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26 June 2007 @ 04:29 pm
Happy Birthday, Nebula!  
Okay, so I'm a day late since I didn't get on yesterday. But I thought of you. *nods* My mom was informed that a friend's birthday was yesterday, lol. The conversation went something like this:

Mom: Is she the one that gave you the stuffed tiger?
Me: No, Mom.
Mom: The calendar?
Me: The Precious Moments Christmas card. And I got a story.
Mom: Well, I knew she'd sent you something.

LOL. And I even had the right age and everything! Anyway, ebonypsyche will be able to tell you how I had a whole fic going where Dean drags Sam to Target to shop for supplies and Sam thinks something seriously wrong with his brother. But that ended up not working for me, so I wrote this one after I closed the other one. Because I haven't written wee!Winchesters in forever. So see? Instead of funny gen fic, you're getting kind of schmoopy wee!Winchester fic. *grins*

Of course, I laughed at the fact that she wrote about Dean's birthday for you while I ended up writing about Sam's. So yay, Nebula! You get Dean birthday fic and Sam birthday fic for your birthday. ^_^ I hope you had a fantastic day and I hope you like the fic!

Title: A Day at the Beach
Word Count: 1,654
Rating: G
Summary: Dean takes Sam out for his birthday. (Dean is 10, Sam is just turning 6.)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything associated with Supernatural - except the DVDs and the comics. They belong to Eric Kripke.

And one last time.....

Happy Birthday, Nebula!

“Dean, where are we going?”

Dean didn’t answer, just grinned and glanced down at Sam, who was clutching his hand like he wasn’t going to let go anytime soon and practically skipping to keep up.

“It’s a surprise, Sammy.”

“Is that why I can’t look in the backpack?”

He nodded. “Yup.” He tightened his grip on Sammy’s hand as they neared the corner. Sam didn’t protest. He was used to this reaction whenever they were in crowd of people that were packed into a small space, like the group on the corner was. Dean eyed the people as they slipped towards the front. If he didn’t know better, he’d say they were in New York instead of California. After all, that’s what the corners in New York always looked like on TV.

Neither of them said anything as they crossed the street but Dean kept glancing over at Sam, waiting for the moment when he realized where they were going.

It wasn’t long before Sam stopped and stared. “Dean?”

Dean fought to keep a straight face. “Yeah?”

“Is that where we’re going?” He turned and looked up at Dean and there was no way that Dean would be able to deny the hopeful look on Sam’s face. He grinned and nodded.

“Sure is,” he said, turning back to the boardwalk. “You want to play on the beach first or go on the rides?”

“But...” Sam frowned. “Daddy said we had to wait to come here ‘cause it was too ‘spensive.”

Dean shrugged as if it wasn’t that big of a deal. “I talked him into letting us go out for the day.” It wasn’t a lie exactly. He had talked Dad into letting them go out today and he’d even gotten Dad to give him some money. It hadn’t been enough though so he’d snuck out and gone to some of the local outdoor cafés and taken the tips off the table. Maybe he should’ve felt guiltier about doing that but he didn’t.

It was Sammy’s birthday after all. So that meant doing what Sammy wanted and he’d been wanting to come to the boardwalk since they’d gotten into town even though he’d only asked Dad once.

“We can really go?”

“We can go and get on the rides, play on the beach and eat lunch here. We just have to be back before it gets dark.”

Sam nodded, accepting that. It was one of the really important rules that you had to be inside before dark. It was also the reason Dean had gotten Sam up earlier than he normally would have. The earlier they got there, the longer they had to play around. “Can we go on some of the rides first?” he asked.

Dean wrapped an arm around his shoulders and nodded. “Yeah. We can do that.” He dug into his pocket for the money. “Come on, I hear they have a kiddie roller coaster for people your size.”

Sam frowned. “I’m not a kiddie.”

“Well, you’re short so there’s not much of a difference.” As Sam made a face at him, Dean counted out the money for two children’s day passes and began to drag Sam towards the rides.


Sam’s face was flushed and he was laughing as Dean picked up their backpack from where they were allowed to leave it while they were on the ride.

“Dean, did you see how high we got?” Sam lifted his hand as high as he could. “We were taller than the building!”

Dean laughed and nodded. “Yeah, I saw. You hungry?”

Sam shook his head. “Can we go to the beach now, Dean?” He tilted his head back and looked up at Dean, biting his lip.

“Sure. Let’s go change first.”

“Into what?”

“The swim trunks Pastor Jim got us.” He shook the backpack. “What do you think I brought this for?”

Sam’s eyes widened. “Are we going to go in the ocean?” he asked and Dean couldn’t stop grinning at the sight of his little brother acting like all the other kids at the beach. He didn’t want to be normal like everyone else because he still remembered what had happened to Mom and he knew that’s what Dad was after but Sam was still little and he didn’t know, didn’t understand why they always had to leave and if Dean was honest with himself, it was nice to see his brother being able to just worry about what ride they’d go on next rather than wanting to know where Dad was and when he was coming back.

He made sure to change quickly, keeping an eye on Sam the whole time so that he could be sure that Sam wouldn’t wander off or get taken. Not that he had to worry. If someone approached Sam and tried to take him, he figured Sam would bring the town to him with his screams. Still, he knew that screaming could be stopped and a person couldn’t be too careful.

