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29 April 2005 @ 05:16 pm
See what I mean?  
Yeah...this thing has a point. Bad boys? Way fun! Who could resist?

You like Bad Boy

Bad Boy Draco, is the
ultimate Bad Boy! Always ready with that sexy
little sneer of his and a witty retort on his
tongue, Bad Boy Draco just oozes sexiness! Bad
Boy Draco just loves antagonising other people,
acting mysterious and being the coolest wizard
on earth! Bad Boy Draco can be found almost
anywhere! In Hogwarts, in the muggle world, in
fact just about anywhere! All that matters is
that when you see him, he will have that ever
so sexy smirk of his on his lips and danger
glinting in his eyes. Bad Boy Draco is also
very possessive!

You love him because under
that Bad Boy exterior, you know he is a good
boy at heart! And you want to be the one to
change him! Bad Boys are really so much more

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Soundtrack: "Eat You Alive" by Limp Bizkit