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26 March 2009 @ 09:30 pm
Days later, that Eyecon post I promised Krystal and Lani  
And it's complete with rambling and whatever I could remember. Which is hopefully not all scrambled but you never know. We'll skip my rambling now (Lord knows, I didn't in the rest of this) and just get straight to the post.

Day 1 (aka the fairly boring day when it comes to stories):

Okay, so the flight went fine – switched planes, luggage didn’t get lost (bonus!) and I managed to get a cab to the hotel all right. Check in, blah, blah, blah.

The hotel doesn’t get CW so unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the new episode right away but sarah_p had a DL available that night so there was no problem! I know that there were some people getting together to go somewhere that did get CW to watch it but I have no idea who they were or where they went. But whatever.

Friday, I spent most of the day relaxing and just killing time until registration for the con started, which was at 4:00. So I walked the mall, flirted with a cute sales guy that had an accent (and then bought something so I could continue flirting *facepalm*), and bought a boxed set I’ve been wanting but can’t find at home (yay Hex!). I also had to avoid the cleaning lady at the hotel because she showed up earlier than I thought and so then she had to come back later and so I had to leave again once I realized she hadn’t shown back up.

Seriously, I think this could be part of my spending problem.

But I went and walked around some more, did some window shopping, and then eventually it was four and registration started – it was pretty empty since I showed up early, lol. So I got my stuff and discovered that Kenny had switched out my Jared photo op and autograph for a Misha one as he’d said he would and was happy for it. I bought a Jim photo op since I hadn’t gotten one before and was going to buy a Julie autograph but was told to just hand the cash over to them at the autograph table for that one.

And it was off the vendor’s room where I ended up getting well-acquainted with the Cinequest guys. That first time to their table, I bought In The Hunt - a book of unauthorized essays put together by supernatural.tv, a copy of John’s journal, pictures of Misha and Julie to get signed, and a couple of photos of the boys that were just too pretty to pass up, and the traveler’s mug that says “Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.” As a result of spending, I got some free pictures (Dean dressed as the coach with the saying on the back “Coach wants YOU to go to Cinequest.com!” lmao and the boys in their suits) as well as a magnet of Dean in his tux with the saying “Who you gonna call? Dean Winchester.” with his phone number on it – I was amused. I told the guys I’d probably be back for a sweatshirt once I had figured out my money and that was that. I also browsed at other tables and I just knew I was going to end up at those tables again.

I also had a moment of “Seriously?” when it finally registered where I was sitting after I had looked at my badge.

So I got those all up to the room and then went off to get dinner. Once I’d done that, I wandered back upstairs, did some unimportant stuff, and then I ended up – you guessed it – back in the vendor’s room where I went back up to the Cinequest table and went “I’m back for the sweatshirt!” and the guy laughed and said that that was quick. I ended up buying the gray one that says “Two brothers, one fate” on the front with a Devil’s Trap inside of a skull and this green design faintly behind that and it says Supernatural in the same faint green. New design – these sweatshirts came out fairly recently because I remember wanting one but not having the money when I got the email. Anyway, that purchase got me more free pics as well as a little magnetized 2009 calendar on it, again with Dean in his tux. When someone made a remark about the Dean-centric stuff, the guy (no, I never actually got his name, oops!) explained that they were trying to represent both equally so there was more Dean stuff available since they thought Jared was going to be there. (Curse you, filming!)

There was supposed to be a panel for fan made videos that night but it didn’t happen. There was also a cocktail party – which I hadn’t bought a ticket for, so I didn’t get to go – and a Fall of Envy concert after. I ended up not going to that either since I had no clue who they even were until I looked them up on YouTube. Instead, I stayed up late talking to Krystal over YIM!

And that, folks, was my day of killing time. Exciting, right?

Day 2:

The con opened at 10:00 and I spent some time debating with myself over what other photo ops I wanted to get. I knew I wanted Julie but, as you might’ve seen by some earlier posts, I was torn on which group pics to get. So I asked them to make a list of who went in which group (the names made it seem pretty obvious but I wanted to be sure anyway) and then got the prices for each as well. There was a moment of “Oh God, are you encouraging RPF?” when the lady kept writing Misha/Julie on the paper and just used commas or the and sign for everyone else.

Anyway, after I made my “OMG, what photo ops do I get?” post, I went back down because it was time for Jim Beaver’s Q&A. Yay Jim!

I got in there, found my seat (which was by some nice people – I can’t remember the one girl’s name and I feel bad even though we never actually formally introduced ourselves. Still, I remember her friend’s name so that feels like it’s worse somehow.

Off track! Sorry. Back to the Q&A. Dizzy came out to do his welcome spiel and introduce Jim but first, he tells us that he has some bad news. And you can already guess where he’s going with this when he starts in about how Misha has been working to rearrange flights so he could try and make it for at least the second day.

Then Jim walks out in the middle of this. Dizzy tells Jim to tell us that he’s not lying so Jim grabs a microphone and goes, “He’s lying.” Dizzy’s reaction? “Wow. This is a bus *gestures in front of him* and this is Jim throwing me under it.” And then he pretended he was under the fake bus. It looked much funnier than I’m making it sound because I was still smiling. But then Jim tells us that no, he’s kidding, Dizzy is not lying. He tells us that on Thursday night, he had finished filming his final scenes (which distracted everyone long enough to go “Wait! Final scenes of the SEASON, right? Right?!” and Jim just sort of laughed at us and kept talking) and the producers went up to him and said, “Hey, you’re going to Orlando tomorrow, right?” and when Jim said yeah, they replied with, “Yeah, Misha can’t go. But he doesn’t know that. He still thinks he’s going. We just haven’t told him yet.”

Turns out that they had him filming late on Friday night and they were going to have him filming way early on Monday and so none of the flights he tried worked. They basically gave him an ultimatum and said he could show but if he did, they’d have to shut down production. (Which, not going to lie, sounded okay to me – then Jared could show too, right? Okay, not how TV works, I get it. Darn you, season finale! I bet you’re going to have a hell of a cliffhanger too!) So Misha had to cancel.

We took that opportunity to ask if that meant we got double Jim for the con and he scoffed and was like “Right, like you’re not going to run out of questions five minutes into this one?”

Ha, proved you wrong, Jim Beaver. We went over time on at least one of those Q&A sessions – I think it was Sunday’s.

