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22 June 2009 @ 09:30 pm
Part Two!  
Let's get to it, shall we?

Why Don't You Do Right (Like Some Other Guys Do) by strippedpink

Holy shit, this fic is made of awesome. Noir!AU based off of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Yeah, you read that right. And it works SO well. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a freaking PI, for crying out loud. And Jensen is Jessica Rabbit. (Which, yes, means Jared is Roger Rabbit.)

He heard Sandy sigh, leaned her way, but whatever words he might have responded with were lost the moment the first mellow notes sounded.

A smoldering saxophone was the only accompaniment to a low, sexy baritone that sent hot shivers down J.D.’s spine. Words about fever, and then the curtains pulled back to reveal a lone figure straddling a barstool. Fingers worked an ancient guitar, pluck by pluck, light catching the brim of a black fedora.

“What the hell…” J.D. trailed off as the head lifted and a pair of startling, green, masculine eyes traveled across the crowd. It was a little like being sucker-punched to the gut; J.D. liked women, hell, he loved women. This man sitting onstage and singing his heart out to a bunch of rich, horny perverts was more beautiful than any centerfold model he’d ever lusted after.

Don't Let It Go To Waste by kinkynicky

Angst in this one for a bit but, hey, happy endings remember? Promise!

When he turned, his smile didn’t really meet his eyes and he coughed awkwardly, expression a little embarrassed.

“Listen, Jay…” He sighed, running a hand through his hair, and Jared nodded, waiting for it. “Last night, we’d drank a whole lot, you know?” As he spoke, Jared felt his stomach churning, his hands shaking a little as he just watched Jensen make excuses for the fucking amazing kiss they’d had the night before. “I don’t think its something we should…dwell on. You know, just, we were drunk and being stupid.”

It wasn’t like Jensen meant to hurt him. Not like he even knew how Jared felt.

So it was okay, wasn’t it?

Love Shack 'verse by kueble_fic

*flails* This is one of the very first J2 'verses I read and I still go back and reread it and love it. Another awesome cast with awesome pairings. Also? Jensen sings To Make You Feel My Love to Jared at one point. Just....read.

Jared noticed a drop of beer glistening on the corner of Jensen’s mouth. Without thinking, he leaned over and lapped it up, his tongue tracing over Jensen’s lips before claiming his mouth in a kiss. He heard Alyson’s excited squeal behind him, but blocked it out as he cradled Jensen’s face in his hands and thrust his tongue into his mouth.

It was every bit as overwhelming as the pervious night; hot and wet and so damn needy. Jensen rested his hands on Jared’s hips, fingers sliding into his belt loops. He tugged, slamming their groins together as he nipped on Jared’s lower lip. Jared moaned into the kiss, licking into Jensen’s mouth and tasting the bitter flavor of beer and something sweeter that could only be Jensen.

“If you’d all kindly drag your eyes away from the hot spectacle by the bar, we’d like to start things up again,” Chris’s voice echoed through the bar. Jared pulled back from Jensen, eyes widening as he caught sight of Chris’s wink from the stage. Jensen wrapped an arm around his waist and settled in against the bar to watch the show.

If I recall correctly, you mentioned a Conflict of Interests by strippedpink

It's a gaming AU. GAMING AU. I don't even need to say anything else. Except that you need to read it.

“I’m a designer,” Jensen continued, and Jared nodded along with faux-interest until, “…video games. I design video games, and develop them, and I’m sort of here for my first—”

“Convention,” Jared finished, unable to believe his own freaking luck. “You’re here for E3?”

“Yeah,” Jensen said slowly. “How did you…?”

Dear Jesus, please let him be gay, and I’ll take of your body and blood again every Sunday—morning and afternoon. I mean it this time.

“I’m sort of here for—not my first—convention, too.” Jared knew he was possibly grinning like a lunatic, but it was hard to care. He was into this guy, and he’d been into far little in far too long. “Wow. It must be fate.”

Living Just to Breathe by lostt1

I...may have reached that point where I just keep reccing my favorite authors. But whatever. Chasing Liberty AU but still different so you should totally read it.

Jensen looked at him, forcing Jared cross-eyed. But he wouldn't, couldn't, pull away. He released the breath he was holding and let his head slide down to rest on Jensen's shoulder, his face buried in Jensen's neck.

"We were in the middle of all this beautiful scenery full of history and...and all you saw was me." Jared hoped Jensen could hear the wonder in his voice. Jared was stunned when he realized that when he looked at Jared, he saw something amazing, something Jared had never seen in himself.

Jensen buried his nose in Jared's hair and wrapped his arms around him, one hand on the back of his neck and the other low on his back.

