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22 March 2008 @ 11:47 pm
Fic: Trial By Marriage (R) 1/?  
Title: Trial By Marriage
Rating: R
Word Count: 1,099
Spoilers: Buffy - through Chosen. SPN - through all aired episodes so far.
Summary: Buffy and Dean have disliked each other from the first time they met. But with their situation, feelings are bound to change.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything associated with Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural. They belong to Joss Whedon and Eric Kripke.
Notes: This was written for tamingthemuse (prompt: Dreams). And really, I was going to update DILI but this wouldn't leave me alone. I got the idea after rereading Separate Beds by LaVyrle Spencer (it's an old favorite of mine) and so the main idea should be credited to her. I'm just trying to put my own spin on it.

Basically, this wasn't supposed to be written for a really long time since I was determined that this week would be all about DILI but my muse had other ideas. This means updates won't be often on this because I'm really trying to concentrate on DILI first. *mutters about stubborn muses* Anyway, hopefully, you enjoy this despite that.

When she was younger, Buffy had had dreams of getting married, having kids, and being a perfectly normal, happy family. When she found out she was the Slayer, she’d had to put those dreams to the side and over the years, she had come to accept that. A part of her was even a bit happy about it – how could she marry a man and have a child when she didn’t even know how long she’d be there? Was it really fair to even try?

She hadn’t thought so, not when she remembered what it was like when Joyce died. She couldn’t put someone else through that.

Which was why, staring down at the two pink lines, she wondered when the Powers had decided to screw that plan entirely.


She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. This wasn’t the end of the world. She should know, she’d stopped that from happening just last week.

A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts. Her first instinct was to shove the test to the bottom of the trash.

“Buffy?” Dawn asked, raising her voice to be heard through the door. “Are you almost done in there? I need to plug in the curling iron.”

Buffy opened her eyes and took a moment to be sure her voice was steady. “Yeah, I’m done. Be right out.”


For a moment, Buffy wondered what to do with the test, until she spotted her purse. She didn’t hesitate, shoving the test back into the box, which she shoved into her purse, bag and all. She knew weapon-friendly purses would come in handy for something other than weapons someday.

Fixing a smile on her face, she pulled the door open. “All yours, Dawn.”

Dawn smiled. “Thanks. Class ran late and so now I’m running late which means if I don’t hurry, Robbie and I are going to miss the beginning of the movie.” She paused and tilted her head a bit. “Are you okay? You don’t look so good.”

Buffy nodded. “I’m good. Just felt a little sick. I probably shouldn’t have let Xander talk me into that extra slice of pizza,” she said. Dawn wrinkled her nose.

“Yeah, just remember that next time.” She shook her head. “Xander is not the person to listen to when it comes to pizza.”

“Not ever.” Fighting the urge to run, she gave Dawn one last smile before heading towards the door. “Have fun with Robbie tonight.”


Her fingers tapped against her thigh as she walked through the house. Already, she’d gone to her room and put the test in there, knowing that no one would find it there. Hopefully.

God, Andrew better not go on one of his crazy scavenger hunts again. Last time, he’d managed to get into everyone’s room and there’d been a couple of embarrassing moments.

Then again, the threats against, not just him, but his entire comic book collection had probably taken care of that problem.

Still, if it hadn’t been, she was going after his precious Star Wars action figures. And she’d leave the pieces on his pillow.

“Summers, you’re looking bright and cheery as usual.”

Oh, not now. Not now. Buffy looked up and nearly groaned at the sight of Dean standing there, smirking at her.

She really hated him.

“I’m not in the mood, Dean. So why don’t you get the hell out of my way before I solve that problem by tossing you through a window?”

“Wow, you’re just full of rainbows and sunshine today. Did Andrew find your newest toy or something?”

“Don’t talk to me. As a matter of fact, go away. Go far away. You’re the last person I want to see right now.”

“And I thought we meant so much to each other.”

“Go play in traffic.”

Dean leaned against the wall. “Sorry, sweetheart, I don’t take orders from you and since annoying you is one of my favorite things to do, I think I’ll just stay right here.”

Buffy wasn’t sure why she and Dean seemed to dislike each other so much but they’d clashed from the beginning. He had a few good points – the way he protected his brother at all costs was one of them and it was definitely one she could relate to – but at that moment, Buffy couldn’t think of anyone she wanted to punch more.

“Dean, I mean it. Now is not the time.”