This was a fun Q&A, folks. He’s got a great sense of humor and he’s not afraid to banter with the fans. It started with someone asking if his shirt was true – it said “I do all my own stunts.” Jim asked if he would use his shirt to lie to us and someone else was like “Yes.” (This was followed by someone near me saying low enough for just those around them to hear, “Well, you wore a shirt claiming you read John/Bobby, so either that’s true or your shirt lies.”) Then he grinned and went, “Well, it’s not my shirt!” so he wasn’t using his shirt to lie to us. He told us a story about how he’d freaked out a bunch of people by updating his Facebook status and his Myspace (yes, he’ll friend you back but he doesn’t get to reply to everything now so don’t feel like he’s ignoring you if that happens) with something about brothers fighting and he got thousands of replies from fans flipping out and wanting to know what was going to happen with Sam and Dean and how he replied with “I never said it was about Supernatural.”

Yes, Jim likes to screw with the fans. LOL.

He was asked what reality TV show he would go on if he could go on anything and while he was trying to come up with an answer, someone yelled out “Dancing with the Stars!” and that turned into a story about how he’d once done a musical and how he can’t dance at all. By the end of the six weeks that they had to do the musical, they told Jim that he was passable and he was just glad with that. But he agreed that it would be fun to do Dancing with the Stars (which he called Dancing with the Supporting Characters).

Oh! And he said he had auditioned for a pilot and that it was a comedy (this actually might have been from Sunday, I can’t remember) and he talked about the type of comedy he likes, which isn’t the completely obvious type. He likes that wit that comes out of nowhere and stuff like that.

Someone asked about his daughter, Maddy, and he made a joke about how we know everything about him – then added that we know everything because he puts it all on the internet himself. (For the record, she’s doing fine. But she’s always asking when he’s coming home and when he tells her he has to work, she tells him to tell the producers or whoever that they should let him work from home because his daughter needs him back home. He then pretended to stab himself in the heart with the mike. That was followed by him saying something along the lines of, “You know the 165,000 Barbies you own? Someone has to work to pay for them and that somebody is Daddy.”)

Okay, for the next part, let me start by adding that at a previous con, someone had asked each actor who they would kiss, kill, and marry out of the three Winchester men (or maybe it was the actors, I don’t know). Apparently, though, everyone was choosing Sam/Jared to marry. So someone asked Jim if he and Jared were still engaged. And Jim got kind of serious looking and replied with this:

“It is one thing to ask about my daughter. But now you’re just getting personal. What Jared and I have is very beautiful...and if he ever finds out about it, we’re all in trouble.”

I can’t remember if it was the same person or someone just in that area but they asked if Jared had been pulling on any of Jim’s toes again and then added, “Or any other body parts maybe?” and Jim just laughed and shook his head and said he didn’t stay still enough for Jared to pull on anything.

Part of the Q&A was spent talking about his time on Deadwood and the ranch that it was filmed on. One of the girl’s near me said something about how it was Gene Autry’s ranch at one time and a girl on the other side of the room went “How do you know this stuff?” and before she could answer, Jim goes, “Oh please, like you don’t know the exact type of engine that’s in Metallicar.”

Oh, it was amusing.

Someone raised their hand and before asking her question went “I just wanted to point out that you seem to have a stalker that snuck past security and is sitting in the back.” And Jim replied with, “Yeah, I see Chad back there. He came so he could pick up some pointers.” Sure enough, you turn around and there’s Chad just lounging in the last row.

He also told us a story about when his daughter was three and how he’d turned on the TV and it happened to be on Deadwood, on one of his scenes. So he got her attention, got her to look at the TV, and asked her who that was and she freaked out on him, telling him to turn it off. Back then, she didn’t understand what he did for a living and he says she understands now but it still kind of freaks her out.

There was a cute moment with a little girl in the audience getting real shy and trying to hide and Jim just went “That’s okay, I’d try to hide too if I were looking at me.”

Jim talked about Kim Manners and how hard his death hit everyone on the set and he talked about what it was like working with him, both on X-Files and SPN. During this he talked about how Jared and Jensen are coltish on set, always getting in trouble and joking around, and how Kim would always end up turning to look at Jim as if to say, “Can you believe this? OMG, help me reign them in!” And he also talked about how there was just something that Kim had that made working with him fun – that he was both talented and enthusiastic as a director (he said there are some directors out there that are enthusiastic but that couldn’t direct traffic) and he also did this impression of something Kim would always say before each scene once it was framed correctly and all that. It was touching listening to him talk about the friendship.

He talked about his book that’s coming out next month for a bit as well and told us about how the publisher wasn’t sure if he should take books to something he’s going to be going to soon (a conference or something) because they said they weren’t sure if he’d sell that much.

Yeah, way to show your support, publishers!

Someone said that he should’ve brought books with him and we’d have bought the book. Jim grinned and went, “Yeah, you guys’ll buy anything of ours!” and then laughed and said that really, he would’ve but the book isn’t even out yet so he couldn’t.

He also talked about Harper’s Island and threw out when it was going to be coming out a few times, lol. A guy (or as Jim called him, “Ah, the only guy in the room!”) stood and asked if Jim would ever consider lending his voice talents to a SPN video game if one was done. He made a joke at first about asking what he’d have to do and someone shouted, “They get paid!” and then Jim was like, “Well, then yeah, I’ll do it.” Then he said that seriously, he’d consider it but as a father, he’d also have to see what kind of game it was going to be and how violent but then he said, yes, he’d be all for it.

There was some free time after that, so I went to grab lunch and at one point, saw Chad and Gabe literally racing to the bathroom. (I swear, it’s like the hotel becomes their playground, lol!)

Then came Julie’s Q&A and Dizzy introduced her by saying that we’d want to put her in our pockets and take her home and then mentioned that this was her first con (which he followed up with his customary “CON VIRGIN!”). She came out and, yes, Dizzy was right. She’s adorable and she looks like you could snap her in half if you hug her too hard or something.

She was a bit nervous but I thought she handled it. They asked her about whether or not she was a Sam or Dean girl since she’d said she was a fan of the show before she was on it and that threw her for a few moments before she said that she couldn’t pick just one because she has a hard time picking one over the other for everything. This led into a thing about how she drinks both tea and coffee but she’s been drinking more green tea lately since she hears it’s good for you.

Let’s see...she also talked about going on a road trip with her boyfriend on Route 66 and how that was fun and she also talked about what it was like when she got the part of Anna. She said that at first, she thought Anna was just a crazy girl who could hear angels talk but then she found out that Anna was a fallen angel and she went, “Well, okay!” She said that the flailing about on the bed when Pamela is helping her to remember was all her because they offered to put these hydraulics or something under the mattress that would pop her up and flail her about and she was just like, “Nooo, I don’t think I’ll need that.” She said she was completely sore after that and she’d started to lose her voice from all the shouting but she loved it.

She also mentioned that she’s pretty sure Anna’s in a couple more episodes.

