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22 June 2009 @ 05:15 pm
J2 Rec List  
So, some of the stuff on here is old and some of it is new. The point is, I love ALL of them and they're all way awesome and fun to reread. I'm doing this the way I usually do my rec lists - title, author, and a quote from the fic. (And, yeah, I'm pretty much all about the happy endings so even if there's angst in the story, relax! If it's not happy, I'll warn you.)

I pretty much just felt like doing this because while I've been flailing about over Kradam lately, I've been reading Big Bang fics and just rereading J2 fics in general and rediscovering my flail over them. So, here's my list and there's so a chance it'll get split into two posts because of length.

College!verse by aleia

Okay, there are no words for my love of this 'verse. The first part is Things I Learned My Freshman Year (the lessons at the end of each part are classic) and the second part is Second Verse (Not Quite Same As The First). There's also a fic that's Jensen's POV of Freshman, a fic for the summer in between, and if I remember right, a fic about their spring break and time stamps for the other couples that appear in the verse and prequel about Jensen and Chris first becoming friends. LOVE!

Freshman quote:

“We should probably talk about this or something,” Jensen explained.

“S’okay. I’m good.” Jared leaned in, but Jensen only allowed him a couple short kisses.

“Talking now.” Jensen kissed him again quickly before placing his hands on Jared’s shoulders and pulling back.

“Yeah, yeah. Okay.” Jared nodded as Jensen turned around and noticed Allie sitting on the bed.

“Shit. Hey Allie. Um, sorry about that.”

“It’s cool. I’m good. Just keep pretending I’m not here.” Allie grinned and leaned back on the bed.

Second Verse quote:

It was really not fair that Jeff was making all his issues look stupid. “Justin’s been trying to get me to like him.”

“So really, the only issue is that you want Jensen to care about you and only you?”

“I’m fine with his other friends. Jerk.” He was awesome and understanding. Chris got all over Jensen when they were drunk and Alexis slept in his bed and he was cool with that. He was okay with Pete. Jensen lost his virginity to Pete, and Jared was fine with him e-mailing Pete every week. Jared was the coolest boyfriend ever.

Heaven's Just A Sin Away by jeyhawk

Ghost-like!Jensen and medium!Jared. Go for it!

“I keep hoping,” Jensen continues, his voice going so soft it’s almost a whisper, “that I’ll wake up one day and finally get to kiss you, hold you like I want to, be the first one to show you what love is all about… because Jesus Christ, Jared, as fucked up and stupid as it is… I love you.”

They both hold their breath for a few seconds, waiting for something to happen, like Jensen getting sucked back into his body, but life isn’t a romance novel and no bells are chiming in background.

“Well…” Jared says after a few seconds. “I love you, too.”

They look at each other and then they start laughing, the sound unnaturally loud in the dark room and if there’s an edge of desperation to it, they both pretend it’s not there.

Everyone Experiments In College by indysaur (Shut up, I have a THING for college AUs, okay? And Sophia Bush. And Rosenbaum. And pretty much the entire cast of this fic.)

Jensen staggers under Jared's weight, elbows him hard in the side. "Shut up, man. Stop volunteering so much goddamn information. If I want to know, I'll ask."

Jared grins. Grumpy Jensen's kind of funny, and besides, Jensen's pouring him onto the couch now and pulling a blanket up to his chin, and it's ok if Jen wants to nag while he does it. "You're like my mom," he beams.

Wow, Jared thinks, Jensen sure can get his eyes real narrow.

A Room With You In It by winterweathered

Seriously, she writes some of the best dialogue and they're always such guys. I love it.

When the sales guy comes back and says, "Got any color schemes in mind?" Jared gives Jensen the brightest smile he can and says, "We like 'raspberry ice' for the bedroom, isn't that right, sugar lips?"

Later, when they're walking through the parking lot with a bunch of cans of paint in deep reds and navy blues, Jensen says, "When we die, they are going to make a special level of heaven for me, where I get to sit around drinking Macallan and watching them torture you in your special level of hell. For all eternity. You'll see."

"All eternity, huh?"

"Two eternities. Three."

Jared swings an arm, smacks Jensen in the ass with a bucket of Arroyo Red. "At least we'll be together, lover pie."

When You Care Enough To Hit Send by poor_choices (Yes, another college AU. Shut up.)

Fantastic series - I love it.

"Look on the bright side," says Jensen, "at least they're not telling you how sweet Chad sounds."

Jared laughs, a real laugh this time. "The hidden downside to supportive parents."

"Mine wanted me to date Chris for a while," Jensen admits. He does his best mother impression. "Oh, Jensen, he takes such good care of you, and he always sounds so polite on the phone..."

"They think Chris takes care of you?"

"My theory is they don't know Southern Comfort is alcohol and just assume he hugs me a lot."

