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14 May 2011 @ 01:19 pm
Ranting ahead - feel free to skip it  
I haven't been on here in forever. Literally. And now that I am, I have to say that RL has been pretty sucky (trip to Vegas not included, though that was more tiring than it probably should've been).

I think my biggest issue right now is my job. I need to find something else because I should not be practically dreading going to work each day. And it's definitely not fair to the customers that call in because my phone goes off to signal I have a call and I catch myself rolling my eyes or muttering about it before I take my phone off mute. Not to mention that I was pissed with what happened right before my trip. They literally tried to tell me to come home early from my vacation to go to work.

Okay, to start from the beginning - back in February, we had a lot of snow. I live outside of the city (though I don't think we're a suburb anymore since we're like...3rd fastest growing city in the state or something - hey, we're finally getting a movie theater! Woo!) and we don't have snow plows or anything to clear the roads here. It snows, we pretty much shut down. But in the bigger city, they have ways to clear the roads of snow. So even though all the schools in both cities and all the government buildings were closing (or delayed in a couple cases) we were still expected to go to work. The thing is, where I work? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out there. It takes me about an hour and a half to get there, depending on traffic. So I called in because the news and basically everything was saying don't drive if you don't have to and, hey, I don't do driving in snow. Of course, a lot of our higher ups are from the East coast so they didn't consider the snow a big deal. Never mind that you couldn't see the streets in my area and under the snow was a thick layer of ice and there were no tire tracks or footprints anywhere to be seen.

Anyway, I called in for two days - along with a good portion of the site. They closed the main road to our site but left a back road open, which I didn't get because the back road only has two lanes, goes uphill with tons of curves and there is NOTHING on either side of the road to keep you from going over. Yeah, that's the road to keep open when it's icy. So, yeah, I called in and I got told that I couldn't use my paid leave for those two days because I wasn't sick so it'd be unpaid. People with four wheel drive were getting stuck and having to be towed off the road (I know one guy on my team had that happen) and a girl on my team got stuck which saved her from an accident when the car in front of her hit a patch of ice and did a complete 360. But we all got shit for "being too scared to drive in a few inches of snow" and you know what? Fuck that. Just...fuck that. My job is not worth that.

The point is, they tried to tell me that because of those two days, I didn't have anymore sick leave (lost my voice earlier in the year so I had to...well, email in instead of call since I couldn't talk and take calls). Why? Because in the middle of my week of vacation, they didn't approve ONE day. They approved the day I left and they approved a couple other days, but in the middle of the week on a Monday, they rejected that day and asked for overtime instead. My new manager fought to get that changed or to have one of the directors override it. New director said no. The other new director - who used to be my manager? Said no and added that I shouldn't have gotten the tickets if my days weren't approved and that I needed to take care of it myself. The thing is, I had this trip planned since last year. It was part of my bowling league and I talked about it with her. She knew. And I had ALL my vacation approved and then console, the people that schedule time off? Deleted everyone's vacation and said they'd messed up somehow and that everyone had to redo their vacation and that's when I lost my one day. Basically my old manager told my new one that it was too bad but I needed to deal with it on my own. My new manager sat down, counted out the days I missed and told me that I had enough to call in and to enjoy my vacation. I lucked out on that one but it still pisses me off.

I'm just....I think I'm just done. I'm on my third year at this place and I've gotten fucked over with things just one too many times.

I've been thinking of getting my teaching license and seeing if I can get a job at one of the schools since the paper always has ads in the classifieds for them. There's a program where I can get it and teaching experience all at the same time and I won't have to go back to school. One of the teachers I was helping out at a fundraiser told me about it since it's how she got her license. All you need is a degree. You don't even need an education degree. So, I'm looking into it because I've wanted to teach since I was in elementary. It was my first dream job before I moved on to journalist and then author. I don't know if I could teach high school - it's been less than 10 years since I graduated so I might still be close enough to their age that I might strangle them. But elementary? I could totally do that. Wish me luck on that!

