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12 February 2011 @ 04:46 pm
Fic Recs! Kradamadness & Kris/Jared!  

So, last night, I promised chosenfire28 that I would make her a rec list of Kradam fics but I'm also including a couple of Kris/guy other than Adam, which is why it's not a Kradam GIF, lol! (Logic, I have it.) But there's been some amazing fics from kradamadness that I know she's missed out on so I'm using this as an opportunity to shove them at her (and anyone else that's interested).


Doors by akavertigo

About a week of mansion life it was becoming glaringly obvious that Kris was going to have to say something. He didn't want to, really, but Danny was turning twitchier by the day. He'd spilled the OJ onto his lap while trying to pour it into his Trix, and Kris figured enough was enough. It was getting hard to watch.

It wasn't hard to find the opportunity either, not with Matt's inexplicable need for truth-or-dare melding sessions. (“Like bonding, only stickier!” “Who took off his gag?”) All Kris had to do was sit through the standard cliches—amateur stripper pole dance, bout of gay chicken, licking someone's toothbrush, the when/where/who virginity question—before getting green-lit with the right opening.

Okay, I know I told Krystal I'd be posting mostly stuff from kradamadness but this totally counts! The prequel was posted there and is actually next on the list. So with that in mind....

b/o\r/d\e/r\l/i\n/e by akavertigo

It's not that Kris doesn't like doctors. He does. They're smart and have Important Jobs, and usually give presents. Like, Dr. Sanders has lollipops and Dr. Moscovich has stickers and wacky toothbrushes.

The only thing he gets from Dr. Busker, though, is questions because the only thing they ever do is talk, talk, talk. Kris figures Dr. Busker is very lonely.

Just like his monster.

Prequel to Doors and, well, all I have to say is that I still really want more of this series. OMG, it's fantastic!

Husband-Revealing Magical Lemonade by moirariordan

In his defense, the potion looked a whole lot like a glass of lemonade, and it was just sitting on the kitchen counter one day, and Kris had just gotten in from mowing the lawn and he was hot, and also a teenage boy, so he just grabbed it and drank, throwing his mom a weird look when she shrieked, dropping a platter of cupcakes on the floor. Plus, it tasted like lemonade, too. So how was he supposed to know?

Oh God, Kim cracks me up in this. Kris is hilariously clueless while Adam is so very Adam. Also, Brad is in this! Yay! (I swear I usually have much better reasons for loving a fic but this one is just awesome and so I keep flailing over the characters in it and the fact that they are all just as awesome as the fic.)

Genie in the Closet by jeyhawk

The whole thing is Brad's idea. Supposedly he's Adam's fairy godmother, but aside from the fact that he sparkles and has a pretty fucking magic wand, Adam's never really seen any proof of that. For one, he's sure you're not supposed to date your fairy godmother and he did that, repeatedly (magic wand, okay?), and second he's pretty sure your fairy godmother is supposed to help you, not mock you, which seems to be Brad's main goal in life.

Kris is a genie. Kris is a GENIE. I shouldn't even have to say anything else other than that. Also, jeyhawk wrote it. So, hello. Agh, just go read it! (Also, Adam's band is in this and it's all sorts of hilarious the crap that Adam gets from them.)

The One Where Kris Is Having Adam's Puppies by jeyhawk

"You can't just take him," Adam says to the two black clad men who have Kris between them, marching him towards the door. "He's pregnant."

"Believe me. We know," one of the men in black says, Adam thinks he heard Kris call him Cale.

"With my baby."

The other black clad man, who may or may not be called Andrew, gives Adam an amused look over his shoulder.

"With your puppies," he corrects.

Mpreg! With werewolves! How do you even resist that? I'm just saying.

