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04 November 2008 @ 08:21 pm
Wincon baby!  

Wincon is going to be in Denver next year!

I've been wanting to go to Wincon EVERY TIME and I've never been able to go because of money and because of where it happened to be. AND NOW IT WILL ONLY BE A FEW HOURS AWAY!

Oooh, there's a chance I could go if I can get those days for vacation...well, unless that's a weekend. I should probably check.

Still, this would be SO FUN!
Feeling: excitedexcited
JOURNEY (in all caps)lostt1 on November 5th, 2008 03:41 am (UTC)
Well, if you go, I'll see you there. Because I have no excuse. Denver is only an hour away from me. :)
Nicole: Jared - blue_icy_roseblue_icy_rose on November 5th, 2008 04:21 am (UTC)
Oh wow, you are close! :)

And yes, if I manage to get the time off, I'll definitely see you there!
Kateslayerkate on November 5th, 2008 04:12 am (UTC)
I got all excited....

Until I remembered that I'll be pregnant next year around that time (I'm assuming, but eh, details) and I won't be able to drink. I hate being around people who are drinking if I can't do it, too. It's no fun being the only sober one.
Nicole: Jensen - blue_icy_roseblue_icy_rose on November 5th, 2008 04:26 am (UTC)
Okay, so I admit that the math totally escaped me at first and I just went "SHE'S PREGNANT?!" *facepalm* That would be why I was an English major. LOL.

Well, if you are pregnant, I tend to avoid getting drunk so you won't be the only sober one! (I have a fairly high tolerance so, either way.) But it could still be fun! :D
Kateslayerkate on November 5th, 2008 04:30 am (UTC)
I'll have to see what happens. I'm not sure when exactly I'll be pregnant, but I want all of my kids to start school when they're five, so they have to be born before August.
I've basically got a six-month window of time to get pregnant next year, and I'm actually trying to plan my pregnancy around Halloween so that I won't be too enormous to take Linus trick-or-treating. Besides, I'm already planning on dressing up as either Buffy or Fray, and I don't think a very pregnant slayer makes much sense. LOL
Nicole: Buffy/Malblue_icy_rose on November 5th, 2008 04:35 am (UTC)
Yeah, I think that makes sense. I can tell you, from personal experience, that it can get old being the youngest of your friends. (I was 17 in senior year when everyone else was 18 and then there was the whole "only one not 21" thing. Blah.)

Awww. Trick or treating! That just makes me grin and Buffy or Fray would be fun! :D

Pregnant because....you're fic Buffy? LOL.
Kateslayerkate on November 5th, 2008 04:37 am (UTC)
lmao! God, that would be hard to pull off. Some fic Buffys are brunette. Some have scars. Some are werewolves instead of slayers. Maybe I should just tape a sign to my shirt that says NPC and tell people I'm a made up slayer. LOL
Nicole: Buffy/Dean - B & Wblue_icy_rose on November 5th, 2008 04:40 am (UTC)
Lmao! That's great!

And don't forget to put on that sign "Not a Mary Sue. Do not mistake for one or you will be dusted." or something.

Fic Buffy would be hard just because of all the different ones out there, like you said. But the thought makes me laugh still. :D
Kateslayerkate on November 5th, 2008 04:54 am (UTC)
What I'd love to do is get a whole bunch of people together to be different BtVS characters. Where I lived in Ohio, there was a party downtown every year, and they gave prizes for best costumes.

I don't know if I ever mentioned it, but I even have a claddaugh ring. I got one as an engagement ring, and Joe and I have matching claddaugh wedding bands. I didn't just want them because Buffy had one (I hate Angel) but because of the origin and meaning behind the ring. I'm part Irish.
Saturnsatyrnfive on November 9th, 2008 06:03 am (UTC)
Man...if all these people I know are going I might HAVE to go. :)