The worry practically disappeared once he and Sam got set up on the beach. He laughed when Sam wrinkled his nose at the smell of the sunblock and then went to splash in the water (and refused to go any deeper than waist high—he probably should have never let Sam watch Jaws). Then Sam had insisted on building a sand castle and while Dean didn’t know much about building sand castles, he figured it couldn’t be hard.

So what if it came out a little lopsided? Sam had liked it.

“Dean? I’m hungry.”

Dean paused and then dug through the front pocket of the backpack. “You want a hot dog?”

Sam bit his lip. “Can I have two?”

“Yeah, you can have two.”

“With chips too?”

Dean laughed. “Yeah, we’ll get chips too.” He picked up the backpack. “Come on, we can eat at those tables over there.”

It didn’t surprise Dean that Sam managed to finish both his hot dogs, a good portion of his chips and a soda. Sam could eat more than any kid he’d ever met. It was weird in a cool way. He bet he could enter Sam into some kind of eating contest for kids and Sam would win.

“Okay, Sammy, what do you want to do next? We’ve still got a couple hours.”

There was a pause and then Sam’s eyes lit up. “Let’s play the games, Dean!”

Dean nodded, knowing that somewhere during that time, he was going to get roped into buying cotton candy or something else sweet.

First though, they had to use those showers and get dressed again.


An hour and a half later and Sam’s face was sticky, there was a blue ring around his mouth from the cotton candy he’d conned Dean into buying (along with some chocolate from the ice cream he’d also eaten) and he was fighting not to yawn as he held the stuffed Bugs Bunny Dean had won him against his side.

Dean led him to the bathroom, cleaning off his face and taking his hand as they left the boardwalk. “Time to go home, Sammy.”

“’Kay,” was the only response he got.

The walk back took a little longer than it had that morning since Dean ended up carrying Sam half of the way. Once they got home though, they’d found that Dad had left a note saying that he’d be back in a couple hours.

It was even less than that because they were barely halfway through the movie when Dad got back, holding a toy that he’d heard Sam mention a few times. In his other hand was a small cake and seeing the way Sam eyed it, Dean wondered how Sam could fit anymore food in him.

Then again, it was cake and on your birthday, there was always room for cake.

“Daddy, Dean gets that one,” Sam insisted after he’d blown out the candles and the pieces had been cut. The piece Sam was talking about was the biggest piece out of the three. “He got me a Bugs Bunny so he gets that one and you got me the truck and book so you get the other big one.” He nodded as if this was a rule everyone should know.

“Okay, kiddo. Dean can have that one,” John said, ruffling Sam’s hair with a small smile as he handed Dean the plate. Dean stared at it for a moment before digging in with a grin, watching as Sam plowed through his piece while he drank his milk.

“Can we finish the movie?” Sam asked after.

“You bet you can.”

Sam grinned and jumped down, running into the other room as Dean got up to put the dishes in the sink.

“Go watch the movie, Dean.” John put a hand on Dean’s shoulder to stop him before he could start washing.

Dean frowned. “But that’s my chore. I wash and you put them away.”

“Not tonight. Tonight, you go watch the movie with your brother.”

Dean didn’t need to be told twice and he smiled before running into the other room, his smile growing when he heard his dad laugh.

After the movie and after they’d played with Sam’s new truck and Bugs Bunny (using both to destroy an imaginary ghost town since Sam said that the ghosts in movies were always bad and Dean knew that ghosts tried to hurt his dad all the time), they’d read Sam’s new book together before climbing into bed.

“Dean?” Sam whispered, yawning. Dean knew that in a few minutes, Sam would be asleep so he turned over.


“This was the bestest birthday ever. Even better than when we went to the zoo with Mikey.”

Dean grinned. “Good. Go to sleep now, okay?”


“Hey, Sammy? Happy birthday.”

The only response he got was a mumbled thank you and what sounded like “Night, Dean.”

Dean closed his eyes. “Night, Sammy.”
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Lani: Sexy-sweet faithebonypsyche on June 26th, 2007 11:05 pm (UTC)

that's the only thing you can say to that.

also? now I want cake and *uses screen time to wave to Neb* nah just cake.
Nicole: Jared - Southern charmblue_icy_rose on June 26th, 2007 11:28 pm (UTC)
LOL, that's what I was going for! (Seriously, you keep making me smile today.)

I'll get online later on tonight. Or, I'll try. Right now though, I've got to go start dinner since my mom's on her way back from the hospital.

As for cake...well, I've got nothing. I do, however, have the makings of s'mores since that was our dessert last night. *grins* (God, so much for that no sweets thing so I'll lose weight by November. I guess cutting back on them a lot will do just as good since it's practically impossible to not have them in this house. *shrugs*)
Nebula: cats 'snuggle'authoressnebula on June 27th, 2007 01:30 am (UTC)
You and Lani both rock. HARD. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!

*smooches you and waves back to Lani*

This was just SQUEE and so much love! And this:

He laughed when Sam wrinkled his nose at the smell of the sunblock and then went to splash in the water (and refused to go any deeper than waist high—he probably should have never let Sam watch Jaws).

Best part EVER. ^_______________^

Hope your day's been better sweetie, because I know I'm smiling not just at the sweetness of the story, but at my two friends who wrote such fantastic stories for me. *huggles you both tight*