Say You're Mine by belyste

OMG, I loved it when I saw this - HIMYM type AU, come on! Jensen and Jared are just...oh, you want to strangle them and push them together. Boys, yeesh.

Jared glares at her. “It’s a good thing you’re getting engaged today and there’s some kind of universal law about being mean to almost-engaged people, or I’d have something very mean to say right now.”

“Sure you would,” Adrianne says, grinning. “Marshmallow.”

“I’ll have you know, I have a very mean side,” Jared tells her. “It’s legendary. People quake with fear. It’s very mean.”

“And I look forward to seeing it,” Adrianne replies. “Especially if it’s anything like that time you helped a lady carry her bags right after she budged in front of you in line. But right now I’m going to work my own well-developed mean side and kick you out before my girlfriend gets home.”

I Don't Want to Be In Love (But You're Making Me) by strippedpink

You should probably just get used to seeing the name on my list - favorite fics that get reread a lot, okay? For instance, I opened it to get a quote and read the entire thing again.

Anyway! Tom and Mike are so very gay in this that I crack up and oooh! Riley Smith is in this one, how rare is that? And I've never seen the movie it's based off of but I kind of want to after reading this.

“Wow,” Jared says, amazed, flustered. “He’s really—”

“Out of your league, princess.” Mike shoots Chad a heated glare, before tossing back his drink and stomping off with a pronounced swish of hips and glitter. Jared blinks after him.

“Eh, don’t mind him, Jay.” Chad runs a hand through his—dear god—pink hair. “But he’s probably right…Jensen Ackles isn’t for the faint of fairy heart.”

Domestic Bliss & Other Oxymorons by winterweathered

And again, the dialogue kills me - in a good way. And Danneel and Gen are fantastic in this. Yay! Jensen's conversations with his mom are made of win.

"And he's always freaking texting while he's driving. He thinks he's multitasking. But I'm the one who's going to have to go identify his giant stupid face when they scrape it off Highway 99."


"Mom? Are you listening?"


"Mom, I'm thinking about setting MacKenzie up with my buddy Steve. You remember him? The one who was wearing the headscarf and playing naked banjo that time you and Dad met us in Vail? I think he'd be the perfect father for your future grandchildren."

"Mmhmm—I mean. What? Oh, Jensen. I'm listening."

All That And a Tiki Warrior Costume by poor_choices

It's no secret that I kind of love the HSM movies and I'm constantly wanting to write stuff as an HSM AU. And I want to write a J2 one, which wouldn't be nearly as funny and awesome as this but that's totally besides the point. The point is that you should SO read it!

So, okay, it's not like their love is completely supported by the stereotypical high school hierarchy. But that's just because the stereotypical high school hierarchy is pathetically heteronormative.

"That's a lot of big words to justify you being single," Danneel points out. Danneel is a pretty decent faghag, except that she questions Jared's judgment and choices and emotions, which is super annoying. Especially given she's usually right.

"I'm not even sure he knows he can be gay!" bemoans Jared. "I blame abstinence-only sex education."

"At least you know that means he's not getting any from anyone else," Danneel points out.

That is the bright, shining beacon of hope in Jared's world. Jensen is single, which means that maybe, possibly, somehow, Jensen knows homosexuality is an option and is pining away for Jared and has just missed that if Jared were any gayer, he'd actually catch fire.

there moves a thread that has no end by strippedpink

Shut up, I told you this list would have my favorite authors ALL THE TIME.

“I just wanted you to know, and like…if you had any questions or anything.” Jared’s laughter subsides to hiccups, and he sobers even more on catching the glare Jensen’s throwing his way. “Not everyone wants a ticket on the Ackles Express.”

Jensen has about three seconds to be offended--or should he be impressed?--and then Jared’s laughing again, the sound friendly and teasing, and Jensen can’t help but smile. Shove Jared’s shoulder. “Asshole.”

“Sooo not my type,” Jared sings, backing away and tossing off an extremely flamboyant handwave that has Jensen rolling his eyes. Jared’s teeth flash and he turns away, whistling.

Rockstar verse by tempestquill

Jensen as the lead singer and Jared and Chad as groupies turned roadies/bodyguards? How do you not love it? Starts with Cat Scratch Fever and goes from there! I need to read this again. It's been awhile.

“Padalecki. That’s his name, Jared Padalecki,” Chad responded, because it should have been obvious, and then he nearly choked on his beer again as Mike said, “Paddywhack and Jenny. Damn, sounds like a porno in the making.”

Steve rolled his eyes and looked up from his guitar. “Jen’s gonna kill ya for real this time, Mikey.”

“He can’t kill me for getting him laid,” was Mike’s cofident response.

“But Jared can kill you for calling him Paddywhack,” Chad said, and offered a beer to Mike.

