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11 April 2008 @ 08:37 pm
Done! Partially.  
Well, as of tonight, that's half of the work I had to do done. Took my test - and I know I got a few wrong (mostly because I blanked and couldn't, for the life of me, remember the answer) but I think I did better than I did last time so yay for that!

And now, I've got to work on fic and tomorrow I'll do the other homework I have to do. Or I'll do that tonight if it doesn't require the SPSS software - because I never bought it for my own computer so I have to do those assignments on campus. Oh well.

Other than that, time to work on fic. (And I've been trying to get the next chapter of a J2 written and I just keep thinking of Eyecon and going "Oooh, awkward." *facepalm* LOL.)

But yes, I think I only missed seven questions, at the most, on that test (it'd be less but he doesn't do half credit like some professors and so the ones where I only knew half of the answer are going to be marked wrong) and tomorrow is Greek Sing which means much laughter will be had because, ha! I don't have to do it! And haven't had to for years. :D
Feeling: lazylazy
Soundtrack: American Gangster