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12 July 2009 @ 03:47 am
I'm sorry but even if he's not your type....HOW ARE THERE PEOPLE THAT DON'T THINK HE'S GORGEOUS?

I love that picture. Best one from tonight's concert of him that I've seen.


Haha, what is my life now? LOOKING FOR HOT PICS OF THEM. Apparently.

Also? MATT! ANOOP! And Adam trying to grab Kris's ass at around 3:20 and them laughing it off. (This one is good for the close up of the reactions but there's a further away version of the vid that has all three grab attempts, lol!)

Oh and apparently, tonight, Adam got even dirtier with the mic stand than he ever has so far. Damn it, why do I NOT HAVE THE MONEY TO GO TO ONE OF THESE? They get better each time!
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breathlessly, like two idealists in a submarine: agynesscauls on July 12th, 2009 12:59 pm (UTC)

Nicole: Adam kissing Kris's cheekblue_icy_rose on July 12th, 2009 11:54 pm (UTC)

Hahaha, yeeeeeeeeees! In Sacramento! And in Oakland, Kris went to hold Adam's hand but Mr. Lambert was having none of that. TEASES. Also there was Kradam touching at the end of Hey Jude.
Dani: Chris Kane *giggle*umbralillium on July 12th, 2009 03:27 pm (UTC)
You know what I just did? Looked up tickets to the show nearest me in a few days (which is like 20 miles away ZOMG). *headdesk* $40+ for nosebleed tickets. HOLY. SHIT. I don't even have $20 to my name right now.

....I really do hate you, wench. *resists urge to go looking for Kradam icons*
Nicole: Kradam - the almost kiss!blue_icy_rose on July 12th, 2009 11:57 pm (UTC)
AHAHAHAHA! That is fantastic! (I've looked up tickets for the 2 shows nearest me - AZ and Dallas, damn it. Either way, I have to leave the state and I can't afford that. Why does NO ONE ever come to ABQ? WHY?)

OMG, if you ended up going, I would be happy that you were going but, not gonna lie, so jealous, lmao. And wishing I was there in CA!

Pffft. You love me. *urges you to look by using the totally canon shot of them looking like they're going to kiss icon*
Dani: Xander *pout*umbralillium on July 13th, 2009 12:08 am (UTC)
Yeah, someone had a list of tour dates on a video from the Oakland show and I was like 'WHAT? Ontario? NOWAI!' *facepalm* LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME!

No chance, I'd end up going alone because nobody else in my family cares. :(

NOOOOOOO! I'm compiling a list of rounds of kink prompts and am SOOOO tempted to prompt Kradam. Again I say, LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME!
Nicole: Adam likes the topblue_icy_rose on July 13th, 2009 12:17 am (UTC)

Oh booooo. I don't blame you for not wanting to go alone and I'm in the same boat over here. Even if I got tickets, no one here cares, lol. Unless I could maybe bribe Raven but I think I'd have to trade the concert for going to a wrestling match or something. (See, this is why I need to be in CA! Hmmm, heeeeeey, FBI job openings in CA, lol.)

AHAHAHAHA! *uses another canon moment from when Adam declared he liked the top and Kris just gave him that look before they burst out in giggles* Hey! If there's kink you want....there's a kink meme at ontd_ai with PLENTY of Kradam prompts! LOL. *whistles innocently and pointedly doesn't mention the radio hosting they did the other day where they played the disco stick song by Lady Gaga and Adam declared he loved disco sticks and Kris said they should do a Love Game duet*

They just write the fic for us, I swear.
Dani: Charlie you did not just say thatumbralillium on July 13th, 2009 12:29 am (UTC)

Not wanting to go alone, and having no transportation since the bus are hell on my head, which would be compounded by going to a concert. (Ooooh, YIS. Would love having a friend out here. ^__^)

XP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *goes back to writing Numb3rs AU fic very determinedly*

Seems like it. *giggles*
Nicole: Adorable Kris!blue_icy_rose on July 13th, 2009 12:34 am (UTC)

Buses would suuuuuuuuuuuck. I keep thinking "Just a drive if I don't want to fly" but then I think of gas money. And noooo. I would totally be satisfied with them driving through town. Maybe stopping...pffft. So wouldn't happen, lmao. (It'd be so fun! :D )

*pouts* Damn! LOL. Eventually, you'll give in! A little bit.

