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01 January 2011 @ 01:25 pm
Resolution time!  
In 2011, blue_icy_rose resolves to...
Keep my kradam clean.
Lose ten criminal minds by March.
Overcome my secret fear of oakland a's.
Become a better j2.
Give up writing.
Drink four glasses of slash every day.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:


Let's just address these in order:

1. Why on Earth would I want to keep my Kradam clean? Just no.
2. I....don't have ten of those to lose. Unless you count episodes and no, I don't want a shorter season. And I only own one season on DVD so I don't have ten discs either.
3. I have no fear of my team! They've been my team since I was a kid, they'll stay that way, even when they do badly. :)
4. Haha, I suppose I could work on that since I haven't written much J2. j2_everafter should help with that!
5. Excuse me while I go die of laughter. Give up writing. HA!
6. That sounds slightly disturbing. Does that mean I write more slash? Becuase I don't know how I could drink it...

1. I want to get in shape, start losing weight. I know, people resolve that every year. But I was doing really good at the end of 2009 and the beginning of this year. By the summer though, I'd just sort of...given up? But I want to stick to it. I think keeping it fun will help because when I was working out on the Wii using Wii Fit and my High School Musical dance game (DON'T JUDGE ME, OKAY? IT'S FUN!), it was working. I've now got those plus another dance game and I'm in my own place. That was my other problem. I hate working out with people watching me and my stepdad loves watching TV on the TV that my Wii was hooked up to when I was at my parents.

I know, that's an excuse. I could have continued on there when they weren't home (since when they were, that's the TV he used if he was watching something) but I didn't. I would choose to watch TV or get on my laptop instead. So here's to getting out of that habit. Besides, I've got a Vegas trip I need to get in shape for by May! (Not my full goal but I want to be in better shape for it.)

2. To be blunt - get my shit together. I've lived in this house since June/July. I'm still not fully organized. There's only one room really done with decorations and it's not even fully done. To top it all off, my house is a complete mess and it drives me nuts but I don't do much about it since I'm usually too tired after I get home from work.

So, I want to get this place cleaned up. I want to finish hanging up pictures. And I want to keep it that way.

3. Finish what I start! I've got who knows how many WIPs right now. I'm going to finish at least one fic this year. (Maybe I'll go crazy and finish two!) Whether it's one of the ones I started in the last year or one of the Buffy/Dean ones I started, I don't know. But I'm finishing one because this is just ridiculous. And I'm going to finish that big ass white tiger latch hook that I've been working on (actually two - one for myself and one that's a gift...though I can't find half of what I was using for the one I started for myself, lol).

4. Keep in touch with people. I mean this both here and IRL. I'm pretty horrible at commenting on people's posts - a lot of this is because I usually get on LJ while at work and while it doesn't get fully blocked, I can't do certain things. An example - I can click on my journal, my profile and other journals and profiles but I can't click on my f-list. So to check journals, I have to click on each name. This usually means if I check LJ at work, I check fic comms and I end up missing a lot of posts that friends make and I end up seeing them later. (That doesn't excuse me from not making a comment even if I see the post a few days later though, even if I feel awkward or whatever because it's late.)

And definitely in real life! Throughout a lot of last year, I didn't make as much of an effort as I could've. Even if it's just simple texting or something, I can do better at keeping in touch. Something!

5. Stop with the impulse buying. I need to make sure that I can get my bills paid first. If I have extra, then sure, buy something but last year, I had a hard time resisting when I saw something that I wanted. I'm going to have better control when it comes to that.

So, those are the big resolutions for me this year. :)
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Dani: Papa LMAOumbralillium on January 2nd, 2011 04:47 am (UTC)
#5 *DIES OF LOLZ* Yeah, like that'll ever happen. ^__~