There's No Such Thing As A Hypothetical Question by anonymous

That was ironic really when Adam thought about it. That he would see the slotting of hands as the absolute determinant of true love. Especially since it wasn’t as if the yardstick he had for comparison had been borne out of any big love affair. I mean, they had never even been on a date for crying out loud. They had been the best of friends arisen from circumstances and timing but they had made it work. The hand holding thing wasn’t even that. They had done that sometimes when they were both alone and usually when Kris was trying to do something for Adam - comforting him about the loss of his favourite clothes when the airline lost his bag for 3 days, trying to calm Adam when he got a call from Madonna to perform with her at a benefit and once in a deserted movie theatre somewhere in random America, when both of them had fallen asleep during a movie and their fingers had intertwined so naturally while they used each other for head support while they slept. Adam had woken up before Kris and had just sat and stared at their intertwined fingers, his mind trying to catalog the feeling of contentment, of completeness and just how brilliant it felt when hands fitted each other perfectly.

Oh boys. Sometimes, you're just dumb. *shakes head* But that's okay! As long as things work out, right? Right. :D

Not an actual fic but one of the most amusing threads I've ever been part of!

Okay, so just scroll down passed the big bang talk and it's basically me and moirariordan outlining a fic about Randy being a terrorist, Kris and Katy being in the CIA, and Adam being clueless about EVERYTHING. It's good for a laugh! :D

Angel by echelonlove

That's when Adam saw him. He was beautiful, like an ethereal being, his angel costume was perfect for his small figure. Now he was rambling which meant he had fallen in love. He barely registered Brad trying to get his attention before he walked over to the angel. "Hey there," he said in his sexiest voice. "I'm Adam, what's your name."

"Oh, um, I'm, uh, Kris...with a K," the angel, Kris, stuttered.

He’s so adorable, I’m definitely keeping him, Adam thought.

Angel!Kris! Come on, people totally know that that's a weakness of mine. And I love how adorable Kris is in this and how Adam is all yay over him. Awww.

Other Duties As Assigned? by house_of_lantis

“Adam Lambert…the rockstar?” Kris said, his voice rising to the sonic levels only dolphins would be able to hear. “You sold the artificial clone of me to Adam Lambert?”

I think that sentence speaks for itself but I think you should go read the story because it's absolutely fantastic!

A Tale of Two Tails by arasigyrn

Of all the questionable life-style choices Adam has made in his life (and there are a lot to choose from), he never expected volunteering at a ecological charity to be the one that ruined his life.

Adam is a Maltese Tiger and Kris is a fox. OMG, read it! It's amazing!

Beep! by jerakeen

He wanted the robot’s life. He didn’t want to leave.

And of course, that’s when Simon called and told him that robo-Kris was finally fixed.

The fucker had the worst timing in history.

This prompt made me laugh on its own but there were some great fics as a result of it and, of course, this was one of them. And this one goes a bit differently than the others did so that's another fun part!

Wolf & Fox by skykissed

The chuffing noise, meanwhile, had startled the fox enough that the small canine had stumbled, and tumbled into a tree. Not entirely the most graceful move in the world. Adam could not help the soft snorting sound he made, which was as close as he came to laughter (because he was not a hyena, thank you very much). And then he rose to his feet and padded silently across the clearing, on large, dark claws.

Agh, I love this fic so much! I could read it over and over. JS. As well as the other fics in this verse! :D

If I Had You by house_of_lantis

It was time for Kris to go home.

He snorted to himself; that was ironic. Of course, he could never go home again – his real home, that is. That was lost to him forever. He looked up at the sky, his eyes tracking the distant galaxies until he found the dead space where his home planet, Krypton, once existed.

Home, for now, meant Conway, Arkansas.

It's a Smallville/Kradam AU! And there's Clex and mentions of Adam, Lex, and also Bruce Wayne being the three richest up and coming guys. I don't even have to say anything else, right? I had you at Smallville/Kradam AU?

In Which Kris IS a Stray by skykissed

His hand was halfway to his pocket, reaching for the phone to call the police, when the figure huddled out there turned and Adam caught a glimpse of the biggest brown eyes he had ever seen, which looked about as threatening as a drowned puppy.

His heart melted a little bit, and he cursed himself for being a sucker for tiny and cute.

OMG, seriously, I find this incredibly adorable - especially alien!Kris in this. I love this fic so much. It's great for a smile.

