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20 May 2008 @ 11:34 pm
VM Question  
So I'm trying to write one of my Sweet Charity fics and they want Logan/Weevil, post-season 3. The problem? I didn't watch all of season 3. So, anyone on my flist who can tell me what happened with Logan's storyline and with Weevil's storyline would be my hero right about now.

*gives you all puppy dog eyes* Please?

Anything you can tell me would be awesome.
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winterweathered on May 21st, 2008 06:08 am (UTC)
They interacted minimally. At the end, Logan and Veronica were still broken up, and he was very clearly still TOTALLY fucked up about that - a bit of a death wish fucked up. Weevil got parole (or probation or something?) and after getting fired from an auto shop for assaulting his boss, Keith gave him a job because he had to have one to stay out of jail. That didn't work out - again Weevil's temper was too much - but V got him a job working as a janitor at Hearst. He was instrumental in solving the Dean's murder case - found the evidence. At the end, he'd stolen a machine that makes fake HEarst student IDs (which are as good as cash on campus). He and Veronica were "even" - they were pretty sure nobody owed anybody any favors, which means that any relationship from there on out was because they were actual real friends, not people who kept helping each other out because they had a debt to repay.