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03 September 2007 @ 07:07 pm
Oh the puppy is attacking. It's probably because I have her squeaky duck and I keep making it squeak and then hiding it. And then throwing it. Followed by her chasing it, catching it and bringing it back so we can repeat the process. So, you know, fun! LOL.

The other part is when you lay on the beanbag (which she's claimed as hers so when you lay on it, in her eyes you automatically become a pillow) and she'll jump on you and then decide that your chest is the most comfortable part. And she keeps jumping up so I'm going to let her say hi.


Now maybe she'll stop trying to jump on the keyboard.

Also, she's teething and we think she buried both her congs so now she's stuck chewing on her rope and other toys. Or us. She has a thing for going whatever I happen to be wearing at the time - especially my jeans. Or jumping up and trying to catch the edge of my shirt. And she keeps batting at me with one paw the way cats do (she does this a lot) and she stretches like a cat sometimes too.

That's it! Now I'm going back to writing my entry for superkinkfest. It's due tomorrow. Heh. Oops!

*looks at tags* Oh and Annie (though it's pronounced Onnie) is her nickname. Yup.
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