Adam needs space fic by moirariordan

It was the empty Gatorade bottles overflowing in the kitchen. The discarded tennis shoes by the door, scuffed and horrifying. The pencils, gnawed down to the lead guts, scattered all over the coffee table. The stupid movie box set, limited edition, bonus-packed with over twelve hours of stunning bonus features on top of the DVD player in prime position, for Christ's sake, it's about talking turtles, seriously? Seriously.

Ah, Adam. You're so clueless. *shakes head* Silly boy. Just admit your feelings for Kris and go with it.

For All the World is Hollow And I Have (hopefully) Touched Adam by skykissed

Being accepted into Starfleet Academy had been the highlight of.. well, his whole life. He had startled everyone back home by faring so very well on the competitive entrance exam (his finish time had been remarkable, the instructor had said), and his marks during the six week Preparatory Program during the summer had been near the top of the class. Kris Allen, everyone said, was a very promising cadet.

Star Trek AU! Need I repeat Star Trek AU? I love it. Yay! *dances*

A Place Called Haven by skykissed

The entrance to Haven could be found at the top of a rainbow. Or on the edge of a shore, where crystal blue-violet waters lapped right outside the door. It was found deep in a tangled forest, and down in the depths of a cave. It lazed on the edge of a cloud, and inside a snowflake. There were many entrances into Haven.

If you were in LA, the entrance was a little less exciting.

OMG, this fic! THIS FIC. I can't tell you how I flailed over updates for this one. Holy crap! And actually at skykissed's DW there's another fic set in this verse for one of the other pairings from the fic. Kris is so oblivious in this. He just says that everything weird is because it's because it's LA.

Positive by skykissed

“This cannot be happening,” Kris exclaimed, distraught, as he emerged from the bathroom holding a home pregnancy test with a very distinctive and obvious plus sign on the end. “I’m pregnant!”

His roommate, Allison, looked up from where she was filing her nails and said, “That’s weird.”

Kris squawked and threw up his hands, losing his grip on the pregnancy test. The stick went flying across the room and nearly hit Allison in the head.

“Ewwww!” she shrieked, diving out of the way. “You peed on that! Gross!”

“Allison!” Kris said, arms still flailing. “I think you are missing the point!”

That intro is just....well, come on. Do I even need to say anything after that section? (Noticing a pattern in authors here too?) This is one hilarious and awesomely done mpreg. And speaking of awesomely done mpregs, this one should be here too....

Earth Boys Are Easy by jerakeen

Kris blinks at the obviously crazy person in front of him and wonders if he put something in the mud-colored drink. Not that Kris has any intention of drinking it.

“You can’t impregnate me,” Kris says, going along with the insanity. “I don’t have the parts.”

The man looks him up and down. “Your parts seem adequate to me.”

Kris snorts. “Adequate? You really need to work on your pick up lines, buddy.”

Hahahahaha. Adam's the best alien ever. I love his pick up line and how Adam just does not care that Kris insists they can't have a baby.

A Private War by moirariordan

"Allen." He hands his - modest - case of belongings off to an impatient ensign, who speeds off without a word. "Kristopher Allen."

"Jim Kirk." His handshake is firm, and he squeezes a little too hard - an attempt an intimidation or just an aggressive nature, Kris isn't sure. "Sorry, I just - really, I'm not crazy, honest. So you can comm Chris back and get your cushy teaching job back if you want because we're all ship-shape here. Mentally, I mean."

Kris doesn't even try to hold back the smirk. "Are you under the impression that the admiralty thinks you're mentally unstable, sir?"

Kirk snorts. "If by 'under the impression' you mean 'they've said it to my face multiple times' then, yeah."

OMG, another Star Trek AU that I'm in love with and I know it's a WIP but it is FABULOUS. The banter, all of it, is amazing.

Marriage Made & Alien Relations by arasigyrn (the code keeps failing for some reason)

Kris' shoulders are hunched up and he looks tiny, so much smaller than he should in front of the massive trees. He won't look at Daniel and Daniel promises himself for the hundreth time that he's going to kill Lambert the second they make it back to Earth. He doesn't say so; they'd learned better than to say so where Kris could hear them. Irony was lost on the Elphae and he got upset and the planet started trying to kill them (again).