Ooooh yeah. They do. lmao, it's like J2 but these guys took less than a year to reach this level.
Dani: Dean/Sam hold me Samumbralillium on July 13th, 2009 12:46 am (UTC)
You would. *pouts*

Hate buses with a passion. All those people crammed in, never knowing when it was last cleaned, just...*shudders* NO. The thought of driving is almost as bad, different bad, skeery, but my only other alternative. (It would! I'd have someone to try and convince me to go to cons, for one thing. ^__~)

*smirks* I've given in enough, reading your fics. Are you not satisfied? *drama queen look*

Nicole: J2 & Kradam FTW!blue_icy_rose on July 13th, 2009 12:55 am (UTC)
Of course. *grins*

Yes! I rode a bus to get to AZ to meet up with Aimee when we saw the premiere of Ten Inch Hero (Jensen, do you see the things I do for you? Damn.) and yikes. The ride there wasn't bad but coming back it was sooooo crowded. I lucked out at sitting next to a cool guy, at least. (Haha! OMG, I'd probably just shove a ticket in your hand and drag you or something. You'd get SPN people out of it though, so win! :D )

Never! *dramatic sigh* But I suppose it'll have to do for now. Until I get pushy again, lol.

LMAO, right? The Paley Festival and the last few cons are proof enough! BUT, OMG, I HAVEN'T SEEN THE 11TH ANNUAL CRITIC'S CHOICE VIDEOS! MUST HUNT THOSE DOWN! Well, don't worry, I've been abusing capslock for.....who knows how long now? I've just given up trying to stop, lol.
Dani: Dean pen grinumbralillium on July 13th, 2009 02:45 pm (UTC)
Bitch. :P

And the noise! Good God, could they make them any noisier? Well, they probably could, but I still wouldn't ride in one. (You'd have to drug me just to get me in the hotel. Or get me drunk, 'cause all those people around? Yikes!)

You? Pushy? NEVER! ^__~

I think it was Critic's Choice. Look on dean_sam, I think that's where I saw it first.
Nicole: Gleeful!Sam - how could you resist?blue_icy_rose on July 14th, 2009 02:38 am (UTC)
Well......yeah. :P back at ya!

The smell too! That many people crammed into a small space with barely any windows open does NOT make for a pleasant smell. *shudders* (Hmmmm. Well, if you insist!)

I'm the very essence of patience, I'll have you know. *lips twitch*

Thanks, I'll have to check it out! :D
Rachel: AI: missyousofaar on July 12th, 2009 03:31 pm (UTC)
He's not even the right gender, for me, and I still think he's gorgeous. I seriously don't understand how anyone doesn't find him attractive either, have they looked at him? =P He's so prrrrrrrreeeetttty.

I think Kris is attractive, but I don't find him attractive, he's just too adorable. (Like Adam. . .I kind of want to make out with (he accidentally my sexuality a teeeeeney bit, as that's where my not-lesbian-ness stops.), but Kris. . . I just want to 'awwwwwwww 'at him. -- Hello, I'm Rae and I like to over-explain.

The ass-grabbing attempts are so many levels of awesome. Oh, Adam.

(And how is it possible for him to get dirtier with the mic stand?)

Edited at 2009-07-12 03:32 pm (UTC)
Nicole: Kradam you're so in love it's ridiculousblue_icy_rose on July 13th, 2009 12:03 am (UTC)
Seriously, he's just.....good Lord, I've never before wished to be a gay man before and then Adam Lambert happened and I was like "WTF, why was I born a girl? I have NO chance!" *FACEPALM*

LMAO, Kris is SO my type. I just recently realized while looking at one of the pics where he's laughing with the scrunched nose (why so adorable, Kris?) that the guy I had a thing for from 7th grade through all of HS (curse not wanting to ruin the friendship so I never DID anything about it, UGH) looks a hell of a lot like him - except with blue eyes, daaaaaamn. Only taller, lol. (Who am I kidding? I still see him and get all 'moron with a crush' about it. LOL!)

I know! And then Kris trying to grab his hand last night apparently. They don't know how to be subtle. AT ALL. Plus that radio broadcast - did you listen? OMG. Ha.

(I don't know how BUT HE DID. Every time he said 'deep down inside' he would slide his hand down his front and grab his crotch, on 'gonna give you every inch of my love' he did this pelvic thrust that was just GUH, and then on the next 'deep down inside' and 'whole lotta love' when he was straddling the mic stand, he slid down that sucker like it was a naked Kris Allen on his back and at full attention, all while stroking it and rolling his hips. JFC.)
Rachel: AI: Kris; home is in his guitar.missyousofaar on July 13th, 2009 12:26 am (UTC)
*HUGS* No, I understand. If was single, and a gay man, I'd be allllll over that.

It makes no sense, I know, but if I liked guys Kris would *totally* be my type, too. Hell, my mom (who does know I'm gay) when trying to convince me to watch this season was like, "Come on, Raaach. There is this one cute short boy, he's just your type." And, yeah. I really don't ever sound gay, do I? (But seriously, I'm a lesbian, not blind. I've mentioned I over-explain, yes? I won't be offended if you defriend me for my crazy over-explanations.) Heh. (The laughing with scrunched nose is like the most adorable thing ever.) Awww. Do something now?