Of course, someone asked her about filming the Titanic-like scene with Jensen in the Impala (and I sort of wanted to sink down in my seat and die because, seriously?) but she handled that very nicely by saying that it really isn’t as exciting as people seem to think because there’s about 20 men and women there just watching you do your job and it’s not all romantic and exciting. She added that Jensen was a complete gentleman and made sure she didn’t feel scared or awkward and that she was doing okay while they were filming because that was her first time filming a scene with more than kissing.

And again, I wanted to slam my head against the nearest hard surface when someone asked if Jensen was a good kisser and how that was. Again, she handled it nicely and said, “It’s weird because I’m not his girlfriend but I have to kiss him and I get paid for it. Weird. This is the only job where you can do that.” Then she paused and laughed and added, “Well, the only legal one, anyway.” She asked if she should tell us what we want to hear or—but she never got to finish that question because someone interrupted by saying “What we want to hear.” So, she held the microphone and nearly whispered that yes, Jensen is a good kisser.

Back to the parts that were less awkward, the night before at the cocktail party, Julie had apparently been showing off her Castiel impression. So she was asked to do it again for us and she insisted that she wasn’t doing it to make fun of him and then asked if we really wanted to see it. We said yes and so she was like “It’s just this thing that he does and I think it’s funny.” Then she turned away and then slowly turned her head towards the audience the way Castiel does on the show. And then she said she was going to have to call Misha and tell him that she’d done it so that he’d know she wasn’t making fun of him.

As for the most recent episodes, Julie said she was happy to come back and that she was able to fight because when she first showed up, she was like, “Come on! I want to...kick someone!” but they threw her in the closet because they were being sweet and trying to protect her. But she said she was happy to kill Uriel and said she wasn’t really surprised by the Uriel reveal and then repeated that she’d been happy to get rid of him.

Someone asked her a question that was asked of each of the guests and asked what cartoon character would play her if they made an animated series of her life and Julie didn’t have an answer to that one. (It was very cute actually. She literally went speechless for a couple of seconds and then went, “That’s not a question I prepared for though!”) She said she’d never really watched cartoons so she didn’t know.

Julie also told us about how nervous she’d been before and that for a couple nights before the con, she hadn’t slept because she was so nervous about her reception, what with being a female character on the show. This led to her telling us about what her first day on set was like and how Genevieve Cortese’s (who Julie said she absolutely loves) first words of advice were “Do not go online.” Julie said that, of course, then she went online because she just couldn’t not go online after that one. She also said that she has a hard time keeping a straight face on set because the boys can go from joking and laughing to being completely serious with no trouble but she had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing during some scenes for 4x09 and 4x10. She also said that it’s the same with Misha, that he’s just as funny as the boys and that the two of them have fun joking around on set together.

Hmm...oh! And she also talked a bit about Mad Men and how she liked that on SPN, she got to see her character evolve and change. She also told us a story about one of her very first jobs in LA and how she was an extra on a movie with Will Smith and she was sitting a couple seats down from him and when he yawned, she looked at him and went, “So, tired, huh?” She told us this story when she was asked if she’d ever had any fangirl moments and she said that was her most embarrassing moment she could think of. She also talked about how she was a stand in for Lindsay Lohan on one of her movies and how she didn’t go in there to stare at her, she just did her job and so she was the stand in that actually stayed there and that Lindsay ended up actually talking to after a couple of days.

We had about an hour break or so after that and that meant people went to the vendor’s room, were doing photo ops, and were doing the Famazon party (a launch party for a new fan magazine). The party had karaoke and it was very funny to walk into the hotel from the mall and be able to hear the singing from upstairs. First song I heard when I walked in was Teardrops On My Guitar, lol.

Anyway, talked to a few other girls that were around there once I got upstairs and also traded in my Misha photo op for a Julie photo op (ha, didn’t have to buy it!) and that photo op actually left me with money left over as well as the Misha autographs that I had. So I applied it to the Gone Too Soon photo op (Chad and Gabe) as well as to a Julie and a Jim autograph. Of course, with all those, I ended up having to pay $20, lol. Oh well!

Jim was singing karaoke with this little girl so she wouldn't be singing alone and they sang Carry On My Wayward Son. He got the entire group of people up there at the party to join in on the chorus and so suddenly you could hear this big loud group singing that song.

Then it was time for Jason’s Q&A (it started late thanks to people watching Jim do karaoke and Dizzy reminded everyone on the time by yelling “Hey, he’s no Jim but I’ve got this other guy in here who’s a singer. He even has a guitar!”)

We went to that and Jason came out with his guitar and there were some questions asked about his music. He said there’s a definite possibility of a studio recorded CD for him. He also responded to questions about why he hadn’t done many shows on the east coast by explaining that there just hasn’t been much time though he has been able to do some cons and play in places he said he wouldn’t get a chance to (including England) thanks to SPN.

He talked about being a double English major as well as how he found out that he could sing – which was by accident. He saw a sign saying that if a person liked to travel and sing then to show up. He said he figured he liked to travel and he didn’t know if he could sing but why not since he wasn’t going to spend the time in college studying, lol. Turned out he was one of the few that made it out of hundreds who tried. Or was it just a hundred? Whatever, still, that’s a big number. Then he talked about how he was a crappy player back then and he only knew how to play four chords on his guitar and he would only learn a new one if he absolutely had to for a song he really wanted to learn.

Jason also talked about how Steve (Carlson for those of you wondering what the hell I’m talking about) and Jensen used to live together and how Steve had a recording studio set up in Jensen’s living room. He said a big group of them used to get together and jam over there and Steve would write songs and he would tell everyone “Okay, pick a note and sing it. I want to try getting this feel for this song.” or whatever and so they would. Turns out Steve ended up using those recordings on earlier albums – Wasted Jamie was one example.

He said that he thought they used his song on SPN at the perfect moment and in the best way because he’d rather have it that way than have it be used as background music. (Anyone who doesn’t know, it’s the song that Dean is all “WTF?” over when he turns on the Impala for the first time in season four.) But he said he thinks they picked the prettiest note in the entire song and used that one part but it worked for the moment they were going for so he was good with it. Then he added he thinks the song is a lot more rockish than the show portrays and someone called out, "Really? Sammy?" and Jason went, "I know, right?"

He also talked about how he’s writing and producing now too and has a movie coming out. Don’t ask me the name because I can’t remember what it was for the life of me. When someone asked if he had to choose one of the three out of music, writing, or producing, which one would he do? He replied by saying he was very glad he didn’t have to make that choice because he doesn’t know which one he would pick.