OMG, I need a third part of this series NOW. Yesterday. Weeks ago. SOMETHING. SG-1 crossover AU and it is awesome!

Path, Light, & Harmony by jerakeen

He hands the ZPM over to McKay, but doesn’t—can’t—look away from Adam’s eyes. They’re an unnaturally bright blue, as mesmerizing and alien as the first moment Kris had seen them. But they’re no longer smiling at him fondly. No, they look betrayed now. Betrayed, and hurt, and furious.

Kris chokes on his next breath. Adam is never going to forgive him.

How did that become so important to him in just three days?

“Adam. Please,” he begs, frozen in place.

You know me and my happy endings so despite the snippet, give it a shot! :D Either way, it's a SGA crossover so it's even more awesome.

I Never by house_of_lantis

Tommy divvied up the shot glasses as everyone settled around the table, getting comfortable on Adam’s plush carpet or pulling the black leather armchairs closer to reaching distance of the table. Kris sat on the floor, his back against the leather sectional. He grinned as Adam tumbled down beside him.

“So we’re seriously going to play ‘I Never’?” Kris said, warily.

Brad snickered. “Don’t worry, Kris, we’ll be gentle with you.”

Hahaha, I think the title explains it all. *snickers*

Undercover by house_of_lantis

Kris turned his head to see Adam standing in the doorway. Tommy was the first one out the door but Monte stopped beside Adam, whispering something to him, too low for Kris to hear.

“I’ll take care of it,” Adam said, his voice low and tense. Monte turned to look at Kris one last time before he left the basement room.

Adam picked up the folding chair against the wall and dragged it across the room, setting it next to Kris. He sat down and stared at Kris, looking him over. “How could you be so fucking stupid, Kristopher – if that’s even your real name? What is your real name?”

He didn’t say anything. He wondered if he was going to make it out of this alive.

Holy shit, this one is intense and totally worth reading. *shoves people at this fic* Just go. Read.

It's Always Been You by ladymichaelis

"Honestly, you people are horrible at planning surprises," Kris Allen heard Tommy Ratliff declare over the din of the chaos that was currently taking over his world. "Whose stupid idea was it to send Brad shopping with Adam as an attempt to distract him? You know very well how Brad's mouth works when he's excited about something. This is all doomed to fail."

"Oh, I know how that mouth works, alright," Cassidy Haley laughed. "Believe me, I've had it wrapped around a certain part of my anatomy quite a number of times now. You need to stop worrying about everything, Tommy Joe; this is all going to go according to plan."

"Whatever. Brad is going to end up saying something suspicious, and Adam will manage to pry the whole story out of him because he can be such a brat when people are keeping things from him. Anyway, I'm off to find Kris; he's probably the only one in this house who isn't in the mood to pin carnations in my hair right now."

Kris and Adam should just get married. The end.

Bridal shower fic - 1st parts & Bridal shower fic completed here! by anonymous

The mood of the lunch had been strange for a while until Kris said “so, are we gonna have naked women at the stag night?” which had first gotten the majority at that table stunned that the word “naked” had come from those pure lips and then an emphatic “oh yeah” from Neil before 4 different conversation threads were started all at once about the planning for the stag night. In the middle of the ridiculous brainstorming, Adam had looked straight at Kris and mouthed a quiet “thank you” to be met with a lopsided smile.

Again, I say it: Kris and Adam should just get married. Hear that, universe? Get on that.

Stay While It Heals by writhedbeneath

Because he knows why, knows exactly what Kris fears, and why he’s holding back. And the worst part, the part that makes his heart hurt, hurt like a physical pain, is that Kris is right. They don’t talk about it a lot, but sometimes, in the middle of the night, when their voices have grown hoarse from talking about everything and nothing, Kris will whisper his worries into Adam’s chest, Adam’s hands soft and soothing on his back, trying to reassure him about something they both know will happen anyway.

