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31 July 2008 @ 10:34 am
Well, here's hoping  
So, I've got an interview in a few hours and I still don't really know anything about the company despite me actually looking stuff up on their site. Which is too bad since they expect me to know stuff on the interview, apparently.

Or, okay, well, it would be bad except I kind of don't care if I get this job or not. I did before the phone interview but after talking to the lady, I've just been really "eh" about the job. And I'm pretty sure that something from the place we went to eat has made me sick (which is all I'm saying to avoid going into TMI).

Two hour interview while trying not to get sick all over the people....yup, this should be fun! *snorts* Uh-huh.

*mutters about them wanting enthusiastic people* This is as enthusiastic as they're going to get.

....I really hope I get the other job I went for the other day though. *nods*

*looks at mood icon* Oh, Sam, right there with you.
Feeling: nauseatednauseated