That led into how he helped Chris and Jensen with The Plight of Clownana (which they wrote and produced) and someone asked if they’d been a bit drunk when they wrote it. Jason sort of laughed and was all, “You want to know why there was a dancing...” and then he sort of just gestured with his hand. (Dancing penis is what he was talking about for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie.) They said yes and he laughed and said that he was pretty sure that he’d been told the story of why but he couldn’t remember. The girl said “They were drunk, weren’t they?” and his answer? “Yeah, there might’ve been a little of that.” *snickers*

Jason also talked about how he went to go see My Bloody Valentine and thought it was a lot of fun but he had totally called that Jensen was the killer. “Come on, look at the way he walked. That was totally Jensen in the miner suit!” (Someone said Jensen did crazy really well and he replied that yeah, Jensen could do kooky and he should do it more often.) He said at the premiere, he talked to Jensen’s stunt double and he found out that it was actually the stunt double in the miner suit and the stunt double confessed that he had just studied how Jensen moved and stuff so that he could make it look real and Jason was like, “Well, good job. You fooled me!”

He also talked about how he watched Smallville the first few seasons and someone asked about what he thought of Jensen’s time on that. He said that he’d started watching before Jensen was on because he was a fan of Superman and the idea of him in high school was cool but, “Seeing Jensen on there really took me out of it. It’s not that he wasn’t good, he did great actually, but I kept watching and going ‘There’s no way Jensen can be a football coach. He’s not old enough, he’s the same age as the students!’ Weird.” He didn’t watch Dark Angel until after it was over but he said he was kind of pissed about the end because it built up to this big fight and we didn’t really get one.

Oh, and Jason said he has a whole shelf of DVDs that is just for stuff his friends have been in.

Let me see...right! Someone asked if it was hard for him or any of Jensen and Jared’s friends to watch the show and see the stuff he goes through and he was like, “Not really. In this business, you learn real fast how to separate the professional and personal stuff. I like watching it too because they’re different from their characters and so I can watch Dean get thrown into a wall or cry or watch Sam lose it and say ‘Wow, they really sold that!’ and enjoy it.” Well, not an exact quote but still. And if he could ever guest star on the show, he’d want to be the long lost Winchester cousin and he said he’d be kind of like a hick that would have the boys staring at him and then he did this funny bit with an accent of “Whooee! Let’s grab that shotgun!” or something. He also said Jensen has never made him cry but he's definitely laughed at Jensen.

He also talked about how he had finally learned all the words to Hallelujah and so he agreed to sing that for us at the concert that night. There were a few other songs that people asked about and he said he might play those as well.

Oh! Almost forgot. He was also asked about which character would play him in an animated series about his life and he asked, “Which one do I want to play me or which one would actually play me?” When he was told the second one, he said that while he’d like for it to be some cool cartoon character, in reality he’d probably be played by Goofy.

Then it was time to wrap up his Q&A and we all clapped for him and Dizzy came back and gave a great intro for Gabe by saying his name always makes Dizzy talk like his a comic book villain and then he started actually talking like one. “Do not think this is over, Tigerman! I will have my revenge!” and things like that. Then he told us to give it up for Gabe and we all started cheering and clapping and watching the door where the stars come through for each panel and out walked...Jason Manns, holding his guitar. LOL. Behind him, you could see Gabe jumping around and Jason sort of grinned and went “Oops!” and had us all laughing and then Gabe actually walked out and turned back towards the door and was all “You stole my entrance!”

So we all laughed and Gabe jumped on the stage and bowed once Dizzy had introduced him again.

I swear Gabe is probably one of the jumpiest people around. He doesn’t stop moving, whether he’s standing or sitting. It’s funny to watch because he’ll be practically crouching on a stool on stage, lol.

He greeted us by saying hi and everyone cheered at him and he laughed and was like “That’s going to be my new response to hello. ‘Hi!’ ‘Woo!’ Yeah.” And then he repeated it to us and was just “Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hi Chad!” and he waved at the back of the room where Chad was sitting.

So, first we asked him about his movie and he said that it’s going to be released in New York and then from there it’ll be released in other cities. He talked about how when it first got picked up, the studio wanted to use all kinds of big famous Hollywood actors to make it since, as he put it, “being in a couple of Burger King commercials wasn’t enough fame to be able to star in your own movie.” But they stuck to wanting to do the movie themselves rather than having other actors in it and ta da! The movie is being released. Someone congratulated him on not letting big Hollywood take over their movie and Gabe replied with an enthusiastic, “Yeah! Fuck the man!”

Then he slapped a hand over his mouth and looked around the room, asking if the little eight-year-olds from earlier were in the room. They weren’t and then a few minutes later, a woman came in with her daughter who looked like she was maybe four or so. Gabe laughed and went “Good thing you came in now, I was about to start spewing swear words.”

There was talk of what it was like when he was doing commercials and he also talked about how he met his wife and what it was like to work with her. He also said he’d love to work with her again. Gabe also mentioned that he’d been doing some auditions since it’s pilot season. A little kid asked him what his favorite animal was and while I can’t remember what he said, he replied by asking what the kid’s favorite animal was and he said it was a leopard, which Gabe had to have repeated to him because he was like “Oh! A leopard! Okay, I thought you said a leper and I was going to question that.”

We heard the story of how he found out that Andy was going to die – he had been told he was going to come back and he was all, “I’m going to help out and maybe be a sidekick. Me and Sam and Dean will have adventures!” Then he went on about how he went to a SPN party and was talking with one of the casting directors who was apparently pretty drunk and she laughed and leaned towards him and went “So you die!” and he was like “Uh, thanks.” Then he called up Eric and was like “Seriously?”

We asked how he’d like to see Andy come back and he said “Well, I only really have two options at this point – demon or angel and I don’t see how Andy could pull off being this evil badass demon, so...” and said he’d love to either see some flashbacks with Andy or he’d love to see Sam have some dreams about Andy, “all full of guilt because, man, you let me die and she broke the circle. Not cool!” So he wants to see Sam all full of guilt over Andy so that he dreams about him. And then...ahahaha, and then a discussion from a previous con was brought up about how they’d asked him this before.

Apparently when he was asked this, it started out with the angel/demon part and then Gabe said this was an example of his stream of consciousness thought process because it somehow turned into Andy and Ash coming back and being the little devil and angel on Dean’s shoulders, like you see in cartoons and he was talking about how Chad could be the evil one.

Next thing you know, Chad is walking up on the stage, shaking his head and grabbing a microphone. They do a little banter and then they decide they should act out what that scene would look like. But they can’t figure out a scenario and they don’t have a Dean. Though Gabe tried on that last part since there’s a girl who has her hair cut like Dean’s anyway so she dresses like him for each con and goes by Dean and so Gabe was looking for her but she was in a different room. So they tell us to come up with a scenario and they’ll act out the advice.

