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25 September 2007 @ 01:01 am
Drinks all around.  
So I haven't had a drink since last semester. May at the latest but I don't remember drinking in May so there you go. Sometime before that. Tonight? Tonight, I ran into Raven and her little sis from the sorority as I was cutting through the parking lot of Bennigan's. (I cut through there to get to the parking lot of the student union center because I was going to call a cab to get home - long story short, my ride couldn't pick me up and I had to get to an ATM machine.) Well, anyway, her little turned 21 on Saturday so this was her first trip to the bar and Raven said I'd go and she'd give me a ride home after.

So, I've had three margaritas tonight - the Blue Blarney, the D. Bennigan's, and the Emerald Isle (which is the only one I'd had before tonight). I figure, I'm nice and buzzed but I'm still sober enough to type well enough and to walk straight and crap. But still, I haven't felt this buzzed since Boone's night and that was over a year ago. Huh.

Anyway, work was good and I'm happy because I set up a date with my little sister from the sorority (who's about two years older than me, which is something that will probably never fail to amuse me) for Wednesday and so I'm excited since I haven't gotten to see her all semester. :) My little is also the one who insists that I am the only one she knows who uses big words when they text her while drinking. LOL. It's a thing. I can't help it!

And now I need to get ready for bed so I can get up in time for class tomorrow. Hope everyone else's night was good!

Also, why do people keep calling me while I'm at work? I can't answer so stop! Seriously, if I've told you I don't get off work until 9:30, do not call me at 9:00 and expect me to answer. Just doesn't work that way. My phone went off like five times today at work and I only worked 4:40 - 9:30. Yeesh.
Feeling: drunkbuzzed
Kate: Buffy smirkslayerkate on September 25th, 2007 01:53 pm (UTC)
I do that too - using big words when I've been drinking. I don't think I've had a drink since maybe March, though. I was going to say January but I'm sure I've had something since New Year's. I probably won't have alcohol again until I stop breastfeeding. TMI? Sorry if it is.
Lisaexposed1 on September 25th, 2007 02:52 pm (UTC)
You crack me up. *hugs*