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09 November 2005 @ 09:50 am
Father of the Brat, Chapter 2  
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Okay, so I know you can see the previous chapter, but work with me. I'm making sure that I get the tag on the link for previous chapters right before I do anything. So here's hoping, right?

So...to find out what happened before: Chapter 1

Chapter Two:

Spike looked up at the woman (who seemed to find this incredibly amusing) and frowned. Then something else occurred to him.

“So, I have a daughter. Mind telling me why I’m just finding out about it now?” he asked.

“The answer to that question should be obvious, Mr. Giles. Obviously, the mother never told you. The father doesn’t have to be present when the child is born in order to have his name put on the birth certificate. Anyone at the hospital or school would have assumed that you and Drusilla were either divorced or, maybe, that you were dead. There are a number of explanations for why no one ever tried to contact you about your daughter.” Buffy replied, crossing her legs. At the movement, Spike was momentarily distracted and had to mentally shake himself.

“What I mean is, no one ever thought to let me know that I had a kid somewhere out there, so why are they notifying me now? She doesn’t have any family besides me, or what?”

This question elicited a mixture of sadness and anger that flickered through her eyes before she answered.

“Yes, she has other family besides you. But we usually contact the remaining parent first. In this situation, we contacted other relatives because Dawn might have already been familiar with them. None of them wanted her.”

Buffy watched the shock and anger cross over Spike’s face and felt a glimmer of hope. If he felt this way before he had even met his daughter then she knew that he’d make a good father.

“What do you mean, none of them wanted her? Why the bloody hell not?” Spike demanded.

“Drusilla, apparently, didn’t get along too well with the rest of her family. They refused to take in her daughter.” Spike took this information in before sitting back and nodding.

“Right, then. So, when does she arrive?”

Buffy blinked at the now unquestioning acceptance. She pulled another sheet of paper out of her folder. “In a few days. That gives you a chance to prepare for her arrival, at least a little bit. On this sheet is all of her flight information. I’ll be meeting you at the gate before she arrives- to try and make your first meeting a little easier.” She held out the single sheet out to him. He read the information as he stood up. Well then, it looked like he was about to become a father.

Bloody hell.

What kind of father was he going to make? He was constantly traveling in order to write his stories and when he was home, the last thing he wanted was to be disturbed by other people. It looked like he’d be going to the magazine tomorrow and talking to them about writing some different types of articles.

And he’d have to tell his father of course. Spike almost smiled at he thought of what Rupert Giles’ reaction might be. The poor man would probably fall out of his chair. Spike decided right then and there that tomorrow he was going to go and tell his dad while he was at work. This meant going back to Sunnydale High because his father happened to be the school librarian and had been since they’d moved to Sunnydale. It also meant the running the risk of bumping into that little troll, Snyder.

Bloody hell.

“Mr. Giles?” At the sound of her voice, Spike shook himself. Damn, he’d been dangerously close to brooding. He couldn’t have that. That was Peaches’ job.

“Yeah?” He looked up to find her staring at him.

“I’ll meet you at 8:00. Her plane arrives at 9:00.” she told him. Spike nodded.

“Right. See you at 8:00 at the airport in a couple of days, then.” He headed towards the door and held it open for her. Before she walked out, she stopped in front of him and held out the folder from earlier.

“Here. You’ll need this. It’s her medical records and other things that she’ll need for school.” Spike nodded and took it. “See you in a few days, Mr. Giles.” Without waiting for a response, she walked out the door.

Spike shut the door behind her and started to put the birth certificate back in the folder when it hit him.

“Bloody hell. E. A. Summers. Elizabeth Anne Summers.” he said out loud. He smiled as he finally realized where he knew her from. “Buffy Summers of Sunnydale High.”