A girl yells out “Should I take this skeevy waitress home or not?” and here’s the responses:

Gabe, who is kind of jumping from foot to foot, goes, “Well, if you really like her, then you could take her home and play video games and eat Doritos.”

Chad lowers his voice so it’s all deep and gravelly and goes, “Man up and grab your sack, boy!” and then he grabs himself to demonstrate.

That was when Gabe cracked up laughing and is like “What the hell?” and Chad is shrugging and going, “What? I thought I was the evil one! Isn’t that how he’d talk?”

Then Chad says he’s going to go and he starts to hand the mike to Larry, the sound guy, but Gabe is just all, “Wait, you’re not staying?” and Chad replies by going, “Well, you never call me.” So they banter a bit more and then Chad leaves and Gabe says the next time you see them on SPN, they’re going to be little computer versions sitting on Dean’s shoulders.

Gabe answered the animated character question and while he was trying to think of an answer, someone yelled out that he’d be Batman and he burst out laughing and went, “Ha! No, but thanks for saying that I’d be that cool.” He ended up saying he’d be baby Kermit and trying to remember the Muppet Babies theme song (which the other girl next to me had on her phone so she pulled it up and walked up to him and played it and he sang along and danced in his seat and was very happy because he said that was his chosen TV show on Saturdays when he was a kid. And Nerds was his chosen candy because he was only allowed a certain amount of sugar as a kid).

He also talked about what kind of super powers he’d want if he could have any and he said he’d want the power Andy has – the ability to make people do whatever he wanted because then he wouldn’t have to do anything, he could make other people do it. He told us about this debate he’d gotten into with his friend, who said that he’d want to teleport. And they were both making points of why their power would be better and then his friend pointed out that teleporting was better because if you were on a plane that was going to crash, you could teleport off of it and Gabe said he had to concede that point because you couldn’t talk a plane out of crashing and he couldn’t talk gravity in to doing what he wanted.

But then a girl raised her hand and said, “If you can teleport, why are you on a plane in the first place? Wouldn’t you just teleport to where you needed to go?”

I swear, Gabe’s face lit up and he looked so smug. He was all, “Ha! I’m going to use that against him!” and then he takes out his phone, puts it on speaker and dials his friend. His friend didn’t answer but then the voicemail message comes on (one of the standard ones with the computerized voice and Gabe was like, “See, he’s so lazy that he doesn’t even do his own message.”) and Gabe leaves him a message saying that he’s at the con and that’s why he’s so loud because he’s using the mike and then he says that the girl (whose name was Stephanie since he wanted to give her credit in the message) had a really good point and he says what she says and finishes it with, “Ha! So there.” Once he hung up, he just goes, “What is he going to say to that? Nothing, that’s what.”

As you can tell, Gabe’s Q&A was lots of fun! After that, we had a free hour and then there was an hour to register for the banquet and then there was the banquet. I didn’t get a ticket for the banquet so no stories of the stars at dinner from me, I just had a regular old dinner. Anyway! I basically kicked back and tried to write my tamingthemuse story until the Platinum party started at 9:00 and even then I went down a little late. At the party, there was Guitar Hero and they also had a microphone so people could sing along to the song if they wanted to. Chad and Gabe faced off again on Guitar Hero, like they do every single time, and Chad defended his championship. Then a fan challenged him and while up there, Gabe convinced people to boo Chad and cheer for the girl. I was standing by Gabe and Julie and just laughing at the two. (Except for when I danced with another group of people and Kenny, lol.) After, Chad got off the stage and walked up to Gabe and was like, “Okay, when did I become the bad guy?”

There wasn’t a bar at the party, which was a first, but someone showed up with a case of beer and a purse full of shooters. Then someone else showed up with a bottle of...hell, if I know what it was. It was a bottle, that’s all I can tell you now.

Jim wandered in and out a few times, Chad and Gabe ended up going to the bar that’s downstairs in the hotel (again, not an unusual thing) and I have no idea what they did while down there. Julie might’ve gone down too. I don’t know, I ended up staying upstairs and talking to the girl I sat next to. She had these books that she made for each guest and she was having everyone sign them for the stars, it was pretty cool. She was going to give Jared and Misha theirs at the LA con. (And Jensen is getting one for LA too. So Jared and Misha will have two books since she had one for each con.) She also had a book for Kenny and a book for Kripke (he got called an evil genius and a magnificent bastard quite a few times from what I can see – should be amusing for him).

After the party, it was time for Jason’s concert. Jim, Chad, Gabe, and Julie showed back up for that. Dizzy introduced Jason and he was so drunk when he did it. It was very funny since after he declared he was drunk, he said that Jason was a headliner and every headliner needs an opening act. So Dizzy decided to open for Jason with a song that he called “Ode to the Ones that Showed” and he sang something about each guest. When he sang the first verse about Chad, Chad ran up on stage and did this running/hugging/tackle thing that had everyone laughing and then he ran off the stage again. His verse for Julie went something along the lines of “Julie McNiven is makin’ a livin’ and it’s a given that...” and well, you get the idea. Gabe’s verse was to the tune of the Spiderman song and was “Tigerman, Tigerman...” and then he sang about Jim being the only Beaver around and how Jim would kick his ass if he didn’t stop singing about him. And then he brought out Jason, who had made a set list for us since there’d been requests.

I liked the concert and I laughed when, in the middle of the song that was on SPN, he stopped after this certain note and went, “Actually, I think that’s the part they put in the episode!” and then he continued playing. He played quite a few songs and talked about how he always makes a fool of himself on stage. At one point, he mixed up the lyrics that were supposed to go “Words don’t always come out right/Lord, I pray they do tonight” and he interrupted himself again to go, “See what I did there? That was all for you.” LOL. The concert closed with Crazy Love and at the beginning of the second verse, he stepped back and he had us sing and it was pretty damn cool (that’s one of his favorite parts of concerts – when people know the song and sing along). At the end, Dizzy thanked him, gave us a shout out for being the best backup singers he’d heard and then Jason sat at a table and signed any of his CDs that you wanted to buy and there were also shirts for sale. I bought one of each CD and had him sign one.

And theeeeeeeeeeeen...well, then there was more partying but I ended up heading upstairs and, once again, trying to write my TTM fic and then off to bed. (I’m so exciting, I know. *snorts*)

Day 3 (Awww, last day!):

This day was a day where everything was all switched since Sunday was when Misha’s Q&A was originally supposed to be and same with his photo op. The con started at the same time as the day before and the first part of the day was spent doing photo ops. Nothing terribly exciting happened with those. I got a picture with Jim, one with Julie, and one with Chad and Gabe together. I wanted to get one with all of them but I ended up not being able afford it. Which sucked, but oh well. Jim is great, says hi and talks to you a bit. Julie is tiny and I was afraid I was going to break her if I put my arm around her too firmly. And Chad and Gabe were...Chad and Gabe, lol. They talked and Gabe was hyper and after the picture was taken and Froggy (the photographer that they always get for Eyecon) said the picture was good, he announced, “Awesome! Quality!”

