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11 May 2009 @ 09:29 pm
HSM Fic Rec List  
Okay, really, this is more like a Chad/Ryan fic rec list. *shrugs* I was in the mood for it! The list doesn't come close to including all the fics that I've got bookmarked or have read but I did put quite a few of my absolute favorites on here.

I did this fic rec list a bit differently than usual. The title is still the link to the story. But this time, I put a small excerpt or quote from each fic (or from the first chapter if it's a chaptered fic) that I really like and then just a sentence or two about what I like about the fic.

Phone Calls by elvensorceress

Chad starts to respond, but Sharpay snatches his phone away and asserts, “You are all gay as daisies. Now, let me have my study partner.”

She hands it back before Ryan answers, and Chad has the phone to his ear when Ryan sweetly remarks, “I love you, too.”

Chad and Ryan’s relationship is told through phone conversations entirely in this one and this fic just helps prove why elvensorceress is the one that got me into this pairing in the first place!

Bacchanalia by magickalmolly

And, really, he plans on just taking a little peek. Chad's a teenage boy and it's totally normal for him to be curious about what the other teenage boy and his date are doing on the other side of the room. But Ryan is sitting at the perfect angle for Chad to see his face, and while the rhythmic motion of Kelsi's hand should have Ryan's eyes squeezed tight, his gaze is, surprisingly, on Chad.

I never thought I’d find Ryan/Kelsi and Chad/Taylor so hot but this one had me wowed. (Not going to lie, a large part of that is the UST between Chad and Ryan.)

Best Friends by ienablue

The song had a pretty jaunty tune, and it was quite catchy; Troy had even heard Ryan humming it a few times. Ryan had actually been the first to tell Troy about the musical, and the song itself. To some degree, Troy felt stupid asking his best friend if he was gay through a song, but as he learned last year, songs solved everything.

Oh man, Troy. No words. Ahahahaha. You win. *grins*

Joint Custody by bachelor_girl

"Oh my god. Ryan Evans put some clothes on. I seriously do not need to see this." Ryan didn't have to turn around. It's not like his sister didn't have the world's most distinctive shriek.

I love the idea of Sharpay and Chad “sharing” Ryan. As Sharpay would say, fabulous!

Reunion by jalabert

"I'm with someone," Ryan said bluntly, averting his eyes to the untouched bottle in his hand. "I--."

"I never expected you to wait forever," Chad replied, nodding slowly. "Hence the hat," he added, gesturing toward the cap Ryan had dropped onto the table when he sat down. "Consider it tossed into the ring. I'm declaring my bid. No pressure; but if things should change…" Chad rose to his feet. "He's probably expecting you to show up at that party."

One of my absolute favorite writers in the HSM fandom, as well as one of the reasons I love Chad/Ryan so much, and this fic is just a glimpse of why. I love jalabert’s characterization in every single fic, whether it’s set in the future or set during the movie timelines.

Ever After by elvensorceress

Ryan's perched on a stool at the kitchen counter, spoon in his mouth and magazine page in his hand. His hair is mussed, sticking up all over, and the t-shirt and pajama pants he has on don't exactly fit him the same way they do Chad. But Ryan swivels a little in his seat, completely unconcerned. He licks the utensil before twirling it back in his cup of yogurt and flips the page he's been perusing.

Chad isn't sure why it makes his whole chest feel like it's bursting, but it does.

He pads across the room and leans over the counter, then runs a finger over the top of Ryan's hand. Ryan doesn't look up from his magazine, but he smiles and lifts his hand and Chad's fingers slip between his.

*happy sigh* And again with the characterization that I love. elvensorceress is the other author whose characterizations I absolutely love.

Volume by jalabert

It began as mutual laughter, then an occasional giggle. Eventually, though, the laughter became incessant and Zeke sat up, wondering what on earth could possibly be that funny. It belatedly occurred to him that one of the guys was apparently into being tickled--presumably Ryan, since Zeke knew from experience that anyone who tickled Chad for more than ten seconds risked having his lights punched out. The laughter abruptly stopped and Zeke was finally able to relax. But then the moaning and hissing began. Zeke rolled over, shut his eyes and began to recite the pledge of allegiance…to no avail.

Zeke! Oh, Zeke, you’re awesome. Actually, the last line is probably one of my most favorite things about this but posting it here would give it away. ^_^ You’ll have to read it for yourself.

Pinch Hitter by elvensorceress

He’s okay when Troy kisses him. He’d never point out that Gabriella isn’t a constant – he just tries to prove that he is. It’s fine that Troy thinks about long, dark hair and soft, small curves. Chad doesn’t always think about Troy.

He does think about blue eyes and a really perfect mouth.

Are you sensing a pattern in the authors on this list? I swear I’ll add variety! But, look, angsty boy sex – how could I not add this?

More Than We Bargained For by jannika

It’s impossible of course. He can't. The little rich white boy drama geek cannot fall for the ultra cool African American sports god guy. Interracial and Homosexual? He's pretty sure his parents would rather he slept with Sharpay. So he can't- of course he can't, but god how he wants too. He's in serious trouble.

