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08 December 2005 @ 02:41 pm
Apparently, I've been bad...  

Oh Great Cthulhu!

I have been an extremely assiduous devotee this year.

In May, I legally changed my name to Randolph Carter (-40 points). In June, I wore an Elder Sign (-10 points). Yesterday, I sacrificed [info]under_thewillow to Cthulhu (500 points). When the stars were right, I rescued [info]misa_05 from being sacrificed (-200 points). In July, I rammed a ship into you (sorry Cthulhu!) (-1000 points). In April, I bombed a cultist gathering (-100 points).

In short, I have been very bad (-850 points) and deserve to be left to whimper as my mind shatters before the vision of your greatness.

Your humble and obedient servant,

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Yeah, I cracked and did this. And, again, I'm apparently bad.