Dizzy got pictures retaken with Chad and Gabe and with the others (well and a first time picture with Julie) and during the pic with Dizzy and Gabe, Chad decided he wanted to be in the picture by trying to fly through the background and he leaped in the background and knocked down the screen and landed on some of Froggy’s equipment. That was probably the most exciting moment of the photo ops.

I went to the vendor’s room and bought a SPN novel that was fan fic that had been published (well, I bought two – one was one of the adult materials that they have available). I bought some pics and a key chain and I bought some fun badges (according to those, I’m a Slayer-In-Training that was certified by Buffy Summers, I’ve got a demon hunter’s license, and I’m a member of NCIS, hee!) as well as a promo poster for SPN. I bought a couple Buffy things as well.

Then I kind of lost track of time while talking to Dean, Becky, Kimberly, and a few other girls in the hallway and we realized while getting other people to sign the books, that we were late for Jim’s Q&A. So Dean, Becky, Kimberly, and I snuck in through the back and I headed up to the front.

Jim talked more about working on the set of SPN and mentioned that he doesn’t know how the boys can do it but they can get completely emotional for a scene with little trouble. He talked about how he’d seen that with Jared in a recent scene and was like, “One minute, he’s joking and laughing and then whoosh! *makes a motion of clearing his face* Serious.” Then he gave this big mock girly sigh and added, “He’s so beautiful. It’s just not fair.” This, of course, had us all laughing. Then he talked about working with Jensen on intense and emotional scenes, like the one in Bobby’s junkyard in AHBL 2. He said they have a very similar scene in the season finale and this was the point where a woman in the front was like “No! No spoilers!” He looked at her like he had no idea what she was talking about and was like “How is it a spoiler if I tell you we have a scene together?” and she said something about knowing that there’s a scene like the one in AHBL 2 and that’s when he got it and told her that, no, he didn’t mean one just like that. He meant one that was just as intense and emotional as that one. Then he goes, “Like I’m really going to tell you guys what happens in the finale. Please.”

Anyway, he said that while the scene wasn’t that long, it took him and Jensen at least seven hours to film it because they had to get all the angles and he said that they sit there and stare at each other for seven hours, “and every freaking time, that single tear rolls down his cheek perfectly. Every. Single. Time.” Followed by another mock girly sigh and then, “It’s just not fair.”

Someone asked what it was like to stare at Jensen for seven hours and if it made Jim want to start kicking him under the table. Jim looked at her and said, dead serious, “It makes me want to kick him in the face.” And he talked about how Jensen’s eyes will be all big and shiny from tears and he’ll be able to see his reflection, “in those eyes and all I can think is that it’s seriously just not fair.” LOL. Gotta love Jim.

He also talked about working on the set of Harper’s Island and mentioned he has an interview with TV Guide for it. During this, he also said that it was good to see Katie again because she was on it too even though they didn’t really have many scenes together. He almost didn’t recognize her with her dark hair either. He also, without mentioning names, told us a funny story about one of the actresses on the show and how she sort of freaked out on one of the crew member’s and it’s become a running joke whenever she’s not there. This also led to him telling a story about a girl he worked with when he was doing a play that claimed she couldn’t look the other actors in the eye because it was part of her “technique”. Try doing a love scene with someone constantly avoiding your eyes, he told us. It’s comedy.

Also, he said that his favorite movie is...oh damn, I forget the name. It’s an old western movie though and he’s seen about 70 times he said. He also said he likes Showgirls and that led to this funny story about an actress his wife had worked with in this old movie that took place in Vietnam and how an actress refused to do one of the scenes she had signed on for because she said that she didn’t do nude scenes. Actress turned out to be one of the ones from Showgirls so he said maybe she just didn’t nude scenes for $1.98 (which is what he claimed the budget on that movie was).

Someone (I wanted to say it was Becky but thinking about it, no, I’m pretty sure it was a girl in the middle section since Becky was sitting a couple seats away from me) asked if they thought Bobby was written to have a closer relationship with Dean than with Sam or if it just felt that way because we get more scenes with Bobby and Dean. She added she hoped it was the second one because she likes to think Bobby and Sam are close too rather than them not clicking on some level. Jim agreed and said that the writers do give us more scenes with Bobby and Dean talking so it does feel like they’re closer and that a lot of the Bobby and Sam talks seem to happen off screen or be kind of short. Then he said, “So, yes the writers just seem to write more Bobby/Dean—“ and right away, you could see he’d realized what he’d said, especially when people started laughing and he goes, “Not that! I know what you’re thinking. No, they write more Bobby and Dean scenes rather than more Bobby and Sam scenes. Yeesh. But I do like to think the boys have a more equal relationship with Bobby and we just don’t see it.” Then a girl in the front row called out, “This fandom has made you think of that front slash in a whole new way, hasn’t it?” and he replied with, “You’ve got to watch where you put your punctuation.”

He was getting ready to leave since his Q&A was done and then someone said they had one more question. He looked at her and was all, “Well, this needs to be important. Because he (Dizzy) already did his closing and they all already clapped.” And someone was like “No pressure though!” and she laughed and then asked him the animated character question. He right away took the mike and answered by saying, “Yosemite Sam.” Everyone cheered and he just kind of shrugged and grinned and said that was totally a no-brainer.

After that was more free time for shopping and there were some people getting extra photo ops because they had missed the times and the guests were all sprawled on the floor in the photo room or they were in the vendor’s room, signing autographs. I went in there and talked a bit to both Jim and Jason and got Julie’s autograph since hers was the only one I was missing.

There was this adorable little girl (wearing a shirt that said she was Lil’ Sammy and part of the Supernatural Geek Team and underneath that it announced she was Sammy’s Girl – SO CUTE!) who was mad at Gabe because earlier they’d been playing and he sprayed her and her sisters (friends? I don’t know!) with silly string and it messed up her hair so it was now down. So she decided to tell Julie on him. And her mom told her that maybe she should tell Chad and he’d get him back for her. So what did she do? She went up to Julie’s table and asked if she could tell her something and Julie said of course and so she went around and whispered in her ear and told her what happened. Julie displayed the appropriate “He didn’t!” reaction and then agreed to tell Chad. (Sadly, I have no idea what came of this but I can just imagine.)