“And don’t even think about dragging that camcorder out,” Tom added in a warning note.

Jensen's Not So Secret Crush by jeyhawk

And this one comes with a sequel attached!

Jensen was pretty sure he hated Chris, hated him with a vengeance. Once upon a time he would have called him one of his best friends, but that was before he showed up on a Saturday night with two bottles of whiskey for the newlyweds. Jared hadn’t even blushed at that, but Jensen had and it was totally unfair, especially when Chris had given him that all too knowing look when his ears turned red.

Two hours later Jensen was well on his way to getting stupidly drunk and he was still stupidly in love with Jared, hanging on his every word like a fucking fangirl. Chris, the perceptive bastard, was of course noticing this, grinning into his tumbler like a fucking loon. If he did one single thing to alert Jared to what was going on in Jensen’s mind, Jensen was going to kill him.

Not Quite Model Behavior by indigo_blindfic

Such a thing for AUs...obviously. And this one? Based off of America's Next Top Model. (What? I liked the one based off The Bachelor too. *goes to find*)

He stood and pointed Jared in the direction of the door when he suddenly found himself with a lapful of Padalecki as Jared managed to catch his foot on the leg of the coffee table and tripped.

“See man, that’s what I was talking about.” Jared laughed a little sheepisly as he pulled himself up. “I didn’t hurt you or anything did I?”

Jensen shook his head and smoothed the front of his jacket down, trying not to notice the effect that Jared’s trip and subsequent landing on him had had.

Jensen really needed to get laid if spending just twenty minutes in Jared’s presence left him so hard that he could probably split the table in front of him in two if he tried. Also he knew that if he was going to be spending the next few weeks watching Jared go through the challenges then he was going to be spending a lot of time making friends with his right hand.

Your Brains Are No Match For My Tractorbeam by poor_choices

OMG, it's Big Bang Theory J2 AU! I don't even have words. *flails* And there's other parts in the series so you should look those up too. But first it all starts here with totally awkward Jensen and laidback Jared and then? There's Chad and Gabe. :D

"Here's a crazy thought," says Gabe two days later. "You could ask him out."

Jensen snorts. "I don't date, Gabe. It takes time away from my studies."

"Boo-tay call! Boo-tay call!" says Chad.

"Jared's not going to use me for sex," says Jensen. "I'm outside of Jared's zone of sexual acceptability. Do you need to see the chart?"

"If you show me the chart I will shove my foot up your ass. And you wouldn't get off on it," says Chad.

Jensen doesn't dignify that with a response.

Sam/Dean Epic Love verse - J2 and Sam/Dean parts by poor_choices (Shocking!)

So, basically, Jared stays on Gilmore Girls a little longer and Jensen stays on Dark Angel a little longer. They meet, become friends, date, and then both get on this show. You might've heard of it. Called Supernatural. And it's about Sam and Dean...who are ex-boyfriends and trying to find Sam's dad while hunting baddies. (The Sam/Dean stuff is just as good as the J2!)

"Dude, this is the lamest thing ever. No one's even drunk yet," Chad complains when Jared slips into the One Tree Hill pack.

"I'm doing my best," Jared says.

"Yeah, take one for the team, bitch," Chad agrees, chugging his own drink.

"If I'm taking one for the team, what are you doing?" Jared asks.

"Taking one for me. Jesus Christ, I hate these things."

"Don't let the press hear you say that."

"They've probably heard me say worse."

What? I have love for Chad, especially the way poor_choices writes him. Hilarious! I should probably put a J2 quote in there. Huh. Okay, here:

"Dude, don't you have other friends?" asks Jensen when he calls to ask.

"In Vancouver? No way. Vancouver sucks."

"Which is why you're trying for a show up here," says Jensen, "clearly."

"I just want to be a whole country away from Milo fucking Ventmiglia."

"I think you could take him. This might come as a shock, but you've got this height advantage."

"Seriously?" asks Jared, mock-shocked. "How come no one ever told me that?"

Basically? Anything by strippedpink, lostt1, winterweathered, or poor_choices (can find the fics at longsufferingly) should be on your list of things to read. Just go hunt it all down. There's a reason there's a bazillion fics of theirs on my list (and a reason why I wanted to put others but restrained myself - my willpower is awesome tonight).

Okay, I've actually probably got way more that I could rec but I have to get to bed. So hope you guys enjoy the fics!
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Rachelmissyousofaar on June 23rd, 2009 08:25 pm (UTC)
It'll take me forever, but I'm so going to read all of thoses.
JOURNEY (in all caps): spn - boys - kiss against walllostt1 on June 24th, 2009 01:26 pm (UTC)
You're too sweet. I'm glad you like my fics enough to rec them. :)