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01 October 2007 @ 07:37 pm
Oh my, she's such a jealous puppy.  
We're dog-sitting for my roommate's dad so now we have two dogs running around instead of one. Except that Leah is way calmer than Anklebiter. She's six years old so it's actually funny to see this hyperactive six month old puppy running around her and Leah looking at her like "Oh my God, stop. And stop trying to take my toys."

Leah's stayed with us before but that was last year. So now, we've got Anklebiter acting like a pill (terrible twos stage - for weeks now) and the second Leah cuddles with one of us (she's a big cuddler), guess who comes running and trying to climb on our lap as if to say "Get away! My humans!"?

Yeah, you guessed it. Then there's lots of barking and growling and trying to move Leah and Leah looking at her like "Whatever, I could totally take you." and God forbid if I pet Leah or start to play with her. Then said crazy puppy comes running over andpushes herself in front of Leah as if to say "I don't think so!" They got along over the summer, so maybe it'll just take a bit for them to get back at it. Apparently, last time it took Anklebiter acting like such a brat that Leah snapped at her. *sigh* So here we go.

Well, we've got Leah for three weeks so that should be plenty of time for them to either start getting along or for Anklebiter to get the crap kicked out of her by Leah. Earlier she was provoking Leah and then she'd run to hide behind my legs. The dog version of poking someone until they go ballistic on you.

And here we go. Leah is cuddling up against me and using my leg as a pillow and here she comes to jump up and sniff and lick and poke at Leah for daring to cuddle with one of her humans. (Yesterday was bath day. Can you imagine it? Hoo boy.)

Edit: Okay, make that she's very possesive. I'm typing this with one hand since when Leah burrowed in more, she jumped up and wrapped her paws around one of my arms and is just staring at me and then sometimes licking the arm she's wrapped around.
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THE TURBO SLUT: chibi sam 2000evolia on October 9th, 2007 02:23 pm (UTC)
Aw, I know the feeling. We got a new dog, and he's 5 months old, a crazy pill too. We don't have another dog around, but that doesn't shake the jealousy Cisko got. When my parents cuddle together, the dog will come and jump on their laps like to say 'I'm the baby ! I'm the one that has a right to be cuddled !'

He's adorable. But damn tiring, too ^^