Gabe was handing out stickers and stuff for his movie (which he kept name dropping all weekend, lol, it was right up there with Jim and Harper’s Island – it’s called Skills Like This for the record). I spent a good portion of the time talking with the women who publish the fanzines about what kind of fic they publish and talking about other shows we all like to watch as well.

Next up was Chad’s Q&A and my, was that eventful!

Chad talked about the fact that he was auditioning and trying for some pilots. He also talked about his movie that’s been out (you can see it on IFC since it’s an independent film) and then someone asked him if he was going to go see the new Fast and the Furious. He said nope, he wasn’t but he might rent it. Then he went into how he thinks that this one should’ve been the actual sequel and the second one was just ridiculous and the third one was okay but with this one, “Vin and Paul. Looks good but I’ll wait to rent it.” One of the girls called out that it just wasn’t the same without his character, Jesse, and he thanked her.

Next up, someone asked him what it was like to work with Gary Sinise (why do I feel like I totally spelled that wrong? Oy) on CSI: NY. He said it was pretty cool and did what he claimed was the world’s worst Gary Sinise impression. Then he talked about how they actually created his character (lab scientist) specifically for him and then named him Chad, which he was grateful for. He said it was hard to be on the show with some of the dialogue because he’d get a script and get all this time to memorize all these scientific words and phrases but then he’d go to set and they’d have all new dialogue for him to memorize and he’d only have a few hours to get it that time.

He talked about doing a movie where he was supposed to come in and play a scene telling his dad that he’d screwed up so bad because of drugs and he just wasn’t bringing it. The guy playing his dad was a big guy (also named Chad) and one of those real professional type actors who wants you to bring it. So after a few takes of Chad not bringing it, big!Chad reaches out and just grabs him and shouts his line at him and backhands him and Chad was like, “I just went ‘Bu-bu-but...’ and boom! There were tears and I fell apart and that’s how we did the scene. After he pulled me aside and told me ‘Don’t take it personal, kid. DeNiro slapped me. Sometimes you just have to come at a scene from a different angle.’ And I considered it an honor to be slapped. Then I went outside and bawled my eyes out.” He also talked about working with Ed Harris and how cool that was. (He described Ed Harris as a man of few words and very professional.)

One of the little kids in the back asked him what his favorite animal was and he said that his favorite animal was his dog because he loves his dog but if it was just an animal in general, he’d have to go with a killer whale. Then he was like, “Killer whale is an animal, right? It’s not a mammal.” Everyone then cracked up at that and then he realized what he’d said and started shaking his head and laughing too. Kenny, Vonnie, Dizzy, and Larry were all at the side and they were cracking up too.

Another little kid (I’m pretty sure it was a little kid) asked if he’d ever do a stand-up comedy show with Jim and Chad was like, “I don’t know. Jim, do you do stand-up comedy?” and Jim yelled out from the very back row, “Not until I came here!” Again, more laughter. Chad was also asked if Jared had played any pranks on him and Chad said that no, neither of the boys actually played pranks on him. Then he apologized because he said he gets asked that every single time and “I don’t ever have any good prank stories.”

There was talk about how a lot of fans don’t believe that Ash is dead because they never saw a body and he said that yeah, all you saw was a wrist with his watch. He said it was like there was a big arrow pointing down going, “This is Ash!” Then he was trying to figure out what kind of watch it was and no one could get it right until Gabe went on stage and told everyone what kind of watch it was and declared, “Ha! I’m more of a fan than ALL of you!” before he ran back off the stage to his seat, which was a few rows behind me.

Then Chad was asked what kind of car he would have liked to have driven on SPN and he was trying to come up with something and someone suggested a Monte Carlo, which he was all for (though someone in the audience was saying no because that was what Gordon had driven) and then someone else called out that he could have a van like Andy and Chad just looked at Gabe in the audience and went, “Dude, you had a van? That’s not cool.” This caused many people to start defending Andy’s van and describing it to him and he was like, “Oh, so it was a cool van?” and kind of grinning at how much defense the van got. (The fact that someone used the fact that it had a disco ball and a bong definitely had him laughing.) The whole time, Gabe was just sitting there, looking smug over his van, lol.

He also talked about that scene where Sam and Dean knock and Ash answers the door when he is naked. He said people call it the sock scene but he’s pretty sure that he wasn’t even wearing a shock and every time he’d open the door, Jared and Jensen would shout and turn away and go, “Grooooooss!” Haha.

Next, Chad was asked about how he’d like Ash to come back and I cracked up over that one. Chad has two scenarios and when he describes them, he does the actions. I really wish I’d been recording that one. The first one:

“Sam and Dean are fighting demons in the desert and they’re outnumbered and in the far distance, you see this cloud of dust, right? Cut back to Sam and Dean, they’re still fighting. Cut back and you can still see the cloud of dust but it’s getting closer. Back to Sam and Dean fighting and then back to the cloud of dust. And then suddenly, this Jeep pulls up and Ash is in there and he stands up and whips his hair around. Then he pulls out this shotgun and just bang! Bang! Bang! And he shoots all the demons dead and then he puts the gun down and just drives off.”

He had us cracking up with the way he was jumping back and forth between pretending to be Sam and Dean to being the cloud of dust. And the hair whip, oh God, the hair whip. It was described as epic and I’d go with that. Then he had sound effects for the gun and everything too and said that Ash wouldn’t even have to talk, just ride in and save Sam and Dean’s asses.

The other scenario was, “Sam and Dean are locked in a room with these demons and then comes crashing down and there’s Ash, standing there with a crossbow and then fffft! He shoots the demon in the chest and is all, ‘Sam. Dean. Hey.’”

And yes, he had actions and sound effects for that one too. It was fantastic. I hope someone gets that one on YouTube because then you guys can see for yourselves what he did.

There was also a whole discussion on how the other reason (besides seeing no body) that people didn’t think Ash was dead was because of how smart he was...is. Whatever. Anyway, someone pointed out that Ash can track everything that’s happening all around the country but he couldn’t figure out something was going to hit the Roadhouse and she just couldn’t believe that and Chad agreed and said he’s hoping Ash just, like, gave his watch to someone else or something since he’d totally love to go back.

