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22 December 2007 @ 02:10 am
Oh, how I miss the days of Danny/Michelle  
Seriously, they haven't stopped being my favorite Guiding Light couple. Granted, she didn't like him at first but hey, whatever. Anyway, both actors left the show (though the Michelle that started the storyline left and got replaced - if you watch the clip, I'm sure you'll recognize her, lol) but after there was some talk of Jonathan, it got me thinking back to storylines that I loved and then I ended up looking for clips of these two.

Really, you want a reference to how I felt about this couple? Those of you that know of strippedpink's love for Luke/Noah? Yeah, I had that love for Danny/Michelle. *nods*

First kiss!

The kiss isn't until the last...twenty seconds or so of the clip but still.

Danny first showed up when he was looking for the person who killed his brother, Mick. His family was part of the mafia and so, of course, vengeance was demanded and blah blah blah. Well, Michelle was the one who had killed Mick - in self-defense after he attacked her. By the time Danny found this out, he'd started falling for Michelle so he made it look as if he'd killed her and instead, he married her to protect her because the law of his family was that you can't hurt a member of the family. They get married and voila! Michelle is family and can't be touched. Before this though, Michelle had been involved with Jesse and in love with him so cue complications obviously.

Over the course of their fake marriage, Danny is trying to make her as comfortable as the situation will allow while his mother makes it clear she wants Michelle dead. Michelle makes plans to turn Danny and the family over to the FBI but goes back on the plan at the last minute because she realizes she's starting to care about Danny. It follows that they do fall in love and then it comes out that he drunkenly slept with her best friend after finding out about the FBI plan. There's angst and she gets drunk, he takes her home and after he tosses her in a cold shower, they talk and get back together and then there's more drama with his mother faking an attempt on her own life to keep Danny from leaving the family business.

Oh hell, who am I kidding? That's the tip of the iceburg there. I can't sum up five years or so of storyline in here. So I'll give you a few clips instead.

Danny telling Carmen that she can't kill Michelle because they're married:

Danny explains to Michelle that the marriage may not be real but he's a man with needs and desires.

Have a wedding!

Danny tries to push Michelle away after saying she can't accept who he is and he can't change.

After Carmen has managed to frame Michelle for murder, Michelle talks to her mother's ghost.

Michelle's brother was so against the relationship, he had her committed. So Danny breaks her out.

After Carmen's death and Michelle's miscarriage, Danny gets a package he ordered for the baby - so sad.

And this scene is before the miscarriage and everything and takes place sometime after their second wedding. Also? I just wanted to end this with the hint of pool sex.

And that's just the first actress to play Michelle! Oy!
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Kammi: Soap Fans Do It Betterkammgirl on December 22nd, 2007 11:51 am (UTC)
Manny was hot. I have that love of many soap couples but Todd and Blair from OLTL and Sonny and Brenda from GH in particular. I watched Guiding Light since I was five years old. I watched before the Lewises and Shanes were even on the canvas. LuJak and Beth were my faves. I cried for days when LuJak died.