I love the style that this one is written in and the journey that Chad and Ryan take, both separately and together, in this one. Lovely.

Anymore by bamboozledone

Troy doesn’t like the way Chad looks at him anymore.

Because, honestly, Chad doesn’t look at Troy the same way he looks at Ryan, and Troy really wishes he did. Chad gets this stupid-happy smile on his face whenever the less assertive Evans twin saunters in the room and the two boys scoot closer to one another, amidst giggles and knowing glances from classmates. Troy knows that when Chad looks at his best friend he smiles a cursory grin because that’s what friends do and all, and somehow, that makes the feeling of loneliness all the worse.

One-sided Chad/Troy with Chad/Ryan in there as well. Poor Troy. One day, your prince will come.

The Dos and Don’ts of Falling In Love by glitter_my_glam

Chad Danforth thought it was very odd when men wore makeup.

But sometimes, after a show, Ryan’s eyeliner would smudge and he would look so…naughty. Chad would push him against a wall, nibbling along his throat and rolling their hips together until Ryan was hard and begging him for release, begging Chad to ease the ache. Chad would take pity on him, of course, dropping to his knees and going to work. Later, once Ryan’s face was scrubbed pink and clean he would sigh happily, thanking the Lord for musical theatre and Maybelline.

Such a wonderful view of what Chad and Ryan don’t like (even when they really do).

Sick by hannah_sheree

Ryan beamed at him, obviously not bothered by the tone of his voice. But then again, when was Ryan ever bothered by anything? "You were sick, so I decided to come over here and look after you!"

"Dude, much as I appreciate that, won't you get sick too?"

"No. Unlike some people, I'm not scared of needles and had my shot for cold and flu." Ryan stated in a very I told you so way.

Chad glared at him. "Hey, those needles hurt!"

Don’t worry, Chad, I feel your pain. Needles are the devil. This one was very sweet, with sick!Chad and nurse!Ryan and an appearance from big sis Sharpay.

Blindfold by hannah_sheree

He spun a stunned Ryan around and shoved him against the door (though he did take care to only do it forcefully; he was mad, but he never wanted to hurt Ryan. Unless he asked. But that was a whole new issue, and one that they'd explored only once).

The reason he'd chosen the door and not anywhere else was because it had hooks, where Ryan would often hang his hats for the day. This one was free, and it now held Ryan's bound hands above his head. Nice touch, Chad thought personally.

Jealous!Chad, blindfolding, bondage. Enough said.

Bitten by jalabert

Chad smiled appreciatively, but he knew that the scarf around his neck was more than a fashion statement. Ryan may have fooled the rest of the class into thinking that it was there to set off the outfit. Chad knew better. He knew exactly what lay beneath the silk.

And the return of jalabert! Short but that’s okay, it was well done and a part of the porn battle that went on! Plus, there’s others that come after this in this entry.

Payback – sequel to Bitten by jalabert

Turnabout is fair play, but there was nothing fair about the way Ryan dragged Chad into the men's room at the back of the store, grabbed him by the hair and kissed him hard.

Yum. All I have to say.

Take Me, Baby, or Leave Me by vartangerine16

They thought they were being gracious, allowing her to finish the year out, allowing her to produce one last high school musical masterpiece. But really, their “grace” was a huge slap in her face. They might as well have said straight up “While your record here at East High School is impeccable and all your musical productions have been sold-out hits, we’re firing you because we can’t have a lesbian teaching here.”

This is the fic that first got me interested in the pairing of Sharpay/Taylor. It’s also Chad/Ryan so bonus! The fic hasn’t been updated since 2007 though so be prepared to be left hanging. Still, it’s worth it and the author has said that it is only on an indefinite – NOT permanent – hiatus. So, one day, it’ll be updated!

Coming to Terms by jalabert

"I realized that telling them wouldn't really change anything. They'd know what I am. They still wouldn't know who. I'm not sure I even know who I am anymore."

Ryan nodded.

"I know the feeling," he said.

This series is absolutely fantastic! Even better, it’s still being updated. I love rereading this whenever I get the chance. There are glimpses of Albuquerque and let me say, as someone who lives here, I think it’s well done. This is great, getting to see Chad and Ryan go from just starting a friendship to the latest piece where each of them are considered family to the other’s parents (and Sharpay) and you get to see development in all the characters, not just those two. The latest part of the series, Trial and Error, is complete but the third part isn’t in the memories yet so you’ll just have to click the tag for it.

Boy Disease by elvensorceress

“It’s either that or class,” Ryan winked. “She would’ve gone herself, but she’s meeting with Darbus now and can’t skip out on that. And she’d rather someone do it for her, you know? So.” He started off in the opposite direction, but stopped and turned. “You wanna come with me?” he asked, looking so unbelievably hopeful Chad would’ve said yes even if he didn’t hate history class. “I’ll buy you lunch,” Ryan smirked, biting his lip.

“Dude,” Chad grinned ridiculously and bounded toward the other boy. “You don’t have to ask twice.”

And here’s the fic that got me completely and utterly hooked on Chad and Ryan as a couple. The characterizations, the slow build...it’s just lovely. It’s also complete with 24 parts. *beams at the boys*
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