And then someone else (I’m pretty sure this was a little boy, who by the end of the weekend, Jim was on a first name basis with) asked Chad what his favorite part of the SPN fandom was and he said that it was, “this. You guys, the fact that you guys love the show enough for these to keep happening. I’ve made great friends because of these cons, like Gabe. We never knew each other before or worked together on the show but we met at the first Eyecon and we’re great friends now. So yeah, I’d say I love it all.” (I just remembered, Jim was asked this too and gave a similar answer that the fans and stuff like that were his favorite...well, that and getting paid. ~_^ )

When he was asked who some great actors are that he’d like to work with, Chad immediately said, “Gabe.” Then he grinned and tried to come up with more answers and he was also asked about actresses. He said he’d like to work with actresses who weren’t afraid to get dirty (some of the people started laughing and he went, “Not like that! Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking.”) and that he wants to definitely be able to work with actresses who have class.

He was also asked which character would play him in an animated series of his life and he didn’t even hesitate when he answered with, “Shaggy.” And everyone cheered and was agreeing and he was like, “Come on! There could be no one else!”

And then Chad asked if there were any other questions and Froggy called out, “Yeah. When are you going to pay me for the equipment you destroyed?” Chad just sort of stared at him for a bit and went, “Dude, are you serious?” Froggy replied that he was and Chad was just going, “I told you I’d pay you after we were done.” That’s when Froggy was said that he hadn’t done that and asked him again when he was going to pay him. Chad kind of looked at the fans and then back at him and was like, “I’ll pay you after this but, seriously, I’m doing this right now.” It was kind of hard to hear Froggy at this point so I’m going off of what I pieced together from what someone else heard but he said something along the lines of, “Whatever. You fucking sucked at the first two and you suck at this one.” Then Chad stared at him before he dropped the mike on the stool, took a running leap and launched himself on to Froggy.

They went down and were going at each other, this one girl is shouting for people to turn off their cameras as security and Kenny are trying to pull them apart and manage to roll them out of the room. Some people are freaking out, some people are thinking there’s no way Chad would launch himself off the stage at a con (*raises hand*), and there are others who are completely calm.

Dizzy grabs a mike and starts apologizing, saying that Froggy is very particular about his equipment and right in the middle of this, Chad and Froggy stumble back in the room, arms around each other, laughing their asses off. Dizzy bursts out laughing, Kenny is grinning at everyone and they declare that it was all a prank.

“Ha! We got you ALL! How’s that for a prank story?” was what Chad had to say. He was pretty darn happy that he would now have a prank story to tell at future cons. And the people who actually stopped recording were mad that they had turned their cameras off.

Once that excitement was over, there was lots of chatting with Kenny and Chad and Froggy and whoever else you had a chance to talk to. Then there was a panel of fan made vids, put together by heidi8 (I don’t know if that’s her LJ name, sorry!) and we got a good laugh out of quite a few of those vids. (Pina colada! Hee!)

There was an Angels and Demons panel that I missed because I went for dinner and then ended up back in my room, making sure everything was packed. I had this headache that had been bugging me since Saturday so that played a part in me heading back to the room too. I’m sorry I missed the panel though since I hear the panels were all a lot of fun.

And that was my weekend at Eyecon (because really, the next day was just making sure I hadn’t forgotten to pack anything and checking out and then going to the airport – where I killed time until my flight later that day because, hi, tons of shops!) so hopefully that was detailed enough for you, Krystal, lol, and it was enough to let you live vicariously like you wanted to, Lani! ^_^

If you read all of this, I think you should treat yourself to a cookie. Or alcohol. Or both. :D Whatever, treat yourself to something!
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kandykaye on March 27th, 2009 06:41 pm (UTC)
Sounds like good times!!! Shame about Mischa though!

Kaye xxx
Nicole: Brock Kelly? Yes please!blue_icy_rose on March 29th, 2009 12:26 am (UTC)
It was! ^_^

And, well, he had filming and how can I complain about the show getting filmed? LOL.
Demonaazraelz_angel on March 28th, 2009 11:55 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you had a great time :) *is jealous*
Nicole: Buffy/Dean - Life worth livingblue_icy_rose on March 29th, 2009 12:28 am (UTC)
It was so much fun! Now, I'm hoping I can go to Wincon in October but getting vacation at that time of the year is a pain.

Also, HI! Been awhile! :D
chosenfire28: Buffy/Dean laughchosenfire28 on March 29th, 2009 01:13 am (UTC)
Really all this just made my crappy weekend so much better, I don't even know what is my favorite part lol. With this and the YIM convos you made me adore Julie McNiven, you made me into a fan of Anna, and I now absolutely LOVE and ADORE Chad and Gabe, seriously, those boys are the most amazing people ever and I want to meet them so bad. Your stories about them kept me laughing and god the van debate, lol.

I know this must have been a lot to write up but thank you so much, I really enjoyed reading this and it makes me even more determined to go to a con myself, because the amount of fun you had is just so awesome. I am so glad you got to go and I hope you spent a lot of money because it sounds like it is worth being broke :D
Nicole: Aw boys! *draws hearts*blue_icy_rose on April 24th, 2009 07:48 pm (UTC)
HAHA, I'm such a nerd! I just realized I never replied to you!

Krystal, it's decided. We HAVE to go to a con with both the boys, Misha (clearly, it's the thing to do!), and Jim, Chad, and Andy need to be there. With Samantha Ferris. *nods* I'm just saying...it'd be EPIC.

You know what else I realized? I haven't put the pics and vid on my computer yet! *facepalm* Loooooooooooooser!
Kimberlytaintedangel80 on April 15th, 2009 02:31 am (UTC)
I am going through your previous entries (since I am a new friend), and am reading your eyecon report. Just wanted to say, it was me that brought up the thing with Gabe and Chad (and had Chad get up on stage). I wonder if we seen each other at EyeCon...
Nicole: Jared - looking all evil and hotblue_icy_rose on April 24th, 2009 07:52 pm (UTC)
Hi and welcome! (And sorry for taking so long, lol.)

Haha, you're awesome for that! I think that was one of the last vids I took at the con because there was only so much memory left on my card.

Hmmm...I don't know! That'd be cool though! We might've.

.....I'm trying to think of something that would identify me and all I can think of is that I walked around in my new gray zip up sweater after the first day because I loved it, lol. Oy. lol
Kimberlytaintedangel80 on April 26th, 2009 02:12 pm (UTC)
I love seeing Chad and Gabe play off of each other. And it was Gabe's idea (in NJ) but Chad had already left. I just made sure that they did it at another con!

If you go back through my entries for March, you will find my photo ops from the NJ con, EyeCon, and the LA con. You can see what I look like and see if you seen me at all.
Nicole: B & W Dean and Sam promo picblue_icy_rose on April 26th, 2009 06:04 pm (UTC)
Oh, I did see you! I don't think we actually talked but I remember seeing you around. :)

If I'd uploaded my photo ops, I'd point you in the direction but I completely forgot to put pictures and vids up.

And yes - Chad and Gabe are hilarious together! I love that they became such a good friends after that first con.