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21 August 2007 @ 06:56 pm
Curse you, fic!  
I'm not entirely sure how I feel about what I've written so far. I think I'll like this fic better once I get to the actual Jared/Jensen stuff. But right now I'm looking over it and muttering that Jared and Chad scene is crap and what the hell was I thinking with the Jared and Chris scenes? *sigh* And I keep thinking about taking out this Jared and Sophia scene that I'm still writing but it's a break between hospital scenes and....argh!

For the love of slash, I just need to get the boys to meet! Hell, I need to get Jensen in the story first. Damn.

Okay, now I've vented and I'm going to go continue writing. (And, um, reading my flist. Yes.)

I should watch the movie again probably. But now that my roommate bought a new TV and DVD player while I was gone, I have no idea how to work it and she's not here and I don't want to screw with it.

Well, that's what YouTube is for, right? Right.
Feeling: workingworking
Soundtrack: Hot Fuzz is on! LOL