Okay, now the part you might want to skip if you're a guy or not into TMI even if it is quick. I missed my period in February because of stress and being sick that month. Stress from work and bills, which yay for that. I got it in March and so that was back on track. But April and May though? Nothing. And I'd be a lot more worried about a pregnancy scare if I'd, you know, actually had sex but that hasn't happened. So I'm back to stress because I haven't been sick.

Which I'm putting it back to work because, seriously, it gets harder to get up and get ready every morning, even if I love the people on my team.

Like I said, I need a new job. I shouldn't be this stressed out that it's effecting my body. That's just ridiculous.

Other than that, I've been trying to write. I had a serious lack of muse recently but I recently got pretty inspired while writing a comment fic and I've got a big bang coming up for Kradam big bang so I'm trying to work on that. Here's hoping that I can get it done in time because my last big bang took forever (my poor artist) and I had no idea if I'd even get it done. I did but, holy hell, it was hard, I had serious writer's block.

Sorry this was basically me bitching, I just needed to get it out because I hadn't actually done it yet. It's been building. I really shouldn't let it build up, I know that. But I do that sometimes.

But now, you'll have to excuse me, I'm going to go watch this new Disney movie, Lemonade Mouth. I'm a sucker for Disney movies. Especially ones that deal with singing and/or dancing. (Well for movies like that in general.) :D

Oh and btw? Dianna Agron? *points at icon* Looking GORGEOUS with her new haircut. Just saying.
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chosenfire28: Glee- Don't Stop Believing testchosenfire28 on May 14th, 2011 09:08 pm (UTC)
Oh honey yeah that job is really not for you, it sounds horrible and YAY for teaching because I think you will be awesome at it and you need to do something that makes you happy!

I hate writers block and I am so sorry you are being bogged down with it as well but I hope you can break through it, because writing is fun.

and Disney movies <333333

Nicole: Sharpay and her boysblue_icy_rose on May 14th, 2011 09:43 pm (UTC)
I am definitely not meant to be working at a call center. It's just not for me. If I could afford the cut in pay, I'd go work at the newspaper and take ads again. People don't yell at you there, you just take their ads, help them make sure that they meet the line requirements or if they want to continue the ad and BOOM, done. The most trouble that job causes is when you have to validate their credit card and it takes forever and a day to do that with payroll sometimes. I actually really liked that job even if it was an internship when I was in high school. Unforturnately, the hourly pay is about $5 less than what I get now.

Oh, God, it does suck so much. I'm reading over old fics though to get inspired and try getting back into writing.

Right? I love them! I'm thinking of changing into my jeans and going to get Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure at Target. Because you know me and HSM plus it's Sharpay. Hee!

She's so preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty, Krystal!
SkylarGrace: Love LJ Matesskylar0grace on May 15th, 2011 04:53 am (UTC)
Mate, I'd definitely get a new job! Unless you are a superspy, there is no need to put your life on the line for a job. Besides, I could totally see you teaching!!! The primary kids have their bad moments but they're just brilliant to work with overall! *crosses fingers* I SO hope you get bitten by the writing bug, enough so that your muse comes back from that extended vacay and gets to work! You're too good to just drop it and if you happen to stumble upon a W.I.P and have the desire to finish, who am I to complain?! ;)
Nicole: Alecblue_icy_rose on May 16th, 2011 04:54 pm (UTC)
Exactly! And thanks! :D I've started looking into that program I mentioned - there's a book that goes over each step of what you need that they say to look at first and it's 160+ pages so I'm starting there. Yikes! LOL. And I've been rereading my old stuff in the hopes I'll get inspired to update my many WIPs that I had going. I miss writing!
Saturn: Anchorman -Big Dealsatyrnfive on May 15th, 2011 07:03 am (UTC)
It feels good to rant doesn't it. :) I was about to do it too...but I feel better after reading yours. Weird huh?
Nicole: Buffy kills Edward - The End!blue_icy_rose on May 16th, 2011 04:54 pm (UTC)
It felt very good, lol. And haha, glad to help! Maybe you just needed a rant in general.