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24 February 2009 @ 07:23 pm
Some J2 Recs for Lani!  
Okay, so Lani and I were talking on the phone earlier and talking about J2 fics that we'd read (because that's just part of what we do - don't look at me like that! It all started when I said I was rereading ashley's college 'verse at work to entertain myself) and I hadn't read some of the ones she mentioned and vice versa. So rec lists were discussed.

And here's mine for her!

It's Guy Love (Between Two Guys) by kellifer_fic

Mike hooks up Jared and Jensen by poor_choices

Just Because He Doesn't Bite by credulesque

Anything from the Tractorbeam 'verse by poor_choices (Pretty sure she's read this but still - there's even a Leverage crossover in this 'verse!) Whatever, it's probably one of the best AUs to exist EVER. READ IT!

Edward!Jared/Bella!Jensen Twilight AU that is hilarious by poor_choices (Oh, just go read anything by poor_choices. Seriously.)

So I mixed up the title of this one with the plot of the first one - whatever, more for you to read, Lani! The Epic Obliviousness of Jensen Ackles by juice817

Tangled Up (In You) by lostt1 - and pretty much anything else in her DJ!verse. Or, you know, any of her fic. Which I'm sure Lani has read but it's going on here anyway!

J2!CSI 'verse by kelleigh

All That I Ever Wanted by elless18

Could've Been Me by magser

Sadly, I can't find the one about Jensen waking up to find Jared and Chad have switched places but I'll keep looking. :)
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