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08 August 2005 @ 03:41 am
I'm done! I finished "Blame"!


Is it kind of sad that out of all of my stories, that's the only one I've finished? Either way, not caring! Just happy it's done! Now I can concentrate on my entry for loveathons and then finish the first chapter of "Mini-Xander," a fic that I'm going to post at </span>bloodclaim. It's much more lighthearted than "Blame" is. If you'd like to read, then please feel free to check it out at either </span>veronicamarsfic or at </span>vm_aufiction. It's complete at both communities.

Anyway, I'm in such a happy mood, that I'm posting a sneak peek at the first chapter of "Mini-Xander". Here you go, people! Hope you enjoy!


            “Okay, Dawnie, did you add everything?” Willow asked as she looked over the list of herbs that needed to be mixed together in order for the spell to work. Dawn nodded brightly.


            “Easier than baking a cake.” Dawn paused. “Only not, because this is more complicated.” She took the book from Willow and began to skim over the page once more.


            “I still say that this is a monumentally bad idea. Even more than Batman and Robin was,” Xander broke in. Dawn shook her head, snapping the book shut, and placing it on top of a few others.


            “The movie wasn’t that bad, Xander.”


            “Please. Arnold as Dr. Freeze? I don’t think so.”


            “It had Batgirl,” she pointed out. Xander pointed a finger at her.


            “Don’t even get me started on that.” He shook his head in disgust as he picked up the books. “Batgirl as Alfred’s niece. Ha. If they’d actually read the comic, they’d know that she’s actually Gordon’s daughter.”


            “She is?”


            Xander raised his eyes to the ceiling and sighed.


            “Kids these days. They’re so uneducated,” he told Willow as he headed towards the bookcases of the Magic Box. Dawn stared after him, her mouth hanging slightly open, before turning back to Willow.


            “Batgirl’s really not Alfred’s niece?”




            Something didn’t feel right.


            Spike kept his expression casual as he scanned the area.  He wasn’t sure what was off, but he figured if it happened to be demon-related, he’d be able to get in a nice bout of violence before the night was over.


            Nothing seemed too out of the ordinary as he neared the Magic Box. But in Sunnydale, you could never tell. He shook his head as he turned and strode into the store, only to be met with the smell of smoke.


            “Bloody hell!” He squinted his eyes a bit, waving his hand in front of his face and decided, not for the first time, that it was a good thing he didn’t need to breathe. He moved further into the store to discover Willow and Dawn standing next to the table, equally guilty looks on their faces.


            “Um, hi Spike,” Willow said. He raised an eyebrow at them as he took in the plant sitting on the table, along with a few other things.


            “What do you two think you’re doing?”


            “We were…um…” Dawn trailed off as she gestured lamely.


            “I was just teaching Dawn a simple spell. No big, really,” Willow interjected. Spike just barely stopped himself from rolling his eyes. With everything that had gone wrong with Red’s spells, she still thought it wasn’t a big deal if she tried to teach Dawn a new spell?


            “No big?” he repeated. “Are you two daft? Haven’t you learned by now that there are consequences to using magic?” Dawn glanced down, biting her lower lip as Spike said this, as she seemed to shrink from his tone.


            “It wasn’t a big spell, Spike. I was just trying to teach Dawn how to turn this fully-grown plant back to a little sprout. We thought it might be useful,” Willow defended.


            “Useful to what? Shrink the vampires?” he snapped. Spike shook his head. Normally, he probably wouldn’t have made that big of a deal about this but spells hadn’t been working out so well on the Hellmouth lately. Willow’s little forgetting spell had been proof enough of that. Having Dawn mess around with any of that, hell, having Willow mess around with any of that, didn’t sit well with him. “Does big sis know about this?” Dawn looked up and her expression was answer enough. “Oh that’s just bloody perfect.”


            “You’re not going to tell her, are you? She’ll completely freak out.” Spike looked at Dawn for a moment before shaking his head.


            “No, I’m not going to tell her. For now. But I don’t want to find out that you’ve been working any more mojo, all right?” Dawn nodded, a look of relief on her face.


            “Okay, Spike.”


            Spike nodded, satisfied with that for now, since he didn’t think he could really stop Willow from doing magic, and took a breath. He paused as he sensed something.


            “Is Xander still around?” he asked. Willow looked puzzled that he even knew Xander was in the store. He pointed to his nose and a look of understanding came over her face. She nodded.


            “He went to put some books on the shelf,” she told him. She paused. “I don’t think he wanted to be around for the spell. He thought it was a bad idea.”


            “Least one of you has some brains,” Spike muttered as he turned back towards the bookcases. He and Xander had started to develop a bit of a friendship once Xander had realized that Spike wasn’t going to kill them all or continue to go after Buffy. And after the wedding that hadn’t been, the friendship had only continued to develop as they met at the Bronze for pool, drinks, and conversation.


            Spike smirked as he concentrated and heard the heartbeat coming from behind the shelves. It was always fun to sneak up on Xander just to see how high he would jump. Silently he began to follow the sound. He just loved doing this. It was almost too easy sometimes. He turned the corner and froze, staring at what he found.


            A young boy with a look of confusion on his face stood where Xander should be standing, the jeans pooled around his feet and the white shirt and blue button-up hung down past his knees, the sleeves of the button-up hanging past his hands. His black hair was a bit messy as he looked up at Spike with big brown eyes. Spike knew only one person with eyes like that.


            “Bloody hell.”
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