“I’ll never be able to go back,” Kris’s voice is so small, and his body, curled up tight into Adam, feels just as tiny. “Everyone there, they’ll hate me, they’ll know I was a liar, this whole time.”

This is just gorgeous and a bit hurty but you can feel the love (tonight) between the boys. Just...yay!

Can't Buy Me Love by dollydolittle

Kris looked up and Adam was standing there, a blush on his cheeks, seemingly awkward. “Like it,” Kris echoed. “You’re insane, aren’t you?” He let his gaze skim over the Fender and sighed. “This must be what going insane feels like,” he murmured.

“You look pale,” Adam observed anxiously.

He needed to regroup. Kris shook his head. “Okay, here’s the thing Adam, I’m not a prostitute.” Adam cocked his head to one side and raised an eyebrow. “No matter how much stuff you buy me, I am not going to sleep with you,” Kris clarified.

Boys are so clueless. I love it!

when the wolfsbane blooms by dollydolittle

There was something about the forest that day. Kris paused slightly, kicking up dust with his wheels as he braked, and frowned. It seemed darker and wilder than usual, and Kris shook his head and told himself he was being ridiculous.

But the sensation got worse the farther into the trees he went. He couldn’t stop the feeling that he was being watched, followed… His heart started beating faster, and he couldn’t blame it on the exercise, not even with the speed at which he was pedaling.

There is something ver beautiful about this one, I loved it after I first read it.

Blind Date by cathalin

It took Kris a while to figure out what was weird about this blind date.

What was weird was, it wasn’t weird. Sure, it’d been awkward for the first few minutes. But then Kris had quoted a Michael Jackson song and Adam had smiled a huge smile and quoted another one back at Kris. Pretty soon they were laughing about the bad taste they’d had as preteens and confessing to writing terrible lyrics and crushing on people with awful hair.

“Stop laughing at my angst, man,” Kris deadpanned after Adam laughed so loudly at his story that people at the nearby tables turned around and stared. “My pain is still with me.”

Adam waved his hands around and his face turned red. “I’m dying,” he gasped. “And your lyrics were actually better than my poetry.”

I admit, I have a weak spot for blind date fics and this one is no exception. I love how it goes from playful to full of sexual tension so quickly because of how easily they click.

i'm game if you are by moirariordan

He can tell Kris is expecting him to go all caveman any second; he's not offended, the sideways glances and little jumps any time Adam reaches out a hand are just this side of adorable, actually. Plus there's actual fear, there, Adam sees, covered up by a smooth layer of bravado and bullshit, two things that Kris is truly excellent at, but not not excellent enough that Adam can't see through them.

But there's an element of challenge there, too, in the way that Kris catches his wrist as Adam passes him on the way to the kitchen, the casual-but-not movement of fingers on his skin, the light kiss he gets, a tiny reward in itself, the expression on his face as he ambles away. I'm afraid, is what his body says, I'm afraid, so prove me wrong.

Oh, this is just such an awesome fic. I loved the prompt and I remember I wanted someone to write something for it and we got a couple of awesome fics but this is the one I've gone back to quite a bit.

The Day Kris Allen Shut Down Twitter by house_of_lantis

The phone rang and he groaned, picking it up and checking the caller ID. With a relieved breath, he answered the call. “Lane, ohmygod, what’s going on? Why has my entire fanbase uploaded old Kradam stuff on my Twitter?”

“So you haven’t read it yet?”

“Read what? I woke up like five minutes ago,” Adam said, kicking the covers of his legs and sitting up on the edge, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “What the hell is going on?”

“Kris came out on ‘Rolling Stone’,” she said, her voice no-nonsense.

Oh, another intense one. With angst that just hits you and then by the end of it, there's hope. That's all I'm saying.

when it hails, it pours by eirana_regan

He asks around to locate his erstwhile…Kris, but no one seems to know where he is. Adam wants to burn something, because that always makes him feel better, but everything’s too wet and cold and wet.

The water mages are loving the snow - not everyone is lucky enough to be able to shield themselves from it - but Adam plays with fire, and fire refuses to obey him until the snow is gone; it’s temperamental that way.