Curiosity flickered over his face as he looked at her. “You’re actually freaked out, aren’t you?” He straightened. “Is the world ending again? Because, I swear, I’ve never dealt with the possibility of the world ending so much in my entire life.”

“No, it’s not apocalypse-related. I just…this is important and I have to think about it and I want to do it alone.”

Normally, Dean would have dropped it. He was all for not talking but this time, something told him he should push.


Briefly, Buffy considered finding out how far he’d fly if she picked him up and tossed him with one hand. Instead, she bit her lip and softened her voice. “Please leave it alone, Dean.”

“Not going to happen.” He shoved open a door and tugged her in the room, still wondering what the hell he was doing. “There. No one can hear you. Talk.”


“Damn it, Buffy. Look, it’s no secret that we don’t like each other but it’s obvious something’s bugging the hell out of you. Despite...everything, I’ll be the easiest person to lay it on because you don’t have to worry about what I’m going to think and I promise not to use it against you in a fight.” He shifted. “So, what is it?”

She didn’t want to tell him. She didn’t want it to be real, didn’t want the possibility of a baby to be real because then so many other things became real. Like her dying again, only this time, not coming back. Or a demon finding out about the baby and going after it. Too many possibilities for something to go wrong existed. It was too much and now, Dean was actually being kind of nice and that was just it.

“I’m pregnant.”

His eyes widened and he slumped back against the dresser. “Fuck,” was all he said. She nodded. He opened his mouth to say something before closing it again.

“Yeah.” She glanced down at the ground before looking back up and meeting his eyes.

“Is it...I mean...oh hell.” He ran a hand over his face.

“Yeah,” she said again. “Congratulations, you’re going to be a daddy.”
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Nebula: buffy/deanauthoressnebula on March 23rd, 2008 12:43 pm (UTC)
I'm betting that Dean wishes he hadn't asked or pushed now, huh? ....Or maybe he won't mind. I'm hoping that's sort of the route he takes, considering he's seen how freaked she is about this. (And he so does care; they just can't help but throw things back at each other. *snickers*)

“Don’t talk to me. As a matter of fact, go away. Go far away. You’re the last person I want to see right now.”

“And I thought we meant so much to each other.”

“Go play in traffic.”

ROFLMAO I don't know why that part kills me, but it's just seamless and hysterical. I wuv you.

“Please leave it alone, Dean.”

“Not going to happen.”

So. Much. Love. He sees that she's upset, she's getting quiet and doesn't want to talk about it, and he's doing the whole concerned-and-caring thing he does when Sam needs to talk. Brilliant.

And as sad as I am that you didn't update DILI, I can wait, and this was really REALLY good. (I did the same thing a week ago; I couldn't get TMP to work, so I had to fall back on a Supernatural ficlet. Sometimes, the muse just don't wanna play...)

Nicole: Buffy/Dean - Life worth livingblue_icy_rose on March 25th, 2008 07:23 am (UTC)
Well, I have to say that even though Buffy and Dean will have their moments, they're not going to really get along for awhile. Awkwardness and misunderstandings, ahoy! *grins* Hey, at least I didn't have Dean already involved with someone like Clay was in the book, right?

And hee! That's one of my favorite parts. :D

Ah, curse the muses. This week's prompt has me torn between DILI and the next part of We Are For The Dark. LOL

*twirls* I'm so glad you liked this first part since I was a bit nervous about it. Yay! Thanks!
Kate: Dean/Buffy OTPslayerkate on March 23rd, 2008 10:30 pm (UTC)
Please tell me that this isn't a one shot. Also, I love that you had the background of Buffy going after Andrew's comics and Star Wars action figures. That should be canon, since so many of us use the same idea. :)
Nicole: Buffy/Dean - Fightersblue_icy_rose on March 25th, 2008 07:26 am (UTC)
Nope, not a one-shot. Just going to be slow on updates, like I said. :)

Ha, Andrew and his Star Wars action figures. It's almost too easy, right?

Very happy you like this! :) Thanks!
chosenfire28: Buffy/Dean EDGYchosenfire28 on August 10th, 2008 05:58 am (UTC)
Oh my...wow...that is a killer way to end a chapter, I am so glad you didn't wait to write this. First, favorite line ever is the "Go play in traffic one" second I have never seen anyone display so many different feelings in one chapter so masterfully and have me all wide eyed.

I am so happy the next chapter is already written cause otherwise I'd be begging right about now. You are one amazing writer.