AWESOME.

Feel free to flail in the comments - I'd probably post more here but I just flailed all over the place on twitter for...I don't even know how long.

That being said, how many of you saw the article on who is NOT coming back next season as a regular? I heard they pulled the article but I actually still had the article open so if you want to know, I've copied and pasted the text of the article. Just click the cut:

Brace yourself, Supernatural fans (as if Friday night’s finale didn’t already rob you of most every breath): Though his alter ego now is a bigger force than ever to be reckoned with, Misha Collins will not be returning to the CW series as a regular next season, TVLine has learned.

After making a rock star entrance in Season 4, Castiel quickly became a fan favorite, but the Winchesters’ angel ally has gone from heavenly to sinister this season. In Friday night’s finale, he opened the door to purgatory –- inside himself! –- and became a soul-powered God. And nobody was going to get in his way. Not Raphael, not Crowley, not even the Winchesters, whom he gave the ultimate choice in the show’s final minutes: allegiance, or death.

So why the decision to not bring back Collins as a series regular, just when Cas seems to be at his most… almighty?

“When it comes to Supernatural, our philosophy is that everyone moves in and out and weaves in and out of the story, obviously with the exception of Sam and Dean,” executive producer Sera Gamble tells TVLine. “We love Misha. We love and adore the character of Castiel. His character developed to this extent and went in this unexpected direction because we were so inspired by him.”

The season finale cliffhanger “is a very pivotal moment in Cas’ development,” Gamble adds, describing the character as “transformed.” “Basically, that’s what we’ll be exploring next season, so there’s just a big change.”

A change so big it calls for less of a focus on Cas and the goings-on in heaven? While there will be angel stories in Season 7, “they will probably be more self-enclosed,” reveals Gamble.

“[In Season 6], we consciously kept some of this angel civil war off camera because we are interested in what happens on Earth,” she explains. “We are interested in what happens in the purview of the boys. We feel that in terms of what we can accomplish, the scope of the show, our storyline is best accomplished where the Impala can go.”

Collins is expected to return for the Season 7 opener, but how much of a presence he will have on the show beyond that, if any, is a mystery Gamble can’t delve into “without giving away a lot about the premiere,” she says.

Two other names familiar to Supernatural fans however will be back – creator Eric Kripke and executive producer Ben Edlund. Gamble assures us that despite being left off a CW press release touting next season, Kripke and Edlund are hard at work on the seventh cycle. “Their titles have changed,” she explains. “There are a lot of technical and contractual reasons that people’s titles change that don’t necessarily reflect their level of involvement or commitment to the show. … They’ve been in the [writers] room with me every day this week.”

- Article by Vlada Gelman

Edit: The article is apparently back up, lol.

Feel free to discuss both the finale and the article in the comments! (I said that already, didn't I? Oy, I need sleep.)

Anyway, since the article was pulled, I don't know if it's come out that maybe it's not true but I haven't seen anything that said otherwise. So I guess we'll see.

And now, I'm going to head to bed - I've got a hair appointment this morning and I'm still all "Finaaaaaaaaaaaaaale!" I'm sure this sleep thing is going to go well. Yeah.

(Guys, is it September yet?)
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sadritsuka12sadritsuka12 on May 21st, 2011 08:57 pm (UTC)
shakespearsgrl2: Sam 'n' Deanshakespearsgrl2 on May 23rd, 2011 06:40 am (UTC)
You know what's really sad? I've been rooting all season for them to bring this around to the ultimate end of Kill Sam. (Not that I'm hatin' on Sam or whatever, but what with the soulless arc and the Great Wall of Sam falling down, it was a viable option for most of the season.) And I have lists and reasons as to why this is actually an okay thing--a good thing, even. Mostly these reasons center on Dean needing to grow as a character by losing someone close to him. So I'm actually excited to see if they do kill Cas off. Despite being very sad to lose him. (Hey, isn't that why we have fanfic?)