Ahahaha, really? It's sad that this 'fandom' has made me ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ at hand holding. I mean, sure, it's cute in general, but the idea of Kris and Adam holding hands makes me kind of giddy. ::facepalms:: Er, yeah, they really don't know how to be. It's kind of hysterical. If this is them being subtle, I'd love to see how they are when they're not being subtle. =P You know, I missed that completely, and when I woke up my friend x_serenade was like flailing over it. I've downloaded the whole thing, but I still haven't listened. Though, I do know some of what they said. Oh, boys. ♥

(Daaaaaaaaaaaamn. I'm not sure that man could get more awesome/amazing. And I'm not really sure when getting progressively dirtier became this awesome, but.)

. . . I should "talk" less.
Nicole: Adam - hand shotblue_icy_rose on July 13th, 2009 12:49 am (UTC)
For real, lol. I'd so hit that.

LMAO, nah, I get it. I see women and go "If I liked women, I'd be all over her." (This is, maybe, why my friend D is constantly saying "Be my wingman!" and pointing out that the girl she likes will be there and she needs help or something, lol. I don't know!) LOL, is there a way to sound gay? Eh, who cares! (Pffft. Over-explain. I should try to find some of my long rambling comments and link you to them but then you might defriend me instead and I've decided to keep you, lol.) *sigh* I might do something now. Last I saw him, he was seeing someone. (I swear, I better not turn into Ross from Friends and have to wait 9 freaking years. Unless it turns out just as good for me. So yeah.)

I know! I don't remember the last time I got excited about hand-holding! Boys, be more obvious, I dare you. Quick, go take lessons from Jared and Jensen! (Oh, but they lost the ability to be subtle too. Jared announcing that he and Jensen celebrated the end of season 4 by having their own wrap party and Jensen adding they were late because Jared turned off the alarm. Yeesh.) Oh, yes, listen to it soon! Flailing was well-deserved! Kris's voice is just holy hell and he lowers it sometimes and just....whew. And Adam! Ha, Adam is fantastic.

(Right?! If this is what he's like on the American Idol tour, what is he going to be like on his solo tour? I'm not sure I'll be able to handle it!)

Rachel: AI: Surprise hugglemissyousofaar on July 13th, 2009 01:00 am (UTC)
Is it wrong that I kind of question the sanity of people who wouldn't hit that? =P

::nods:: (Ahahah, if you haven't, you totally should, if only for my own amusement.) Well, I could at the very least talk about hot girls, or something. I don't know. (ILY. Naah, I wouldn't do that! I'd probably want to bond over rambling or something. =D) Aww, okay. Well, I'll cross my fingers for you, or something! =D (=/ I know I'm missing the point, but I never really liked Ross/Rachel after they broke up. I don't know.)

Serrrriously! (. . .Wow, they're. . .wow. I've been kind of hooked on them, ever since you linked that fic in one of your posts. I ♥ them.) Heh, people on ontd_ai were talking about Kris and Adam becoming more like Gerard Way and Frankie Ican'tspellhislastname from My Chemical Romance, and I don't know if you like them, or if you know some of the various things they've done on stage, but my brain would probably become goo and ooze out my ears if Kris and Adam ever did anything like G/F do. I wiiiillll. Tomorrow after work, probably.

(Oh my god, I know, right?! One of my friends has told me, that when she goes (I believe she was talking about Adam's solo tour and Kris'), I have to go with her. I'll probably have to scrape her off the floor or something, lol)

You're awesome. =D
Nicole: Kris - leaning and looking hotblue_icy_rose on July 13th, 2009 04:52 am (UTC)
World of no. I question it too. LOL.

LOL!(I just might!) Hmmm. Yeah, I guess so. *nods* (If I find some, I totally will. I just have to remember where I made them. Usually I ramble at chosenfire28 so she'll probably know! LOL.) Hee, thanks! (And yeah, truthfully, me neither. I always liked Chandler and Monica better. *shrugs* I'll hope for that then!)

I need more non-subtle Kradam moments in my life, STAT! (Heeee, yay! More people should know about J2! There's apparently more evidence of their love thanks to the the vids from the 11th Annual Critics Choice Awards and I haven't seeeeeeeeeeen the vids yet! Damn. I have to find those. Then I'll link to them!) Oooh, I do like My Chemical Romance but I have no idea what G/F are like on stage so I'll take your word on it - and hope! LOL.

(I will diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie. LOL. Probably. No, wait, if I die I wouldn't be able to see any more concerts of his or Kris's. So I won't let myself. Even if it'd be an awesome way to go.)

:D Likewise!

Rachel: AI: I'll wait.missyousofaar on July 13th, 2009 05:07 am (UTC)

(Please tell me about it, if you do!) ::shrugs:: (Awesome! =D ::nods:: ) You're welcome! (I liked Rachel/Joey, once it had been like yeaaars after Ross/Rachel, but Chandler/Monica will always be my favorite from Friends. )

Right?! (I agree! Okay, cool! ) YAY. Well, they make out and sort of grope one another, or they did before Frankie got married, lol. I don't know if they still do. (http://community.livejournal.com/ontd_ai/1086715.html?thread=179022075#t179022075)

(Bring someone along to revive you!)