They're elemental wizards! (Mages? Hmmm.) And this fic includes the absoluely awesome fabulous sentence: "And then he set Adam's hair on fire." Ahahahahahahaha!

Bright Lights, Bigger City by gezana

He didn't want his condition to become a thing. Something to make reporters coo and sigh in fake empathy, something to martyr himself and gain the sympathy vote with. It wasn't like it affected his voice or anything, and the difficulty of reading lyrics or notes on a page, well, with a lot of work he could get through it. It also helped to call up his friends back home and have them read stuff aloud to him whilst he tried his best to memorise it.

He couldn't really ask the others in the competition to do it for him. For one thing, he could hardly ask them to sacrifice their own practising time reading songs out to him like he was a little kid. For another, none of them knew.

I love this prompt and I really love the way it was handled. I know nothing of the condition that Kris has in this fic but I thought that the fic handled it well. And Kris trying to hide it from everyone...well, when has that ever worked or ended well? Really?

Drifted by fictionalcandie

Absolutely the most interesting thing about Kris — probably the only interesting thing, but it doesn’t matter really because Kris has never, ever even mentioned it to anyone, ever — is that he knows what Adam Lambert looks like with his black knit cap crooked on his ginger hair, snow in his eyelashes, a ruddy cold-flush on his freckled cheeks, and his lips parted in a startled gasp from when Kris landed on him.

That was last year.

OMG, I love fictionalcandie's fics. (The dragon one! Agh!) *sigh* I'm gonna need another post.

Waiter AU by pennilesspoet

The adorable guy has been sitting at table twelve for the better part of an hour, fiddling with a little red box, and nervously sipping on a glass of wine. Adam kind of wants to take him home, wrap him in a blanket, and keep him forever.

In a totally non-creepy way, of course.

The adorable guy is starting to look really miserable at this point, and Adam would like nothing better than to find whoever it was that stood this cutie up (On Valentine’s Day no less!) and do very, very violent things to them.

FLUFF! OMG, happy happy fluff!

Take All the Time Lost (The Snow Globe Fic) by writhedbeneath

Kris looks up at him questioningly, confused and overwhelmed. Adam. His Adam. He found him already. Standing in front of him, close enough to reach out and touch.

“I’m Adam, by the way,” he says, extending his hand towards Kris. Kris reaches out, his own hand still a little shaky. Adam’s is warm and soft against his own, solid and firm.

“You’re so cold,” Adam says, kneeling down to Kris’s seated level, and adding his free hand on top of Kris’s, so Kris’s hand is sandwiched in between the warmth of fingers and palms.

NGL, this is currently my favorite WIP for the snow round at kradamadness. It's just so well done and there's angst and hope and OMG, this better end happy or I'll be a mess. I just know it. EDIT: It's complete! I've updated the link so it'll take you to the full story! :D

Okay, I better wrap this up so for now, the only Kris/Other I'm putting here are the two Kris/Jared Padalecki fics I found. Where they are Flirty McFlirts.

Catnip, Hop, Skip and Jump, & Legend In His Own Mind

"I know you just wanted to get your hands all over me," he says. "I'm on to you."

"Busted," says Jared unapologetically. "Hey, is this costume really necessary? Do angels really need clothes?"

"I've told you a hundred times," says Misha, looking pointedly at his own overcoat. "Don't undress the guest stars."

"Without permission," says Jared. "Don't undress the guest stars without permission. I remember."

"Angels need clothes when they're in the Canadian woods in the spring," says Kris. "Or at least, this Southern angel does."

"Point taken," says Jared, and as a Texas boy, Kris feels he probably understands.

Oh God, I need more of this verse and just more Kris/Jared in general. They're just so fantastic.
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You should! I haven't read all of them, but the ones I have read were really cute.
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I just read and commented on yours! OMG, how cute and perfect was that?! (Then Kris goes to LA and then he stays and they live happily ever after forever and ever.)

Now...time to explore.
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Hahaha, they are! People should all just go join in on the fun.