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02 November 2005 @ 10:54 am
Oh Dear Lord...  
Yeah, I'm quoting Giles. Why you may ask? Because I think I may officially be insane. And again, you ask why? Simple really. I've just joined not one, but two new communities that deal with spreading Christmas cheer for Buffy fans and VM fans. There's also a similiar community for Firefly fans but I don't know that fandom as well as I'd like despite the fact that I've seen a few episodes and went to see Serenity. And now, I'm going to share the love by telling you which communities so you can feel free to join if you want to as well!


And there you go. If you want a Christmas present that has to do with one of those fandoms (and I believe that in the user info for these communities, there's access to a Farscape santa community as well) then feel free to join me in my insanity.

That was pretty much all I had to say. LOL.
Feeling: crazycrazy