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20 April 2005 @ 10:32 pm
This is the most....ugh!  
I have never been so stressed and frustrated in all my life! Seriously! You think I'm exaggerating? (Did I even spell that right? I can't even tell right now, but that's not the point!)

Honestly! My mom says that I'm telling her two different things and okay, I was. Because I was really torn about not wanting to break my word to her or the sorority. But frankly, I'm going to have to and it's completely frustrating when my mother is just confusing the crap out of me about how no matter what decision I make she's going to be financially screwed!

So really, what decision do I make? I'll tell you. I'm about to e-mail our Chapter Advisor and tell her to push for a waiver. Which means I'm about to break my word to the sorority. Minus one because I think Tina would be like my mom and stick with me no matter what I chose (as in sticking with me and not getting all psycho pissed off at me...I wouldn't blame her for moving out. *eyes suitemate* She's nuts.). And right before final...which I decided to go to. (Hey, I even got a date. Yippee me.)

This is nerve-racking. Plus, (though my mom doesn't know) I missed a lot of class the past few weeks because I got sick. I took a test *while* I was sick. God only knows how I did on that. And who knows what this could mean for my grades. I swear if I don't do good this semester, I'm going to explode and it won't be pretty. I'll probably take it out on inanimate objects or characters but still.

And I just realized that no one realizes what I'm talking about probably. See, I'm Recording Secretary for the sorority. Which means I'm on the Executive Committee of the sorority. And on Monday, when we were revising the bylaws, what rule got passed? "Every member on the Executive Committee must live in the house." And "The following will have single rooms: President, Financial Vice President, and Recording Secretary." (Oh, you so saw that coming...admit it.)

Doesn't sound so bad, right? You're thinking, hey you get your own room, so where's the bad? The bad? My mom is the one paying. And she can't afford a single. Well, I find out that because I'm being required to live there, I'd only have to pay the price for a double while having a single. Still doesn't sound bad right? My mom can barely afford to pay for the double. I'm always late on my dues as a result.

Now, do you see my dilemma? Classes plus three positions (yeah, I have two others besides this...and now that I'm thinking of the bylaws, I just remembered that I have to retype them so that the girls can have copies by Monday. Son of a...) is completely driving me batty! I'm going to crack under the pressure sooner or later, I just know I am. Hell, I think I am already. And then the next thing you know, everything's going to go to hell.

This blows.

On the bright side, I am using my Sarkney icon because...well because I watched Alias tonight and they mentioned Sark and it brought back some nice memories...*gets lost thinking about Sark*

Hmm...better. I'm going now!
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jaded_angltears on April 20th, 2005 10:08 pm (UTC)
First off, of course I'd stand by you and not be all pissy. That'd be stupid to be mad about something like that so yeah...

Second of all, this whole shit is buggin' the crap out of me. The sorority is really taking us for a run, expecting us to say 'how high' when they say jump. Yeah, here's a big friggin' middle finger bitches.

Third, OF COURSE SHE'S NUTS! She can't even see straight!

Fourth, yes I'm ranting, I want you to seriously take care of yourself. I was so damn scared while you were sick and it really made me sick myself. Don't do it again. Please? And I think that you and your Mom really need to just talk about this. I don't want to see you that sick. Ever. Again.

Fifth...we have class tomorrow, I don't want to go. And lastly, little miss "do you need change" (we both know who) should get her butt kicked *nods and hugs* Love you.