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12 September 2005 @ 03:36 pm
I won't forget to say "Get your booty on the floor tonight. Make my day!"  
Nice random song lyric from the Buffy Jam music video. But I'm in a silly mood after English class, which made me laugh bunches!

Laugh at the stupidity of people that is. You see, this guy in my English class is also taking a Journalism class and his Journalism professor told his class today that just by looking at a first person's name on her class roster, she could determine the person's race, gender, and social status. She also said that though she wants gender equality for all, if she had to hire a man or woman, she'd pick the woman even if the woman wasn't qualified for the job.

Moron much? Oh I think so. This has inspired me to write a silly little fic about it, which I will post as soon as I finish it.

Speaking of fics, I just posted the bonus chapter of Blame if anyone is interested. *cough*Luna*cough* LOL. After this, I'm going to go home later and write my stupid paper that's due tomorrow. Oh well. It's only 2-3 pages...double-spaced. *snicker* Hee!

So, I'm concentrating on my fics for now. Yay!
Feeling: sillysilly
jaded_angltears on September 12th, 2005 05:32 pm (UTC)
*stares blankly* When Cameron said that I totally didn't believe him when he said that a professor said that. >_< Idiots, really. I'm planning on posting a rant later on so look for that.