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11 July 2007 @ 10:10 pm
I saw it!  
Well, hey, come on. I get the offer to go see a midnight showing of the newest Harry Potter - do you really think I'm saying no to that? I don't think so. LOL. (What am I, crazy? Don't answer that.)

And, for the record, it was awesome.

Let me get this out of the way. Loved it, loved it! ^_^ Anyway, let's see...

Oh! There was much more Draco in this one compared to the other movies. (Yes, I felt that was a valid point. Work with me, I'm typing this up as I think of it.) And he was such a little snot, I loved him with his taunting Harry about how Harry was nuts and he looked all proud to be working for Umbridge. *snickers* I can't wait to see how Tom Felton does in the next movie.

Umbridge was perfect. I figure if I want to strangle her on sight, that means the actress did good. I have never seen so much pink on a person as I did last night. I mean...her office! It had pink walls with cat plates hanging and...gyah. Horrid.

Grawp was like this big kid who didn't know what he was doing unless he was told and then gave you all his loyalty once he decided he liked you. And I liked Grawp. Also? There wasn't a lot of the giant stuff and I was very grateful for that since that was the part of the book where I remember thinking "Good Lord, get on with it."

Tonks was very cool and I especially liked that they kept in the way she kept changing her nose at the dinner table. I really hope we get more of her.

Headquarters...House of Black...whatever you want to call it - all I could think when I saw it was "Sirius lives in a pop up house!" Not in a bad way or anything, it was just the first thing I thought when I saw the way the house appeared. But I really liked the way the family tree just took up an entire room. My complaint for that was that they cut away from the tree just before you saw that Narcissa was Andromeda and Bellatrix's sister.

Hmm...oh! Luna!! Hee, I loved Luna! She was so great! And after this movie, I decided that Harry needs to get with Luna. *nods* Yes. Forget Cho. Luna, Harry, go for Luna.

The other thing I decided in this movie? Never piss off Ginny. LOL.

I was glad Snape's worst memory was in there though I really wish it would have been longer. (I think I'm mostly sad we didn't get the fun werewolf exchange.) The other thing I noticed was that the prophecy was cut so that it's never mentioned that Neville could have been the Boy Who Lived. The last part of the prophecy is in there but the part that says "The one to defeat the Dark Lord is born as the seventh month dies...born to those that have thrice defied him..." or however it goes. But that little part isn't in there. So that had me wondering.

Something that had me laughing was the way Ron and Hermione both suddenly wore a ton of stripes. (Ron's were always wide and Hermione's were always tiny.) Very amusing. The other amusing part? Dudley and his pals. They called him Big D, Harry made a remark about how they beat up ten year olds and they dress kind of hip hop. Also? When Voldemort goes to subways, he sure is a snazzy dresser.

The kiss between Harry and Cho? Well, let's just say when I saw it I thought, "Jesus, come up for air sometime!"

Last but not least...the final fights kicked ass. I want the next movie now please! Chop chop people! Get to it!

There's probably other stuff I missed that I liked but that's okay. Because I'll just have to go see it again. *grins*

Overall, I think they did a good job with this movie. Sure there were things I wished had been in there but they can't get everything into the movie so that's understandable. Gold star, OotP!

Yay for the seventh book coming out! I can't wait!
Feeling: happyhappy
Saturn: Chuck Norris -Anti Squeesatyrnfive on July 12th, 2007 05:18 am (UTC)
You make me want to see the movie and I don't even like Harry Potter that much. LoL.
Raven: What? *looks innocent*jaded_icy_rose on July 12th, 2007 07:14 pm (UTC)
...part of me wants to punch you AND Heidi for seeing it without me!!!!

:-P I thought was being good by restraining myself...damn you two!! LOL

Glad you liked it, that makes me excited...now I just need to kidnap, I mean...get someone to go see it with me.
Kelly: Harry Potter+Sirius/Remus Fanartteagues_veil on July 13th, 2007 04:44 am (UTC)
Good GODS I want to seeeeeee it! I was all set to wait until I could get in free (I get free movies from our company because I work in the theater, but the shows can't be seeling out) but I just HAD to check LJ. Jeebus flist, jeebus. Y'all are fangirling up a storm and now I'm more psyched then I was to begin with! LMAO!