The One With The Questionable Heterosexuality by poor_choices (Friends AU! With SMG and David Boreanaz - though he is David Gellar in this. Ha!)

"She's obsessed with me being gay for Jared."

Right then, of course, Jared vaults over the couch and lands next to Jensen on the cushion, settling in close. "Hi, honey, I'm home."

"This isn't even our apartment, retard."

David raises his eyebrows. "Yeah, no idea why anyone would ever think you're gay."

"The hair," says Jared, instantly.

"Shut the fuck up."

it's guy love (between two guys) by kellifer_fic

Oh Jensen. You're SO oblvious.

His sister, after hugging the daylights out of him, had then proceeded to wave a hand in the air by his left side and frown. "Something's missing... it's usually right here," she'd said with an evil glint in her eyes. Steve's first question after Jensen's well being was where Jared was and Chris had even asked him where his better half had gotten to.

Jensen had shrilled at all of them mostly the same way, defending his right to be a human on his own and how he wasn't always with Jared. Also, if even one more single member of his family used the term Padackles when referring to him and Jared like they were one mutant being he was going to be breaking out the can opener on all the whoop-ass.

there's a piece of a puzzle... by strippedpink

Ha. Poor Jensen. His life is so hard, the details of why can be found in this fic. (Best friend's little brother being hot? Life ruining.)

“Hey.” Jared looked up, and Jensen held out a hand. Felt heat crawling up his neck when Jared’s gaze dipped, tongue sweeping across his mouth, before he reached out and wrapped his fingers around Jensen’s.

“Thanks,” he said, soft and shy, and then he jerked. Hard. Jensen went tumbling in on Jeff’s groan, and resurfaced to find Jared grinning back at him. “Sucker.”

“You…” Jensen bit down on his cheek, feeling the heated water swishing around his clothes, skin. He couldn’t help but laugh. “I can’t fucking believe I fell for that.”

“Not your fault, I’m real cute.” Jared made a ridiculous face, and goddamn it, he was that fucking cute.

Practically Perfect in Every Way by bertee

Based off of Mary Poppins. What's not to love? Also, not gonna lie, I love this quote because it's Jared and Chad and Chad mentions American Idol.

"Together? Fuck, no. I don't care how much he looks like a girl - I'm not getting on board that train."

Jared gave a long-suffering sigh. "Thank you, Chad."

As far as Chad was concerned, sarcasm was just a nasty rumor. "You're welcome, bro." He looked back to Jensen. "I'm just here to make sure he gets the right guy for the job. Kinda like American Idol." He patted Jared on the shoulder. "He's Paula."

Jared scrubbed a hand across his face. "Why am I friends with you?"

"Because otherwise you'd have hired the dog-sitter who tried to talk to you in Klingon," Chad explained.

Jealousy and Zac Efron Don't Mix. Except When They Do. With Explosive Results. by zams

Zac. Efron. Too funny not to put here.

Jared sighs dreamily when the wink occurs, sounding like a twelve year old girl with her first crush as he does so, and Jensen wants to break something. Preferably Zac’s face. Or his arm. Or leg. Any body part really. Jensen’s not picky.

Jensen sits down on the couch, close to Jared, but not overly so. Jared’s engrossed in the movie again, and not sparing Jensen a thought. Turning to the TV, Jensen glares murderously at Zac. Not for the first time, he wonders what’s so goddamn special about Zac twinky-boy Efron.

To the Beat of Our Noisy Hearts by lostt1

This is a 'verse and I LOVE it. This also includes Say What You Need, Home is Where The Heart Is, DJ Ep tags.

"Jared'll be there," he said before heading into his room. "Maybe you can act on that crush of yours," he shouted over his shoulder.

"So he's gay?"

"What?" Mike asked, walking back into the room while tugging a t-shirt over his head. He sniffed the collar and shrugged to himself. "Oh. Not really sure. But everyone's a little gay for you, Jenny."

Jensen glared at his friend. "And the fact that I'm not gay?"

Mike waved his hand in the air. "Minor detail."

Damn the Man by lostt1

Empire Records AU! \o/

He swallowed hard, palms sweating at the thought of opening up to Jared completely, telling him what he had hidden for years. "Yeah, so how do I do that?"

"You say, 'I love you,'" Jeff told him, amusement dancing in his eyes. "What do you want? Written instructions?"

Jensen ignored the question, trying hard not to pout. The idea of telling Jared the truth terrified him. He worried that it would mess up their friendship, that Jared would laugh at him, or worse, that he would freak out and never speak to him again. Jensen just wanted Jeff to give him a better idea of what to say.

Jeff turned his attention to the book in front of him. "So, today?"

"By noon," Jensen replied before catching sight of the clock on the wall. Nine thirty. Noon was too soon. He still needed to prepare what he was going to say, how he would say it. "By noon or one. By 1:37 exactly."

I'm so continuing this in another post. *sigh*

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